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"A Day Indoors" is a Negima! short story collection by Ambrant Arandel. It focuses on multiple slices of life for Negi & the girls (and Kotaro) and is pretty much a collection of moments funny and heartwarming (with a few serious scenes here and there). This troper is a horrid describer of things and can't do it justice, so please feel free to improve this description as you choose.

The stories are very well-written, with everyone mostly in character except where Rule of Funny demands otherwise. The story has 39 40 chapters so far; it was declared "complete" at 38, but the author recently added an extra, so the possibility of future installments is not totally ruled out.


Add tropes as you see them.

  • Raging Stiffie: Poor Negi in Ch. XVII, while trapped in the showers with the Cheerleader Trio and disguised as a girl and wearing nothing but a wig and a towel, trying desperately to avoid blowing his cover. Before you ask, it wasn't his idea to be in there.
  • The Reveal: Several, averaging at least once every two chapters. Typically done in All Just a Dream fashion.
    • The girls tend to be a lot more affectionate in these stories.
  • Slice of Life: The fic format, though a few chapters link together
  • Marry Them All: Alluded to in Chapter XXII
  • The Talk: Negi has to teach a sex-ed lesson in Chapter IV
  • Teacher/Student Romance: Takahata and Mana end up in bed together in Chapter XIII. Mana is the one who initiates it.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser Negi, against his will, in Chapter XVII
  • Worth It: At least according to the author:
    A/N: ...getting beaten to a bloody pulp by my wife was worth it to get glomped by some of the girls from 3A.


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