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Nightmare Fuel / The Happiest Place

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  • The entirety of Chapter 31. First the Haunted Mansion seems completely abandoned. Then once Constance starts chasing after the characters doors shut and lock themselves to block their path, the floor opens up to swallow people, and the corridors get even more maze-like as the mansion itself tries to trap them with the ghost trying to hunt them all down.
  • The scene where Belle and Cinderella are trapped on Space Station 77. The attraction façade for Space Mountain was down, trapping them somewhere in space, while Zurg and his robot cronies were only seconds away from finding them.
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  • Just how close the Allosaurus comes to biting Cinderella in half on top of the Lilly Belle.
  • Jack’s last memory before arriving in Disneyland is of being eaten alive by the Kraken. Cinderella’s responding wince says it all.
  • When the princesses are being chased down by a horde of undead in the Temple of the Forbidden eye, all while their rover keeps stalling in the scripted locations of the ride. Worse still is when the very real boulder comes crashing toward them.
  • Cinderella and Jack’s horrified Held Gaze as they both realize that there isn’t a thing in the world either of them can do to stop Barbossa from shooting her.
  • The part where Cinderella is alone in the crowd for Fantasmic! and feeling like someone’s watching her. A voice that sounds like it belongs to her stepmother asks her what she’s so afraid of, only for her to realize that Lady Tremaine isn’t the only Disney Villain with a voice like that
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  • Blood comes pouring down the diorama windows of the Main St. Emporium, spelling out the threat “NO MORE HAPPY ENDINGS.” Whose blood it was is never specified, but for a few minutes Snow White is terrified that it’s Dopey’s.
  • At the beginning of the Villains’ assault, one of the baby bunnies from Splash Mountain is described as being covered with blood.
  • The entire sequence where Maleficent shows up at the Hub. The original deal to trade Cinderella’s life for the Hatter’s, and Cinderella taking it despite knowing there’s no one who can wake her up again. Ariel attempting to hold Alice back when the he’s decapitated to stop her from dying as well. Finally, Maleficent whispering in Cinderella’s ear that she’s the cause of all this, and that she should save them more trouble by taking a bite of the apple, while the rest of the girls are can’t do anything except watch as she complies.
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  • If the Villains take the park, Disneyland would self-destruct to try to rebalance, meaning that everyone would die. Permanently.

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