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Fermeture is a one-shot Miraculous Ladybug fanfic, written by KarmaHope and published at Archive of Our Own and at FanFiction.Net.

The hardest part of being a superhero is no longer being a superhero. It’s been five years since Marinette last saw Tikki; since she last saw Chat Noir; and she can’t take it anymore.

Fermeture contains examples of:

  • Distant Finale: At present, the only follow-up story is a short fic in a Tumblr post set three years later. Adrien and Marinette are moving in together after two years of dating, and Adrien talks her into adopting a kitten to fill the void left by their kwamis. As such, they name her Cammie, not telling anyone it's short for Camembert.
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  • Happier Home Movie: The story opens with Marinette torturing herself by watching old Ladyblog videos, tearing up at the sight of Chat Noir.
  • It's All My Fault: Marinette blames herself for being separated from Chat. "Had she not insisted they keep their identities secret, perhaps they would still have each other. If she had not spent so much time second-guessing her decision to tell him who she was after they defeated Hawkmoth, perhaps they would still be together." Adrien later tries to convince her otherwise: "I could have told you who I was even before we defeated Hawkmoth. I knew we were running out of time. I could have let the cat out of the bag, could have let you reveal yourself to me in your own time."
  • Liquid Courage: Downplayed. Two glasses of wine is enough to give Marinette the idea to try to arrange a reunion with Chat Noir.
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  • Love Confession: When Marinette meets Adrien at the Eiffel Tower, he accidentally tells her he's waiting for "the love of my life", before blushing and noting that she probably didn't need to hear that much. After the reveal, she reminds him of this. He blushes again and replies, "Well you know. It was never really a secret."
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: A non-fatal example. Marinette and Adrien were forced to give up the Miraculous soon after they captured Hawkmoth, robbing them of the chance to unmask for each other. Five years later, Marinette is living a pretty good life, but some days she's consumed by regrets over Chat and the ache never truly goes away. As such, she decides to try to set up a reunion for Christmas Eve at the Eiffel Tower via the Ladyblog, hoping for closure. She ultimately succeeds when Adrien shows up, though she comes very close to leaving without either of them figuring out the truth.
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  • Poor Communication Kills: Marinette overhears Adrien talking on the phone with Chloé at the Holiday Fashion Show, hearing Chloe say, "Isn’t it so romantic, Adrien? It’s been five years!" Marinette draws the wrong conclusion and assumes that they've been dating, and she never brings this up when she starts texting Adrien regularly, so when she runs into Adrien at the Eiffel Tower on Christmas Eve, she assumes he's meeting her when he refers to "the love of my life". On the other hand, it's only because she brings up Chloé when she's leaving that Adrien makes the slip below that reveals his identity.
  • Reunion Kiss: Adrien kisses Marinette's hand after the reveal, the way he did as Chat Noir.
  • Saying Too Much: A double example when Adrien clears up the above misunderstanding about Chloé:
    Adrien: Chloé was calling me about the post on the Ladyblog, the one where Ladybug asked Chat Noir to meet her here tonight. She's always been a huge fan of Ladybug, did you know that? Since we were in middle school, even. It's like that post was the best thing that's happened to her in years.
    Marinette: Oh. (slowly realises) Wait. You said she told you they were meeting here tonight. How did you know that? The note never said where they were meeting!
    Adrien: I, uh… (laughs uneasily) Did I say that? I mean, it was just a guess, really. They, uh, used to spend a lot of time here, so…
    Marinette: Was it really? Was it really just a guess? (starts tearing up at another crushed hope, and turns to leave)
    Adrien: Wait. You asked how I knew. How I knew, not why I thought so. Is this really where they were going to meet? Why are you so sure? How are you so sure?
    Marinette: Because I'm the one who wrote the damn thing in the first place!
  • Secret-Keeper: Marinette revealed herself to Alya a year after Tikki disappeared. Alya took it well, doing her best to comfort her about everything she'd lost.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: It's implied that Sabine at least knows about her daughter being Ladybug and about the planned reunion when she gives her a bag of pastries just before she leaves for the Eiffel Tower, though they don't talk about it directly.
  • Your Makeup Is Running: Marinette breaks down after returning home from seeing Adrien again, ruining a pillow case with her mascara.