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Fridge / Echoes in the Dark

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  • Steel describes a presence that is there but not there and reaches out for it. Yancy states he still hears his brother calling out from him. Steel is Raleigh and Yancy is sensing him. The pair are ghost drifting!
  • When Chuck is running from his first meeting with Steel, he later realizes the voice at the end was human and Steel refers to it as his inside voice. Readers can quickly identify that it's Raleigh's voice. But why didn't Chuck, who probably watched every interview he could of a Jeager pilot, not recognize it? Because in those interviews, Raleigh would have been happy and cheerful, not at all scared and desperate like Steel was when Chuck heard that voice.
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  • The Sentinels refuse to use their "inside" voices. Why? Because Lopez and his team probably wiped them whenever they did.

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