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Nightmare Fuel / Super Danganronpa Another 2

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The deaths in this fan game tend to be rather brutal, with some of them being even more brutal than some of the deaths seen in canon Danganronpa installments.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.


  • Before the Killing Game even begins, Rei Mekaru is seemingly burned alive by Mikado's magic until nothing remains of her.
  • And in that very scene, Syobai wastes no time in trying to kill to escape by attempting to stab Yuki only for Sora to take the hit.


Chapter 1

  • The first murder: the victim, Yuri Kagarin, is stabbed through the calf with a metal hook, pulled to the top of the bell tower (while being shredded by razor wires), and then dropped to the bottom. The result is a bloody, mangled corpse whose body parts have been bent at grossly awkward angles. And the worst part? You actually get to witness it all play out.
  • Hajime revealing his dark side. At first he seemed to be a decent guy, but after being exposed, he breaks down laughing while his eyes have a red glimmer beneath the shades. And to make matters worse, he outright says that he killed Yuri because he was supposed to (shortly afterwards it is revealed that he is Mikado's agent). Hajime at first didn't want to reveal the motive because he knew other students would despise him, and boy was he right.
    • The English dub makes it much worse. Instead of erupting in a laugh, Hajime calmly confesses to the fellow students in a very cold tone. Judging by the face he makes and the tone itself it may very well seem that Hajime is holding back to not laugh out loud.
    • And when Shinji rushes to put him down out of anger, Hajime, due to being a professional boxer, wastes no time in punching his best friend in the throat and knocking him out cold. So much for friendship...
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  • The first execution, Super Makunouching Machine. The blackened, Hajime Makunouchi, is first dragged out of the courtroom by Monocrow with a chain around his neck. The scene cuts to a sports arena with Makunouchi trapped inside an arcade style boxing machine. A gigantic man with a Monocrow head then approaches and starts punching the cushion on the machine, which proceeds to hit Makunouchi in the face. It starts out slow, but eventually the punches grow rapid before the man completely destroys the cushion and begins pummeling the Ultimate Boxer himself, sending blood everywhere. When Makunouchi is finally dead, the camera pans to the scoreboard, which reads 999, before it pans out again just in time to show Makunouchi's body being shredded to pieces. The screen cuts to black, and what follows is the machine spitting out his remains... in the form of a bloody doll made in his likeness.

Chapter 2

  • The second murder: the victim, Kokoro Mitsume, is knocked out, shoved in a refrigerator and left to freeze to death with the limbs chopped off.
  • This trial gives us a sampling of Kanade's Nightmare Face, as well as a glimpse into her true relationship with Hibiki.
  • The second execution, The Emma in the Woods. The blackened, Emma Magorobi, is strapped to a gurney and approached by Monocrow, dressed like the Joker from The Dark Knight and wielding a pair of scalpels. He slices up the gurney, freeing her, and she ends up on a broomstick in the sky. The broomstick crashes through the roof of a castle that strongly resembles Hogwarts and the bloodied and beaten Emma finds herself in a hallway like the facility from The Cabin in the Woods. The elevator doors open, revealing monsters like Monocrow-faced zombies, Jason Voorhees and Samara from The Ring with Monocrow's red eye. The monsters swarm on Emma, who screams in horror, and they tear her apart. When they're done, all that's left of Emma is her blood covering every inch of the room.

Chapter 3:

  • The third murder: the victim, Setsuka Chiebukuro, is knocked out with a taser, then gets stabbed to death with two knives at the same time and has her body cut up and put on display.
  • During the class trial, some of Kanade's sprites have very horrific expressions.
  • And, on that note, Kanade's face as she starts burning Setsuka's note that might have helped other students in advance.
  • What is revealed about the Otonokoji twins' backstory after the trial. Long story short, Kanade has been killing every person who ever got close to Hibiki in order to mentally break Hibiki and make Hibiki completely dependent on her. Eventually Hibiki's mental trauma got to the point that whenever she faces extreme mental stress, she enters a blank state where she can only obey Kanade's commands. Kanade forced Hibiki to murder Setsuka with her because Setsuka was making Hibiki's mental state better and could eventually snap Hibiki out of her trauma, which was the very opposite of what Kanade wanted.
  • The fact that Kanade has crippled and murdered at least sixty people for the "crime" of being too close to Hibiki. She gleefully recounts how she eliminated Hibiki's dog, her best friend, their old homeroom teacher, even their band's recording engineering, makeup coordinator and manager. She admits now she kills anyone even associated with her sister, all with a wide grin on her face. Even Mikado is disgusted to hear the depths of her depravity.
  • The third execution: Melody Rhythm Final Death Concert. The blackened, Hibiki and Kanade Otonokoji, are chained together to a pole by cuffs on their necks. In front of them is a key with a sign saying only one of them can live. Hibiki runs for the key but is tripped when Kanade grabs her ankle. Hibiki hits her sister over the head with a microphone until she lets go and continues to run for the key. As she gets closer, the chain slowly hoists Kanade into the air and begins to choke her. Hibiki grabs the key and puts it in her cuff but instead of opening, it cuts her head off. The platform then drops away, causing Kanade to be slowly hung to death.
    • What's worse is throughout the execution, while Hibiki is scared to death and constantly on the verge of tears, Kanade has a manic smile on her face. When she grabs Hibiki's ankle, she looks dementedly gleeful and when Hibiki is decapitated, Kanade has HEARTS in her eyes!

Chapter 4

  • Throughout the entire chapter, multiple characters go through phases of distrust and outright hostility towards one another thanks to Nikei pulling the strings. It really says something about the game when Maeda and Teruya are visibly enraged or when Sora actually attempts to kill someone.
    • While the moment itself is awesome, there's no denying that Syobai's face as he tries to goad Teruya into shooting him is certainly creepy.
  • The fourth murder with the reveal of Shinji Kasai's burnt corpse. It gets worse when we find out that he killed himself to prevent Yuki, who cut his throat because of Nikei's machinations, and/or Sora (who assisted him) from becoming blackened and thus being executed.
  • Nikei attempts to kill his classmates in a last ditch attempt to ruin Mikado's plans, only to have the gun blow up when he pulls the trigger. We get a scene of the exploding gun tearing Nikei's hand apart with his fingers going in different directions. And then Mikado wastes no time in mocking his would-be usurper before installing a rule that no one can leave Void alive and then executing him.
  • The fourth execution: Press Conference. Nikei Yomiuri is being questioned by a group of Monocrows dressed as reporters when he spots an exit and runs out it. He runs through a growing cityscape, into a building and up to the building's roof. A helicopter arrives and drops a rope ladder. Seeing that the Monocrow reporters are right behind him, Nikei jumps and reaches for the ladder. However, he tries to do so with the hand he recently lost and ends up falling to his death.

Chapter 5

  • HOO BOY. As per the Danganronpa tradition, Chapter 5 really kicks things into overdrive, starting with the Body Discovery Announcement. Teruya is found slumped against a wall while what appears to be a painting depicting a blood river in hell is projected over his. That's a Red Herring. The "Teruya" there appears to be a very realistic painting to make it look like he died in one location, so it seems that the real Teruya might be okay... until it is revealed that the real Teruya was long dead elsewhere.
  • The ending of the fifth Class Trial doles out a MASSIVE Wham Episode: All evidence points to Iroha being the culprit, and thus she's voted the culprit. Then comes the roulette...and a different alarm than normal sounds...with an X crossed over Iroha. That's right. The vote was wrong. Mikado was the real killer, and successfully framed Iroha for it. As a result, Iroha, Yoruko, Sora and Yuki are simultaneously executed. Sora is dragged into the ocean, chained to a rocket-powered ball-and-chain that pulls her to the abyss at terminal velocity. Yoruko is helplessly trapped into a fancy bottle that is slowly filled with an alcoholic beverage. Yuki, as the Ultimate Lucky Student, is set to go through "After School Lesson" from the first game and we only see Iroha being held close to a wall by a giant hand with her hair full of ink, presumably being used as a living brush as her head is bashed against the wall by said hand. All while Mikado is watching from the Trial Grounds. The "Holy Shit!" Quotient is shattered at this point! And then...when it seems like Sora is about to be eaten by a Monoshark that is waiting for her in the abyss...the entire virtual world this Killing Game is taking place in starts to glitch out and all students sans Mikado are warped out of the game, thanks to the seemingly missing Syobai's interference.

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