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Nightmare Fuel / Fire Emblem Three Houses: White Horizon

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Spoilers are off. May the goddess protect you.

Part 1: White Clouds

  • Kostas meeting with "Those Who Slither In The Dark." Having to deal with the Flame Emperor would have been more merciful as was his original fate of being killed by Byleth and the students. Instead of a case of You Have Failed Me and leave him at the mercy of the Knights of Seiros, Kostas is instead used as a guinea pig by Those Who Sliter. Specifically, they want to see what would happen to someone who doesn't have a Crest if they're implanted with a Crest Stone. At the very end, Kostas lets out an "inhuman howl" and apparently goes on to slaughter his crew. The worst part is that we don't even get to see what happened to Kostas.

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