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Awesome / The Saga of Avatar Korra

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All spoilers are unmarked so be wary.

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    Book One: Healing 

Chapter One: The Girl in the Snow

  • Korra saving Asami's life. Despite the fact the girl is only four years old, she does not hesitate to be a hero. She is able to create a shelter and a fire to keep Asami alive.
  • Korra being able to successfully hide which prevent Asami or the search party from being able to find her.

Chapter Two: Escape to Republic City

  • Korra is capable of airbending without becoming Tenzin's student in this storyline. Merely following Zaheer's instructions proved to be sufficient.
  • Korra and Naga managing to escape from the Red Lotus.

Chapter Three: The Missing Child

  • Even though Senna failed to save Korra from the Red Lotus, she did the best she could to protect her daughter.

Chapter Four: First Meeting

  • Twice in the Chapter Korra is rudely awoken by Police and gang members, she delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to both of them.
  • Mako and Bolin rushing to help Korra when she is attacked by a fire-bending gang, not that she needed it.

Chapter Five: Adventures and Misfortunes

  • Korra catching Bolin's hand as he moves to shake her awake.
  • Korra's fire-bending demonstration for Yang and Li, both them and Bolin take note of its beauty and potency.
  • Korra delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to the water-bending guards that caught them smuggling.
  • The police officer that was able to recognize Korra from an early encounter.
  • An offscreen example, the earth-bender that easily defeated Mako in an underground bending fight.

Chapter Six: Memento

  • The fact Zaheer was able to figure out Korra was the Avatar similar to how the Air Nomads figured out Aang was the Avatar was rather impressive.
  • Korra's first chronological display of smarts as a three year old when she denies being able to bend more than one element.

Chapter Seven: Search of the Lotus

  • A villainous example, the amount of contingency planning that Zaheer has done is quite impressive, as lampshaded by Ming-Hua.

Chapter Eight: The Chiblocker Lady

  • Despite being in her mid-sixties, Azula still manages to inspire terror in her enemies.

Chapter Nine: Uncharted Territories

  • Korra and her new friends fighting off the gang that attacked Mako.
  • The crowd helping to put out the fire burning down Mako and Bolin's home.

Chapter Ten: Connection

  • Korra and Asami realizing they met each other over fourteen years ago was handled rather well, and a moment the readers had been waiting nine chapters for.

Chapter Eleven: For Whom the Fire Burns

  • Asami making it clear she would not stand for her father to insult her friends.

Chapter Twelve: City of Fireworks

  • A minor one involves Jinora impressing Korra with her airbending abilities.

Chapter Thirteen: The Game

  • The Fire Ferrets effortlessly winning their first game.

Chapter Fourteen: Terror

  • Despite getting their asses handed to them by the Red Lotus, Asami, Mako, and Bolin refuse to give up on trying to save Korra.
  • Mako and Bolin's fake-out to save Jinora from the Red Lotus agents.

Chapter Fifteen: Assassination

  • Korra manages to curb stomp Desna and Eska.
  • Korra entering into the Avatar State for the first time and escaping from the Metalbending police.

Chapter Sixteen: Broken Chains

  • The description of Korra experiencing the Avatar State.
  • Naga being able to track down Korra after she escapes from the Red Lotus and the Metalbending police. She refuses to let a body of water stop her and she swims to reunite with Korra.

Chapter Seventeen: Korra's Decision

  • Korra resolving to defeat the Red Lotus.
  • Despite difficulties, Korra is able to use Tenzin's glider to fly to her destination which further proves her Adaptational Badass status in this story.

Chapter Eighteen: Rebellion

  • Korra managing to defeat Ghazan, P'li, Ming-Hua, and Zaheer despite suffering the effects of an unknown dart that Zaheer shot her with.

Chapter Nineteen: Freedom

  • Kuvira taking down and capturing two Red Lotus members.
  • Korra is perfectly able to use a glider to fly without any problems despite not officially becoming Tenzin's student.


    Book Two: Metal 

    Book Three: Lightning 


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