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Nightmare Fuel / Paradise

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  • Imagine how it felt like to Whip Scar and Lightning Kick when Luna was at risk of falling over and getting trampled by a herd of frightened earth ponies and finding out that Celestia was still out there in the clearing right under the eyes of a hungry griffin in chapter 1.
  • When Celestia and Luna encountered a cockatrice, you could feel their fear for their lives when it was hunting them down. When the red light from the cockatrice's eyes touched Celestia, she described the feeling as having something crawling on her.
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  • Awe (so named because he is probably the most powerful thing on the planet), the dragon that kills Momma and that Celestia and Luna fight in chapter 21. Unlike the other monsters the sisters have encountered during their time, he is perfectly aware of what he's doing when he kills ponies, and he is a well trained fighter to boot. This gets worse when Celestia and Luna's hope spot is shattered when he pulls his trump card: he's a magic user.

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