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Nightmare Fuel / Hunters of Justice

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Even though it's about super heroes and protectors of the helpless doesn't mean the story is free of nightmare fuel.

  • The very beginning starts with basically a war for survival that Remnant is losing. With countless people dying and the students of beacon (including Ruby who is only 15 years) having to fight hoards of alien robots who apparently want nothing more than to kill them all. Even worse is the examples of people who have no powers, no combat training or experience caught in the middle. With the main characters having to stay behind so there's room to evacuate civilians
    • Then Ruby is taken by said robots leaving her older sister distraught.
  • The Queen of Fables was sealed in a book that somehow ended up in a public library, where a Geist attack led to Team RWBY setting her free. Also, Geist in Metropolis public library.
  • Blake ends up in "Beauty and the Beast", where Gaston, masquerading as the Beast, has Adam's appearance.
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  • Raven telling Qrow that Brainiac is interested by his Semblance and wants to study him. Needless to say, Qrow is not okay with that.
  • The side story Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Wretched Weapon gives us a first look at the Dark Multiverse, where here it shows a saddened Ruby go mad by grief and guilt by Penny's loss, and turns to Luthor for help when the Justice League supposedly can't rebuild her. Unfortunately, this turns for the worst as it causes a fusion between Penny's desire for friends and Brainac's cold logic, which ends with both Ruby and Penny becoming "one".
    • Luthor is killed begging to be freed from Penny's control, Yang and the rest of the Remnants are "uploaded" into a digital scape, and the League and the rest of Earth's inhabitants follows them. Worse, the Batman who Laughs becomes "friends" with the new Penny/Ruby to help her continue her ways of saving people.
  • The Elseworld, The Last Knight, isn't as bad as the Dark Multiverse one, but still is tragic as it has Ruby be the broken one and not Batman as Omega. While those who've read the comic know how the story will end, it's still a Bitter Sweet Ending.
  • Brainiac has significantly accelerated his 'acquisition' of cities and destruction of planets. How many more will he take before being stopped?
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  • It's implied by Ozpin's analysis on why no one's taken Brainiac out for his many, many crimes is that Brainiac's connection to his bottled cities means that if he's killed or the connection is otherwise forcibly severed, all the cities would be destroyed, along with the trillions' of helpless sapient beings inside. It's the main reason that he rejects Ironwood's plan to Suicide Attack him with a fifty-kiloton nuclear bomb to the face.
  • Luke Fox and company finding an exposed mass grave is bad enough, but then Violet/Halo wakes up and starts screaming, freaking everyone out.
  • A number of Grimm were drawn by the events of SHAZAM! (2019), and though Billy managed to destroy them without much issue, it's clear that they were only a minor portion of what would have showed up if he hadn't defeated Sivanna and the Sins.


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