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Nightmare Fuel / Echoes in the Dark

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  • The description of what Yancy went through during the Knifehead Incident and his absolute horror that his baby brother is alone in the jeager with a vicious kaiju right there.
  • Raleighs account of what happened when Lopez and his team first got him.
    “Wipe him.” And Raleigh forgets Yancy, the pain, the endless pit that now resides in his heart. Raleigh forgets it all. Raleigh forgets himself.
  • When Raleigh remembers himself after the test and his reaction to what has happened to him and that there are others going through the same thing.
    "What have you done to me?"
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  • Mako confirms that there are people in the Sentinels. What she finds out about them and the "cold-dark" they hate so much is horrific.
    Never before has Mako wished that her theory was not proven correct


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