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Heartwarming / Echoes in the Dark

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  • Steel saves his fellow Sentinels from being dragged into quiet/dark, because they are his friends.
  • Aleksis advising Yancy that they will help him if he lets them.
  • "You came back"
  • Chuck telling the Sentinels stories, simply because they like hearing some speak to them as though they are people.
  • Sasha comforting Yancy after his breakdown.
    “It was not your fault. It was never your fault.”
  • When the Sentinels are asked to help Mako test something.
    Chuck: "I wouldn’t let her do this if I thought it would hurt you."
    Steel: “We know.”
  • The absolute faith the Sentinels show when Chuck asks Winter to go the cold-dark-place and Steel promises to keep her safe and bring her back.
    “I know you will,” Winter says.
    • And when Winter is asked to go to her Core, the other Sentinels protest but Winter immediately agrees.
  • When the Sentinels are leaving for the Hong Kong base, they want Chuck to smile.

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