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Nightmare Fuel / Chronicles of the Siren War

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  • "Chronicles of the Siren War" shows readers that joining Iron Blood (the equivalents to Nazis) is a REALLY bad idea. The files showcasing the harsh experiments they performed on their Kansen will leave you deathly pale. It's no wonder why they murdered their COs.

  • The Red Wisdom Shards. Should any of the Sakura Empire Kansen fail in their mission or decide to defect, the shards will terminate them unless they pledge their fealty to someone else. They're lucky that person was Thorson; anyone else, especially Eagle Union, would not have been that merciful.
    • That's not the only thing those Shards can do. They can also merge the Kansen to her ship, but the process will permanently erase their individuality. When Thorson attempts to rescue Yamashiro, he sees tendrils all over her ship, showing how far the influence of the Red Wisdom Shards has spread.

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  • Just the idea that the Sakura Empire has information on the future is already a scary thought. Every major battle Eagle Union and Royal Navy has taken part in or will take part, might be compromised and will lead to failure. If Iron Blood had their hands on it, the war would have been even more deadly.

  • The Battle Of Midway turns from what could have been Eagle Union's greatest victory into a near devastating loss. Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu and Hiryuu, all four ships that were fated to be sunk, actually SURVIVED everything Eagle Union had thrown at them. Oh, Crap! indeed.
    • If Azur Lane hadn't arrived, Eagle Union would have most likely been wiped out.
    • Just imagine what was going through Eagle Union's eyes. They initially thought they were the pinnacle of naval warfare, only for that illusion to shatter when they see their enemies summoning swarms of planes without pilots and throwing fireballs that inexplicably appear out of nowhere.

  • Hiei suffers Body Horror following Laffey's attack. Half of her body is in pristine condition but the other half of her body is deeply burnt and charred.

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  • Thorson orders Indianapolis to release Pandora's weapon and it's just as terrifying like history's Hiroshima incident.

  • Eventhough she really had it coming, Akagi's "defanging" is not something to cheer about and pretty gory too. Arizona, Cleveland and even Enterprise herself are outright unerved by the scene.