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Nightmare Fuel / Legends of the Fourth of July (Coreline)

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  • The effect of Goldie's "cocktail"; it's a combination of Gamma-enhanced steroids and TITAN (of the Batman: Arkham Series) that turns anyone dosed with it into a mindless berserker with the strength of The Hulk. It's also been laced with Fear Toxin to cause the victims to hallucinate and drive them into an even greater frenzy. And to make things even worse (yes, a group of mindless brutes demolishing half of Chicago and killing anything in their path is not the worst part of it), the "cocktail" is mixed with half of the chemical ingredients of Kerasine, a powerful brainwashing agent... and the cure (which has been tampered with by Goldie) holds the other half of the formula. Meaning that any "Gamma-Titans" that survive their dosage and rampage long enough to be treated with the cure will be susceptible to Goldie's brainwashing.
    • ...Did I forgot to mention that this monster-juice can be delivered by airborne means?.
  • The "Fakehuggers" have their fair share of Nightmare Fuel (In-Universe and out)... imagine being attacked by a Facehugger and knocked out, and waking up believing that you have been impregnated with a Chestbuster and you are pretty much living on borrowed time... a thought that easily drives you past the Despair Event Horizon and may make you have a heart attack or look for a way to check out that is on your terms... and then someone comes and tells you that it was all a prank... it is no wonder that people sued the company that made the Fakehuggers right into bankruptcy.
  • The replica Goldie's threat to destroy all of Manhattan by allowing the Arc Reactor at the Infinite Avengers Tower go into a meltdown if 1) she is not let go and 2) she is not given Mari so she can turn her into her "pet". The scarier part? She is The Sociopath and quite willing to do so... and as the Villainous Breakdown-by-Combat Breakdown at the final fight keeps on going, she decides on simply destroying all of Manhattan to make sure that the Captains' victory is Pyrrhic at best and she continues to holler at Mari that she will have her as a "pet", one way or another.
    • Special mention has to be made in regards to Goldie's desire to make a "pet" of Mari. Goldie makes "pets" of young girls by drugging them up and brainwashing them into total and complete submissiveness, ordering them to kill a close friend or family member, and then uses them as sex slaves for her own gratification. She was going to drug Mari into being a mindless slave for the rest of her life, and likely have her try to kill one or both of the people she loves and cares for the most.
  • A scary fact: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza exists in Coreline. It is still populated with killer animatronics that terrorize and annihilate anybody unlucky enough to be inside the pizzeria once night falls. Scarier part? You can turn the place into a smoking crater as many times as you want... it will just rebuild itself by morning. And this is without going into the story of some bad guys who had the bad idea of going into the building with some kidnapped children in an attempt to avoid being captured by Mari/Cap and Maria/Thunderstrike...the poor dead bastards. The girls didn't even have the chance to deal with most of them themselves - they would have been much more merciful.