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For the 1982 movie

  • California Doubling: Filmed in Israel, but set in the Arabian desert between Baghdad and Damascus, a.k.a. modern-day Iraq and Syria. During the period in which the film takes place, this whole area (Iraq, Syria, Israel, etc.) would be part of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Creator Backlash: Phoebe Cates was so upset by the nude scenes (they used a body double without her knowledge) that she refused to do any promotion for the film. She also said that movie was a "rip-off" of The Blue Lagoon, and that she only took the part to get her foot in the door of Hollywood.
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  • Follow the Leader: Undoubtedly made to cash in on the success of The Blue Lagoon

For the fanfic

  • Outdated by Canon: Paradise was written in the first few years of the series' creation. While it did get some things right (such as Celestia and Luna not being Semi-Divine natural alicornnote , it also got things wrong. For example, canon has never implied that Celestia had a pink mane in her youth. The story predates flashbacks that depict her with her multicolored mane even centuries prior.

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