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Nightmare Fuel / Mortal Kombat: Desperation

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This fic has plenty of them:

  • Raiden. Not only do his costume and voice adopt a Dark Is Evil tone to reflect his status as a Tragic Villain and Fallen Hero, but his actions are horrific. Firstly, he drops Shinnok's still living head at Liu Kang and Kitana's feet, attacks Outworld and would have succeeded in claiming dominion over it had Kotal Kahn not cried out to the Elder Gods for help, kidnaps Cassie and participates in hers and Kevin's torture at Kano's hands, cripples the Lin Kuei to the point that Sub-Zero is rendered comatose while Frost and the other survivors are badly wounded, threatened to murder all the refugees in the Edenian Resistance as well as victimize Takeda to keep Hanzo in line, orders Hotaru to destroy Li Mei's village, blackmails Nitara, and manipulates Daegon and Hanzo. There is no limit as to what he will do. It is even stated several times that he worse than Shinnok and Shao Kahn combined, just don't tell him that...
  • Adult Fear: Sonya and Johnny spend days worrying for Cassie after Raiden kidnaps her. Sonya even experiences nightmares and Stress Vomit.
    • Abusive Parents in the form of Kano towards Kevin and Kira's parents. Kano raped Kevin's mother with the intention of making her a sex slave until Kira helped her escape and shows no remorse for torturing Kevin, who at age ten witnessed his mother get run over by a drunk driver. Kira's parents sold her into slavery when she was nine years old and were very abusive before then.
  • Raiden offered Nitara a deal: join him, or he will destroy her people. Having seen what Raiden has done to others, it's no shock Nitara is aware of Raiden's status as a Manipulative Bastard and Ax-Crazy monster, nor is it shocking that the poor woman is too terrified to risk betraying him.
  • Although the Black Dragon Clan is often embarrassed or punished by Raiden as a source of humor to the readers, they do still have their creepy moments. Although Tremor isn't a rapist like his comrades, he isn't against watching Nell's rape or participating in any other kind of torture. Even if he is the most levelheaded of the group, he's still no less evil. Tasia isn't any less creepy either, coming across as equally sadistic as Kano when groping Nell and later trying to rape her as well as making her intentions to join Kano and Jarek in raping Jacqui clear. Thankfully, Nell is saved by Kira and Jacqui is able to take advantage of Tasia's arrogance to humiliate and defeat her in the tournament, but just imagine what would've happened if Tasia had won...
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  • Nell's whole chapter. The reader is treated to the fear, horror, and despair she experienced as Kano's captive, starting from the night Kano kidnapped her and ending when Kira helped her escape. She is raped, force fed, cut, and beaten several times and that's not even going into the mental agony she endured. From what little Kevin has revealed about his mother indicates that she ultimately recovered from her trauma and moved on with her life, but that couldn't have been easy, to put it mildly, and does say a lot about what a strong person she must have been.

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