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Tarrlok will be a problem for Korra
  • Tropers have speculated since Book One's conclusion that Tarrlok would believe Korra was either dangerous and/or untrustworthy. This has proven to be true in the prologue in Book Two. It is possible that Tarrlok might use Korra to achieve some ends later on by guilt tripping her among other things.
    • Confirmed that Tarrlok believes Korra is untrustworthy after the prologue of Book Two. Based on how Tenzin and Tonraq reacted to Korra encountering Tarrlok for the first time, this possibly establishes Tarrlok will be a problem for Korra in the near future.

The Earth Queen wants refugees to flood and cripple Republic City
  • Republic City and the Water Tribes have stated that the refuges have been stretching their economies, and it is likely it will strain the Fire Nation as well. Due to the Earth Queen's unwillingness to come to a world leader meeting or even send a representative, it is a possible hint of the fact that she might be planning something. In canon, the Earth Queen believes the United Republic belongs to the Earth Kingdom, and it is possible she will take an opportunity to annex the country back to the Earth Kingdom, and the other nations will be stretched too thin to stop it.

Zaheer abused Korra as a Revenge by Proxy
  • Since Avatar Aang was a Broken Pedestal to him, it is possible that he saw Korra as an indirect means getting revenge along with being able to create her into a weapon that he desired.
    • This appears to be partly confirmed. It remains to be seen if it will fully be confirmed.

Killing Korra will be an objective for the Earth Queen
  • The Earth Queen appears to be more villainous and dangerous than in canon. During Book Two, it was revealed the Avatar is still alive, and the rumors indicate Korra, the daughter of Tonraq, is the current Avatar, which means the Earth Queen knows this. Since Korra is of the Water Tribe, the next Avatar would be reincarnated in the Earth Kingdom, so it is likely the Earth Queen would want to have Korra killed to further establish her power by capturing the next Avatar similar to how the Red Lotus kidnapped Korra.

Korra will go through a variant of Victim Blaming by the people and become a Hero with Bad Publicity
  • In canon for both the original series and Korra, we have seen plenty of people who have failed to understand that while the Avatar is a powerful person, they are human. They have also failed to understand Avatars are not always capable of having all the answers, and they can be tricked like other people. We have also seen people be dismissive of the Avatar for not being able to solve all the problems. It is very possible that we will see people in this story blame Korra for letting the Red Lotus affect her psyche even though she was kidnapped.
    • This has been partly confirmed with how Tarrlok believes Korra cannot be trusted since she was 'coerced and tricked' by the Red Lotus.

There will be an inverse in Korra's relationships between Lin and Suyin
  • In this story, Lin appears to be somewhat nicer than her canon counterpart based on her earlier interactions with Tenzin, in comparison how it was during the canon events of Book One along with being understanding of Korra's rather unfortunate circumstances. This leads to the possibility that Lin might treat Korra better from the start. Inversely, since Korra did nearly kill a world leader, it is possible that Suyin might be more wary of Korra in this story.
    • This has been partly proven correct. Lin is much nicer and reasonable to Korra during their first interaction at the beginning of Book Two.

Korra will lose her memories at some point
  • Korra's memories have played a much larger role in Saga than they did in canon. This story has put a lot of emphasis in how the Red Lotus has treated Korra along with Korra being able to remember almost every detail of her first meeting with Asami. It feels like a setup that Korra might potentially lose her memories, and it will play a larger role than it did in the canon storyline. We have seen Korra lose her memories in canon from being attacked by a Dark Spirit which leads to the possibility that Korra could lose her memories through a similar means or from other possibilities, such as overusing her powers. If she loses her memories and does not lose her connection to her past lives, it is possible she might even think she is one of her previous incarnations.

Amon and Tarrlok will be a Composite Character rather than two separate characters
  • Instead of Amon and Tarrlok being two different characters they will be one and the same. He could use both identities to control Republic City. Due to Tarrlok being a waterbender and a bloodbender in canon, it would be something he could pull off. As Amon, he would be able to eliminate criminal benders while also rounding up nonbenders who would want to overthrow the government. As Tarrlok, he would be able to control Republic City legally, and he would be able to use his actions as Amon as an excuse to increase his control. He would be playing both sides, and he would be in the best position to eliminate any potential threats on both sides.

Kuvira will become Korra's Metalbending Teacher
  • Prior to Book Two's premiere my fellow tropers and I were discussing this possibility, especially in light of some of the Book Two previews. It would be a fitting parallel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the original series, Aang originally wished Bumi to become his teacher, but Toph ended up becoming his teacher instead. In this story, Lin might have become Korra's teacher, but it is possible Kuvira might take up that role.
    • Korra has asked Kuvira to become her teacher, and Kuvira has stated it would be an honor but is currently unable to fulfill that role. It is possible that this might become true later on.

Korra's friendship with either Asami or Kuvira will parallel Roku's relationships with various characters
  • Given the fact Korra and Kuvira are enemies in canon, it would be interesting if in this storyline after they become friends, it could eventually parallel Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin's relationship. On the other hand, due to Korra's close friendship with Asami compounded by the fact they met each other during childhood, it would be interesting if their relationship also has any parallels with Roku and Sozin or Roku and Gyatso.

Bolin is dating an Equalist Spy
  • Since Asami was originally going to be an Equalist spy in canon, it would be interesting if the writers utilize a dropped plotline like this.

Amon will expose Korra's identity during the Pro-bending Championship to discredit her
  • The public knows the Avatar is alive, but they don't know who she is but Amon does. However, Amon has not announced his knowledge of this through the radio. It is likely that he wants a bigger event to make that big exposure which would be a pro-bending championship that Korra will most likely participate or even win in. Amon could use this opportunity to expose her as the Avatar to cause people to question whether or not she won the championship legitimately along with the fact that she was playing a sport like a normal girl rather than 'fulfilling her duties' as the Avatar even though she has been training. This could cause her problems far worse than she had in canon.

Korra's main issue will be whether or not people want her as the Avatar rather than need her
  • While Korra may still have to deal with enemies that will try to state the Avatar is unneeded, such as Amon, I believe Korra may deal with people who do not want her as the Avatar. If people know that she was affiliated with the Red Lotus, they could think along the lines that she is 'tainted' or 'unworthy' of the role and would rather the next part of the cycle would begin. It would be an interesting change from canon.

Amon will be revealed to be an imposter
  • Between the flashbacks in Book 2 revealing Amon's backstory and his current character in the present, there has been a massive change in him. This could be due to corruption from his own power and bloodbending (which some fans believe affects a person's mind over time), or perhaps the present Amon is not the original Amon at all. Perhaps the present Amon was one of the original's early followers who learned Amon's methods but held none of his convictions, craving only power. So he killed him and took his place, made all the easier by Amon's mask, spouting Amon's rhetoric on equality and world peace only to gather more followers. If so, it seems Amon is doomed to be killed by those closest to him.

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