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Awesome / Echoes in the Dark

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  • The four Sentinels take on a Kaiju called Snakehead in a test. They don't kill it. But they do a lot of damage before the Jaeger drops in.
    • Centurion Steel leads the others and direct them to where they can do the most good. He also stabs the Kaiju in the eye with electrified, exploding lances to provide Winter with a opening.
    • Winter's Bite, in her role as a scout, identifies a weak point for the others to attack and also shoots missiles loaded with liquid nitrogen down it's throat once Steel has taken out the eye.
    • Juggernaut Zero hits the Kaiju with explosions behind it's extra arms and leaves one arm hanging by a thread.
    • Sol Nebula uses the wound from Jaggernaut's attack to blast a vein with a laser.
    • The overall result is the Kaiju limping and loosing a lot of blood. And this is before the Jaeger shows up.
  • The Sentinels are shut off so they can be taken to Hong Kong. Steel, through sheer willpower managed to hold them together and keep them connected.
  • Chuck drops the bombshell that there are people inside the Sentinels. Mako soon realizes exactly what the cores are and successfully proves her theory to be right.
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  • The Sentinels have carried out over 500 simulations. With no failures.
  • Winter willingly returns to a place that terrifies the Sentinels to help Mako with her theory. She doesn't even hesitate to agree.
  • Mako resolves to continue her ambition to kill the Kaiju because while Lopez and his team and monsters, there are many more people who deserve to be saved. And she resolves to save the Sentinels because they deserve it.

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