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For the 1982 movie

  • Complete Monster: The Jackal is a slave trader who sells girls in Baghdad as sex slaves. When a British teenager named Sarah catches his eyes, he tries to buy her. He pays a guide to help him find the caravan that Sarah is traveling with. When the caravan stops to make camp, the Jackal leads his men to massacre them, killing David's missionary parents in the process. The surviving women are raped and taken prisoner. The Jackal refuses to pay his guide as Sarah escaped the mayhem, explaining he intended to take her in his own harem, before killing his guide. When Sarah's servant Geoffrey finds the Jackal's encampment, the Jackal has him killed too before then relentlessly pursuing David and Sarah.

For the fanfic


For the Web Series

  • Wangst: Pretty much the entire point of the "Ranty Raccoon" story, which shows a person who had changed during the parts of the timeline when there weren't as many transformed people, so he feels alone and acts only like his journal understands him. Or, depending on how you interpret it, he's just a complainer...since we don't know what this raccoon is like in real life.

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