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Nightmare Fuel / Life on Thedas

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  • In chapter 7 the narrator is in the middle of being dragged off to a Fate Worse than Death - life imprisonment in Aeonar. Still shaken from realizing he's a mage and an abomination, all he can do is scream helplessly for Elisa to help him.
  • In chapter 11 the narrator wakes up in the middle of the night in Denerim. And he killed eight people with his bare hands. And Leliana. Apparently.
  • The demon deliberately screws with the narrator's mind to try and weaken him. It certainly works. Highlights include showing him strapped down in an insane asylum then ramming a needle in his eye.
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  • The narrator uses blood magic to take control of Zathrian, and only just manages to stop himself forcing the elf to ram a sword through his own chest.
  • In chapter 18 we finally see the demon stretch its legs. And it murders everything.


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