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Nightmare Fuel / Doctor Ghemor, I Presume?

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  • Julian's complete disorientation when he wakes up in a Cardassian body is rather hard for anyone having body dysphoria. Oh, and the Obsidian Order was so thorough they also altered his eyes and genitalia.
  • Julian actually, seriously considers the possibility of Garak selling him to the Obsidian Order in exchange for a pardon. The worst thing is, it would be in character for the tailor.
  • When introducing himself to the housemaid, Julian finds himself unable to say his name properly. It's a small thing, but it doesn't help with his anxiety — he's already losing his grip on "Julian Bashir".
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  • Seeing the doctor slowly succumbing to the gaslighting courtesy of his lying every day, every moment of his life regarding his true nature making him more vulnerable to mind games.
  • Ghemor goes to serve breakfast to his son, only to have to reassure the panicking young man that no, the housemaid wasn't punished for talking with him.
  • Entek nonchalantly reveals the Obsidian Order knows for Adigeon Prime, in spite of the hospital not keeping any records. Which is bad for one of two reasons — the first being that their claims about Julian's identity are real, the second being that they now have a way to blackmail Julian.
  • The mere idea that a governmental intelligence service would make you believe your whole life was abusive in a way or another, would give you a Dark Secret that makes you fear for your very life, just because they think it would make you so paranoid your effectiveness as The Mole would be enhanced. Fucked. Up.
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  • How good is the Obsidian Order to Cold-Blooded Torture? Garak gave professional critique to 1984. Yeah...
  • Julian's Sadistic Choice: either he refuses to clarify his identity, or he willingly risks being exposed as an augment. He ultimately picks the first option.
  • Bajoran staff are horrified when they look at Bashir in full Cardassian make-up. And why wouldn't they be? After all, it raises the possibility of a former oppressor of them being in a position to hurt them again... all while they were unaware and unable to protect themselves.
    • From Julian's viewpoint, formerly friendly people are suddenly fearful and hostile towards him, only because he might belong to an ethnicity they have bad blood with, no matter how much he was nice and helpful to them. It really doesn't help with his fears regarding his possible outing as an augment.
    • The brief, oh-so-chilling reminder that Cardassians need an escort on the station, as leaving them unprotected might cause a repetition of what happened to Aamin Marritza.
  • Imagine you managed to flee your Abusive Parents, only for them to find you again, and your entourage is pushing you to interact with them. That's what Deep Space Nine forced on Julian, out of a misguided desire to "help" a family to reconnect.
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  • Richard and Amsha Bashir being a realistic example of Gaslighting, insisting on their narrative and belittling their son every time he tries to make his voice heard, to the point that Julian is too tired to do so.
  • Tekeny Ghemor receiving a bad diagnosis. He had barely two years to become a father to Julian, and now there's a possibility for him to die from illness.
  • His whole life, Julian knew what would happen to him if he was caught and unmasked as genetically engineered: imprisoned into a mental institution without any hope for parole. No, him being a child at the time and unable to meaningfully consent won't matter — the Federation is going to treat him as the second coming of Khan Noonien Singh.
    Julian: You really have no idea how afraid of us they are, do you?
    • Ghemor and Garak gradually have to realise their beloved adopted son and husband is at risk to be taken from them forever, and all their efforts to prevent this could be not enough.

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