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Nightmare Fuel / Avengers Reassembled

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  • Yamcha's (the Extraordinary Avengers' werewolf member) backstory: Goku did not get the brain injury that made him The Hero of the "Dragon Ball" universe and instead grew up to be the world conqueror that he was meant to be by Saiyan design. The scarier part was not that he annihilated all resistance and allowed the Saiyans to conquer the world, but the Saiyans also found out how powerful a Human/Saiyan hybrid can become... and set up hybrid-breeding rape camps. Although he knows "good" Saiyans, Yamcha shows he has absolutely no love for Goku/Kakarot when the Goku that taught Captain America arrives to the Mansion and Yamcha becomes overcome with berserker rage just by seeing him.
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  • Toji (Quicksilver) being shell-shocked at having run into Jack and Arcee's Destructo-Nookie is pretty funny... except that Word of God is that what Toji saw was a sex scene worthy of the Species movies between two bio-mechanical Others (read "barely humanoid-looking spider beasts").

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