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Heartwarming / Paradise

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  • The early chapters of the whole story, when Celestia and Luna were still Earth Ponies, apart from the deaths happening to their herd, give off the Warm and Fuzzy Feeling of the fillies being at home with their parents, friends and the rest of the herd.
  • Even when she knew that was impossible, Celestia wanted and tried to have Luna growing a unicorn horn in chapter 3, all because she doesn't want to separate with her little sister.
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  • In chapters 7 and 8, even when things were hopeless, Celestia kept thinking about Luna and waiting for a chance to free her from captivity. At the same time, Luna was trying to find a way to bypass her prison's protective wards to keep in touch with Celestia.
  • The pegasi finally respect Celestia after her challenge in chapter 18.

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