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Heartwarming / The Saga of Avatar Korra

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All spoilers are unmarked so be wary.

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    Book One: Healing 

Chapter One: The Girl in the Snow

  • Asami and Korra's first meeting as children along with the fact that Korra did not hesitate to help Asami.

Chapter Two: Escape to Republic City

  • Korra not forgetting her meeting with Asami even after fourteen years.

Chapter Three: The Missing Child

  • Lin and Tenzin's conversation is a clear indicator they are on much better terms than they started off in canon.
  • After discovering Korra can Firebend, Tonraq does not even consider the possibility that Senna might have cheated on him. His first guess is that Korra is the Avatar.
  • Doubles as Funny. Korra using Waterbending for the first time.

Chapter Four: First Meeting

  • Bolin deciding to help Korra without any hesitation even though he had no clue who she was or her power.

Chapter Five: Adventures and Misfortunes

  • Bolin and Mako sharing noodles with Korra when they can barely afford it, and Korra pretending to be full so they can have more. They insist she finish them anyway.
  • Bolin looking at Korra in admiration as she demonstrates her firebending, noticing how the flames made her skin glow.

Chapter Six: Memento

  • After identifying Korra as the Avatar, the Red Lotus leave the other children with enough supplies to survive until the rescue party finds them.
  • Asami has Mako released even though he mugged her.
  • When confronted by Shady Shin over money debts, Asami offers to give Mako the money to repay the debt. Unfortunately, Mako deemed it too late and had them both running.

Chapter Seven: Search of the Lotus

  • Tenzin and Lin prove to be understanding of Korra's situation and choose to search for her discretely.

Chapter Eight: The Chiblocker Lady

  • Asami making Korra, Bolin, and Mako her honored guests.
  • Mako and Bolin used to play 'Avatar' as kids before their parents died, re-enacting the adventures of the Gaang. Mako always wanted to be Zuko and Bolin Toph.

Chapter Nine: Uncharted Territory

  • Ghazan allowing Korra to keep Naga, a decision that is reciprocated by the rest of the Red Lotus with the exception of Ming-Hua.

Chapter Ten: Connection

  • Asami hugging Korra and Korra returning the hug.
  • Asami getting Mako a job for her company and helping get the brothers a new place to live.
  • Korra taking up Asami's off to come live with her.
  • The toast Asami gives.
    Asami: I would like to propose a toast. To the newest employee of Future Industries and forklift operator; Mako. To Bolin and Mako for their new home in the company dorms.
    Bolin: This is going to be so awesome. Oh, wait. Where's Korra going to live?
    Asami: Well, I've offered to let her stay here.
    Korra: And I've decided... I will.
    Asami: So to new jobs, new places to live and new friendships. Cheers.
    Everyone: Cheers.

Chapter Eleven: For Whom the Fire Burns

  • Mako and Bolin moving into their new home. It is a much needed improvement over their old place.

Chapter Twelve: City of Fireworks

  • Asami wanting to help Korra live like a 'modern' girl.
  • Korra and Asami spending time together all day.
  • Asami holding Korra's hand as they watch the fireworks.
  • Asami feeling relieved when she sees Korra has not runaway or disappeared.

Chapter Thirteen: The Game

  • Bolin being a Friend to All Children and helping
  • Asami and Mako cheering on the Fire Ferrets.
  • Korra and Asami singing together even if Korra is off-key.

Chapter Fourteen: Terror

  • When Korra's friends find out Yujin was killed and there are intruders in the mansion, their first instinct is to find Korra and make sure she is okay.
  • Asami, Bolin, and Mako attempting to prevent the Red Lotus from taking Korra even though they are unable.
  • Korra convincing Zaheer to not kill her friends.

Chapter Fifteen: Assassination

  • Ghazan and P'Li do not hold any anger towards Korra for running away and are only worried about her living on the streets in Republic City.
  • Ghazan deciding not to kill Naga and instead choosing to merely restrain her. He remarks on how letting Korra keep Naga is his fondest memory of her and he could never bring himself to deprive Korra of Naga.
  • Unalaq begging Korra to spare his family even if she must kill him in return.
  • Lin ordering the metal-benders to use non-lethal force on Korra.
  • Lin's interactions with Kuvira, encouraging her to be more relaxed in her presence and having no need to call her "ma'am" while off duty.
    • Kuvira telling Lin that she is like an aunt to her. Lin responds by calling her kiddo, surprising herself.
  • Kuvira's sympathy for Korra when she notices that the Avatar is breaking down into tears.

Chapter Sixteen: Broken Chains

  • Korra reuniting with Naga along with the fact that Naga swam to her master the moment she noticed Korra's presence.
  • Korra's first meeting with Tenzin.
  • Korra's reaction to the fact that Asami, Bolin, and Mako wanted to save her after she was kidnapped while she was afraid that they would not want anything to do with her.

Chapter Seventeen: Korra's Decision

  • Korra and Asami's reunion.

Chapter Eighteen: Rebellion

  • Korra refusing to give up on saving Asami's life and being successful.

Chapter Nineteen: Freedom

  • Korra reuniting with her parents after fourteen years.


    Book Two: Metal 


  • The fact that the authors plan on writing the story because they're happy with the feedback they have been receiving so far and hope to make it even better.
  • The previews show Korra attempting to move on from living under the Red Lotus by interacting with different characters.

Prologue: Katara's Story

  • The funeral service Aang's friends gave him is both this and a tearjerker.
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker: According to Tenzin, Korra has accepted Tonraq and Senna as her true parents, and she is willing to talk to them as well as Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, but the effects of what the Red Lotus put her through will not simply disappear overnight.
  • Katara's various conversations with Asami, Bolin, and Mako.
  • Korra having fun with Jinora and Ikki by having an air scooter race with them. Korra appears to be having a lot of fun with them, and this seems to be the most fun she has had with anyone besides spending time with Naga, Asami, Bolin, and Mako.
  • Korra and Katara finally meeting.

    Book Three: Lightning 


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