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Awesome / The Ed, Edd n Eddy Project

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  • Chapter 03:
  • Chapter 05: Pretty much you have the Eds running amok in a Viking coastal city with the challenge of acting like Vikings themselves. Starts off as a race around the city to cause some property damage, which leads to a Heartwarming Moment.


  • Chapter 10: Marsha forced a volcano to erupt to get the Eds to run.


  • Chapter 15: Here's a clue: It's a Weird Al song and he is similar to what happened in Futurama, and it's all about one person.
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  • Chapter 16: The Eds took on the hell god that is Marsha's father!
  • Chapter 17: The ending to it.
  • Chapter 18: The Eds versus the Kankers. Guess who wins.
  • Chapter 19: How can you not count out Edd's fight with the Extraterrestrial?


  • Chapter 21: You only need two words for it: the Cricket.
  • Chapter 22: The Eds manage to take on an army of robots and Sarks while hitching a ride on the back of a Hoverbike, with Landstalkers and Transmorphers all over them.
  • Chapter 23: Started out bloody for York as Marsha reveals the truth behind who's been winning the bets, but after hearing that York's giving the prize money, Marsha turns soft on the poor beaten-up guy.
  • Chapter 24: Two Eds versus a weird-sounding, robotic space pirate admiral named after the creator? Check.


  • Chapter 27 towards the end with the Eds. They each give each other a final goodbye before being suck now the whirlpool Cad Bane made. But they survived afterward.
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  • Chapter 29: The Eds taking on not only Big Klunk (and defeating him with the Groovitron for the Funny Moment, but also the Vreedle Brothers and Cad Bane!
  • Straightforward to how the Eds defeat Dr. Nefarious in Act V, Ch. 30 and the Mechanical Reaper 10K-X in Act V, Ch. 31.

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