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Nightmare Fuel / The Saga of Avatar Korra

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All spoilers are unmarked so be wary.

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    Book One: Healing 

Chapter One: The Girl in the Snow

  • While Korra and Asami's first meeting was heartwarming, there is the fact Asami would have frozen to death if Korra had not saved her life.

Chapter Two: Escape to Republic City

Chapter Three: The Missing Child

  • The adult fear that Senna and Tonraq went through after Korra’s kidnapping is something no parent should go through.

Chapter Four: First Meeting

  • The gang members’ intentions toward Korra. It was implied they intended to rape her.
  • Korra’s fury as she protects Naga from the firebenders

Chapter Five: Adventures and Misfortunes

Chapter Six: Memento

Chapter Seven: Search of the Lotus

Chapter Eight: The Chiblocker Lady

Chapter Nine: Uncharted Territories

Chapter Ten: Connection

  • The flashback scene with Zaheer leaving Korra in the cold which Ghazan is clearly disturbed by.

Chapter Eleven: For Whom the Fire Burns

Chapter Twelve: City of Fireworks

Chapter Thirteen: The Game

  • The Red Lotus making their entrance

Chapter Fourteen: Terror

  • Red Lotus show of their abilities
  • Manu holds Jinora hostage
  • Mako tortures Manu

Chapter Fifteen: Assassination

  • Korra's first activation of the Avatar State

Chapter Sixteen: Broken Chains

Chapter Seventeen: Korra's Decision

Chapter Eighteen: Rebellion

  • Ghazan’s death

Chapter Nineteen: Freedom


    Book Two: Metal 

    Book Three: Lightning 


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