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All spoilers are unmarked so be weary of reading.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Red Lotus apparently did not teach Korra sub-skills of the different bending arts. It is possible that this was a precaution in case they lost control of her.
  • Why did Zaheer never consider that Korra would get impatient with being in the compound for so long like she was in canon under the White Lotus? Because he was dealing with a Morton's Fork: If he waited until Korra's training was complete, then Korra would get tired of waiting and run off. But if he were to try integrating assassinations into Korra's training, then people would know that the Red Lotus had returned and that a girl that could bend three elements was among them. Either way, Zaheer's plan was destined to fall apart because of the circumstances and Korra's natural rebellious spirit.
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  • Why does Korra see Ghazan in her nightmare out of any other Red Lotus member? She remembers that he was the nicest to her, and he was one of the reasons why she was able to keep Naga. Even though he was training her to become a killer and terrorist, she recognizes he was the least evil of the Red Lotus and feels regret in causing his death.
  • Asami kissing Korra on impulse was an impulse not only based on attraction/passion, but also one fueled of fear.
    • During the later events of Book One, Asami witnessed Korra being abused and kidnapped by her so-called teachers who murdered one of her loyal servants.
    • Over the course of one night, she feared that she would never see Korra again, saw her horrifically injured when they reunited, knows that Korra was nearly being killed by the Red Lotus, as well as nearly being murdered herself by Zaheer, Korra's kidnapper, if Korra had not healed her.
    • While it is made clear over the course of Book One and Two that Asami was attracted to Korra, Asami also knows that Korra will eventually be putting herself in harms way again. Even though Korra assures Asami that they will meet again in the future, she knows that there might be a time Korra might be in over her head, especially due to the rise of Equalist activities in Republic City who hate Korra despite not actually knowing her.
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    • As a result, Asami does not want any regrets which is why she kissed Korra on impulse and confessed her feelings.
  • The chapter in which Asami's birthday takes place is titled "The Heiress" and it seems that the title references Asami. While this is true, the title is not exclusively referring to Asami since she is not the only heiress present in the chapter because there are actually three heiresses in the chapter. Asami, Korra, and Kuvira each take center stage at some point in the chapter and the title refers to each of them instead of just Asami.
  • It would seem strange that a Team Avatar newcomer such as Kuvira is able to assume a leadership role in Team Avatar so quickly. Until one remembers how of all the members of Team Avatar, Kuvira is the only one who has actual leadership experience from her time working under Lin Beifong and being the Captain of the Zaofu Guard.

Fridge Logic

  • Asami's apparent lifestyle in the past involved her having multiple relations with numerous people. How was it even possible for Hiroshi to not be aware of that? He was an Overprotective Dad that did not let Asami go anywhere alone until she was sixteen. Even then after he allowed her more freedom, he was aware if she was home late. It is not even alluded that he was aware of any of her 'activities'. If he was, he would definitely have tried to dissuade her from it due to how that could trigger a major scandal.
    • Hiroshi was aware of Asami's actions as revealed in later chapters. He also didn't try to stop it because there wasn't a possibility of her getting pregnant from female partners and a scandal was impossible due to the mutual disgrace it would have brought to both sides. He wasn't aware of her relationships with men but still knew that she would be smart enough to avoid becoming pregnant.

Fridge Horror

  • If the Red Lotus did not let Korra know simple things, such as her birthday or her age, it leads one to wonder what else Korra might be ignorant about.
    • It is revealed one of those things is the very concept of birthdays.
  • Senna was horrified of the idea that her daughter could become a killer. At the end of Book One, Korra technically became one by directly or indirectly causing the deaths of the different Red Lotus members, even though it was done in self-defense.
  • While Zaheer released his spirit into the Spirit World, it is possible that he could cause problems for Korra if she enters the Spirit World herself.
  • If Korra fell asleep from the dart she was hit with, would the Red Lotus have attempted to kill her similar to how they tried to kill her with poison in canon?
  • In Chapter Seven, Zaheer confirms to the Red Lotus that the Avatar Cycle has not advanced after he returns from the Spirit World. In the Avatar franchise, there was only one being who displayed the ability to sense when the Avatar Cycle had advanced: Vaatu.

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