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Nightmare Fuel / Ennea Series

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Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • How Hawks reacts to the Commission's abusive treatment of him is frighteningly realistic. He defends and downplays his abusers' actions, says he brought his punishments upon himself, insists he can't leave them, reminds himself he owes them so he should be grateful they put up with him, insists they're good people and he's the bad one, and beats himself up and/or calls himself selfish for acting in ways they would not approve of (i.e being so exhausted he has no choice but to take a break or risk collapsing). It's clear some intentional emotional conditioning is involved. Seeing a ball of sunshine like Hawks become a quiet, withdrawn, and nervous wreck around the Commission is as terrifying as it is heartbreaking.
  • The Commission President is a textbook emotional abuser, and she's really good at hiding it. Strip away her passive-aggressiveness and cold reactions and much of what she says to Hawks sounds reasonable; It's standard procedure that he come in to check with Commission HQ after going missing for a year. Of course his monthly payments went up because he fell behind on them. Everything the Commission does is for the public's safety, and those that try to impede that mission are a threat, etc.
    For Their Sakes 

Chapter One: United

  • Future Deku and the other Heroes are helpless to stop Shigaraki and Dabi from killing everyone and destroying the city around them. Everything crumbles and burns, buildings and people, until only ashes are left. It's like a natural disaster tore through the city. The only reason they survive is because the Villains want them to.

Chapter Ten: Believe Me (Please)

  • Hawks is told about the Voices possessing him without his knowledge. He realizes there is absolutely nothing he can do to stop them from doing it again except hope they don't.

Chapter Eleven: Hold Your Tongue (Or We'll Do It For You)

  • Hawks never begs. Not when fighting enemies, not to protect his friends, not even when facing torture and the Commission's abuse. So what does make him beg?: Purple's attempt to force him to remain silent about Endeavor. Seeing Hawks go from calmly attempting to tell Aizawa the truth to hysterically pleading with Purple not to brainwash him is terrifying, especially since the only reason Purple stopped was due to Pink screaming at him to.

Chapter Thirteen: The Meeting

  • Amplifier's Quirk. It lets him cause as much pain as possible to his victim without leaving a mark on them, which means it won't kill them no matter how much pain they're in. When it's used on him, Hawks' feels like he's burning alive.
  • Pathfinder's Quirk involves writhing tendrils that extend from her fingers and attach to her victim to track their stories. They attach by stabbing into their spine.
  • Hawks is in the Commission's clutches for nearly two days because Miruko chose to sleep in her office and didn't see the note saying he was in trouble until late Thursday. The Voices expect Hawks to be rescued before too much damage can be done, but because Miruko didn't go home one night, he's so hurt he can barely walk on his own by the time the Heroes get him out.

Chapter Fifteen: Different Perspectives

  • The Commission President's POV and how she views Hawks. She calls him "it", does not see him as human, sees him as completely expendable, and seeks to control and mentally condition him to the point where he'll happily kill himself for the Commission's goals. Hawks isn't a person to her; he's a tool she'll gladly use for parts when he breaks.
  • A family was killed by the Commission because the daughter accidentally discovered a Hero she met at a meet-and-greet had murdered his ex's boyfriend. The family went to meet a Hero they idolized, found out he was a murderer, tried to tell the police, and were killed for it. The entire family (whose only "crime" was seeing the wrong thing) was murdered in their home and it was dismissed as an unfortunate accident.
  • Because of Twice's innocent interest, All For One is now interested in Hawks. All For One— All Might and One For All's worst enemy, the corrupter of Shigaraki, the master of Gigantomachia, and the one who kidnaps Heroes to turn them into Nomu, is now looking into Hawks. AFO also knows the Commission (who is a huge part of holding up Hero Society) is as evil as he is. And he has a Quirk that lets him easily hack into any technology.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Change the Future

  • All Might's bad future. He was corrupted into a Nomu that was told to kill every non-villain he saw, and the only phrase he was allowed to say was, "I am here!" He kills thousands before Bakugou and Midoriya are able to take him down, and even then, Bakugou loses an arm and is forced to kill his own mentor and idol in order to save countless lives.

Chapter Thirty: Pediophobia

  • The entirety of chapter 30 is one long nightmare for Hawks. The author's trigger warnings before the chapter include: physical, verbal, psychological, and emotional abuse, gaslighting, misgendering, dissociation, denial, conditioning, self-blame, victim blaming, threats of sexual assault, allusions and non-graphic descriptions of non-consensual touching/kissing/assault, mention of vomiting and starvation (no descriptions), suicidal ideation, and a suicide attempt.
  • As punishment for suggesting Villain reformation programs to the Commission President, Hawks has his body controlled by Norito Kaetsu for an entire year. He is forced to overwork himself, fight through injuries, keep flying for thirty-two hours, strike provocative stances during practice modeling (as a sixteen year old), and stay still while Kaetsu threatens him with a knife or gropes him - all while aware and being forced to keep smiling. As a result, Hawks begins disassociating and experiencing blackouts where he comes back to awareness bruised and bloody without knowing why. The first time he's released from Kaetsu's Quirk, he gets on his knees and begs the Commission President to free him while promising to be a good hero from then on. She only tells him he hasn't learned his lesson and puts him back under Kaetsu's Quirk. Hawks is finally freed after he throws himself in front of Pathfinder's sword during training, and he begins to willingly overwork himself until he collapses because he knows what awaits him if he doesn't. The nightmare fuel gets dialed up to eleven when you realize how this is almost exactly what the Voices did to Hawks - take control of his body without Hawks' consent for the greater good.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Thanatophobia

  • Hawks seemingly escapes Kaetsu but he appears out of nowhere and attacks him. Hawks is knocked to the ground and Kaetsu climbs on top of him and starts strangling him. Pink takes control but Kaetsu slams her head into the ground until Hawks comes back and screams at Hawks that Heroes act alone. Kaetsu slashes Hawks with his knife and gropes him until Hawks goes limp and starts dissociating.
  • Hawks' fight with Kaetsu is one of the goriest scenes in the series. Kaetsu slashes Hawks with his knife and Hawks tears out one of Kaetsu's eyes with his fingers. Kaetsu loses it, knocks Hawks down, and pins him again. Kaetsu abruptly goes quiet and serenely tells Hawks the Commission was right about him being too far gone to "save". He then stabs Hawks. Repeatedly. Hawks pretends to be grateful for the "Mercy Kill" and smashes Kaetsu's head into a metal bar. He hears Kaetsu's skull crunch.
    Mockingjay: Origin 
  • As a child, Katniss (and the reader) witnesses a Villain attack from a civilian's perspective. Civilians have to throw themselves out of the way of vehicles, and Katniss and Prim would have been crushed by a car if All Might did not arrive in time.
  • Finnick's plea for all the kidnapped kids to work together falls on deaf ears. Everyone except him, Katniss, and Rue start killing each other out of desperation to be the one to survive the Quirk Games. Finnick, Rue, and Katniss run, but Katniss hears screaming and the wet sounds of weapons hitting flesh behind him. She tells Rue not to look.
  • Rue's father told her to keep her Quirk a secret out of fear that she would be targeted by Quirk Traffickers. She's too young to realize the implications but Katniss and Finnick do.
  • When Cato attacks, Katniss forgets Rue is behind her and dodges on instinct. As a result, Cato's weapon hits Rue and kills her. Katniss is right there with Rue, but in spite of and because of her training, she fails to protect her. The twelve year-old dies in her arms.
  • One of eighteen year-old Hawks' handlers begins harassing and stalking him. His other superiors know but do nothing about it and are content to let it continue, even as the handler starts cornering Hawks and trying to break into his room as he changes. It only stops because Katniss (an outsider) steps in.