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Nightmare Fuel / Disparity Between The Truth And Lies

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This is the nightmare fuel page for Disparity Between the Truth and Lies. There will be no spoilers marked here, so you have been warned.

  • Chapter 1
    • Haruko's death could be considered this... given his symptoms, especially the redness in his eyes. Yikes.
    • Asami's execution. The entire sequence leading up to her death was not only tragic, but brutal.
  • Chapter 2
    • This chapter went so far up the level from Chapter 1's case. Fuwari was trapped inside of the gymnasium and was burnt to a crisp, and that still wasn't enough to kill her. She literally dragged her burnt body over the hallways, inches to death, and was finally able to be killed only because Rin ran into her and agreed to mercy kill her.
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    • Amyto, like damn. Her entire personality was just a mask. She is actually a Yandere who believes that the world around her is fake, a mere illusion. She didn't believe Fuwari to even be a friend, merely a pawn that she can use to test out her hypnotism. It is also to note that she was actually planning to torture Minori.
    • The fact that the cast lived by a mere inch. They had voted for the wrong killer, and they were only spared death because of Fumio's arranged deal with Monokuma. If it weren't for Fumio, everyone except for Amyto would've been dead, and this would've been GAME OVER.
    • Amyto's execution. It was much more brutal than Asami's. She had her guts eaten, for Christ's sake!
  • Chapter 3
    • The motive in general is really cruel- to kill someone in exchange for gaining their freedom and saving their loved one.
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    • The sudden shift in personalities. It is uncanny to see Minori act more antagonistic, and especially Seiga's behavior as well.
    • Kakuma's death, given the fact that he obviously fought his assailant.
    • Nezumi and Kaniza. It wasn't only on how Nezumi died, but the fact that the duo were tied up and stripped down to their underwear. It is also to note that Kaniza was still alive, obviously traumatized from being tied up and seeing Nezumi's dead body.
    • How Ryoichi died. He poisoned himself, however how he went wasn't pretty. He coughed up blood, his face turned red, etc. Even his execution wasn't that pretty. If he was alive during the execution he would've lived to see the 'Queen' Monokuma tearing his entire body out with a fork and knife.
    • The fact that Seiga cut his own pinky off.
  • Chapter 4
    • What happened to Rin. This is especially because of the fact she was just moments away from death when Minori and the others found her. She was in such a painful and gruesome state that Kaniza even asked to mercy kill her.
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    • The fact that Monokuma was willing to shoot Fumio. It was a relief that Seiga ran in to take the bullet for him.
      • Then again, Monokuma was scary in this chapter in general. He already had Seiga's brother killed and wanted nothing more than to take as many people as he could down. He asked Seiga to help him for his own selfish gain.
    • Seiga's execution can be considered as one. I, for one, would not want to be put in his situation. Avoiding chainsaws and the like while high in the air... gruesome.
  • Chapter 5
    • Learning about Minori's past can be slightly eerie. Nonetheless, Saori explaining her own backstory was quite creepy as well.
    • The supposed 'pranks' happening around the building. Fake limbs, bloody messages... ugh.
    • That Kaniza was the murderer. How can someone as sweet as her kill? And given what happened right before she could've been done for, everything was just creepy.
    • Fumio snapped in this chapter towards Sheina. To hear Kaniza explain what happened was just heartbreaking.
    • How Sheina died. Jesus Christ.
    • The fact that Monokuma wanted them to die. He was vouching for their deaths and made them vote hurriedly to make them die. It was only by pure luck that the kids escaped.
  • Chapter 6
    • Libertas' headquarters, especially since the workers are more than willing to hurt and torture anyone who stands in their way.
    • Sagiso being revealed as the mastermind. To just learn that a close friend and love interest (if you are Minori) was the mastermind is just... sad, and heartbreaking.
    • Minori's situation. Learning that he's an unwitting pawn to Sagiso and Libertas is nothing more than sad, and it is just creepy once you read the epilogue and see what he says.

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