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Funny / The Saga of Avatar Korra

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All spoilers are unmarked so be wary.

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    Book One: Healing 

Chapter One: The Girl in the Snow

Chapter Two: Escape to Republic City

Chapter Three: The Missing Child

  • Korra first used Waterbending while she and her mother were taking a bath together which resulted in all the warm water going down the drain.

Chapter Four: First Meeting

  • Korra's exchange with Mako shortly after meeting him for the first time.
    Mako: Fine. Do it your way. But if you want an easier time here, don't use the alleys, don't wander the streets at night, and don't trust people until you know them.
    Korra: (smirks) Okay. I'll start by not trusting you.
    Mako: I guess I walked into that one.

Chapter Five: Adventures and Misfortunes

Chapter Six: Memento

Chapter Seven: Search of the Lotus

Chapter Eight: The Chiblocker Lady

Chapter Nine: Uncharted Territories

Chapter Ten: Connection

Chapter Eleven: For Whom the Fire Burns

  • Mako and Bolin's exchange after Asami offers Mako a job.
    Bolin: You excited for your new role in (dramatic voice) 'The Exciting Adventures of Mako the Forklift Operator'?
    Mako: (dryly) Better than 'Mako the Mugger' or 'Mako the Arsonist'.
    Bolin: Yeah, those are probably more controversial.

Chapter Twelve: City of Fireworks

  • Asami's reaction to Korra using chest bindings rather than a bra.

Chapter Thirteen: The Game

  • Bolin calling in to a radio show for advice on romance, where the host and his smart-mouthed producer seem oddly familiar.

Chapter Fourteen: Terror

  • Tenzin spent three weeks looking for Korra and her polar bear dog in the slums with no success. Suddenly, he sees the very polar bear dog he was searching for sitting right in front of his house. His reaction sells it.
    Tenzin: (wide eyes) Oh, great moon Yue.

Chapter Fifteen: Assassination

Chapter Sixteen: Broken Chains

  • Tenzin and Korra's exchange
    Tenzin: Being the Avatar is so much more than simply inheriting the ability to control all four elements. The Avatar’s soul - ever since the very first Avatar - has been reborn into each successive Avatar. Korra; you are Aang’s reincarnation.
    Korra: (while grinning) So, does that make you my son? Kind of?
    Tenzin: (narrows eyes) Very kind of.

Chapter Seventeen: Korra's Decision

  • Doubles as Heartwarming. Asami wasting no time to hug Korra when they reunite. It does not matter if they are still standing in the water.

Chapter Eighteen: Rebellion

Chapter Nineteen: Freedom


    Book Two: Metal 

  • The dance scene between Korra and Kuvira in the previews.

    Book Three: Lightning 


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