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Nightmare Fuel / We Were Young Once

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  • Everything about Annatar, and what he does to Gwaelas. And then there's his attempt at killing Gwaelas: he takes Amroth's form and lures him away, then sets dogs on him.
    • Something similar happens to Bregolion. He's tortured, has his fingers cut off and his eyes blinded, and is then left to the mercy of Sauron's wargs.
  • Noruvion tends to Thranduil's wounds. Unfortunately, this involves pulling barbed arrows out of his body while he screams and begs Noruvion to stop, and Linhir and Gwaelas must hold him down. Sweet dreams!
  • The corruption of the Greenwood, and how quickly it happens.
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  • Thranduil and Lindóriel are asleep in their room when Thranduil wakes to something moving across the floor. They get up... to find their room is full of giant spiders. Giant spiders who have spun a web over their heads, no less!


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