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Nightmare Fuel / Hunter (UnwelcomeStorm)

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  • Sophia slowly getting crazier and more demented as the story goes on, eventually drinking Taylor's blood and turning into a Cleric Beast in the middle of Brockton Bay. Oh, and the Cleric Beast still has her fucking power. So imagine a Cleric Beast that can turn intangible.
  • Basically everything about Taylor that isn't her being sad, and even then there's some overlap. Over the course of the story, she's slowly grown more and more obsessed with killing "Beasts". She starts off slow, and then begins tearing her way through Yharnam like a fucking meat grinder. At the end of Sophia (8), Velocity puts it best.
    Velocity: First she was a brute. Then a mover. Then a bio-tinker. A shaker.
    Sophia: And now?
    Velocity: I have no goddamned idea.
    • One of the very first things Taylor does is use the Saw Cleaver to cut off a man's arm at the elbow so she can drink the blood from the arm.
    • One of the recurring problems that people have while trying to fight Taylor is that she absolutely won't die. You can maim, burn, disembowel, do whatever you want. It won't matter. Taylor will come back, and you have no say in the matter. If she wants something dead, it will die. Just a matter of time.
    • People who start learning more and more about Taylor start to find that she smells like moonlight, which is not an actual smell at all and is actually really concerning.
  • Hookwolf's shard gains Insight. Not Hookwolf. The SHARD. Given what they are in canon, this does not bode well at fucking all for the universe.
  • Most of the horror actually comes from the way the author intricately lays out the Gameplay and Story Integration, blending the simple explanation of what's happening with unending amounts of terror.
  • "A Hunter. Must. Hunt."