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History repeats.

Project: Eden's Garden is an upcoming fan game inspired by the infamous video game series known by all as Danganronpa, and is directed by obelusk.

The story takes place in a prestigious American academy called Eden's Garden Academy: a school that scouts teens and young adults with remarkable talents and knowledge. But one day, a student by the name of Damon Maitsu, the Ultimate Debater, awakens within the school alongside 15 of his newest classmates. And to make matters worse, they discover that they are forced to partake in a killing game which will be documented for the world to see. Now Damon and his classmates must work together to survive the killing game and uncover the mystery of Eden's Garden.

You can follow the series either on Twitter at ProjEdensGarden or on Youtube at Project: Eden's Garden.


Tropes in Project: Eden's Garden include:

  • Animal Motifs: Each character is tied to a specific animal that is featured in their attire.
    • Damon: Snake
    • Eva: Crow
    • Desmond: Shark
    • Eloise: Swan
    • Wenona: Bear
    • Toshiko: Flamingo
    • Ulysses: Owl
    • Mark: Alligator
    • Diana: Chameleon
    • Wolfgang: Sheep
    • Kai: Butterfly
    • Ingrid: Lion
    • Jett: Wolf
    • Grace: Rabbit
    • Jean: Dragon
    • Cassidy: Black Widow Spider
  • Breaking Old Trends: Word of God on Discord has claimed that common tropes associated in Danganronpa games such as two victims by one killer or the death of the Big Hearted Muscle character in Chapter 4 will be avoided to create a new gaming experience.
    • The story takes place in America instead of Japan.
    • The age of the cast ranges between 14 to 22 rather than having everyone being teenagers.
    • None of the students have a Non-Standard Character Design or a ??? title.
    • The overseer(s) of the killing game are two humans rather than a plush mascot.
  • Call-Back: This being a fangame of Danganronpa, references to the original franchise can be found every now and then.
    • The announcement trailer features a cameo of the Grey Guy from the Closing Arguments.
  • Darker and Edgier: The grim atmosphere and orchestra rendition of the DR theme song from the announcement trailer gives the impression that this fangame will be more serious compared to the games they're inspired by.
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  • Garden of Eden: The titular school is named after the sinless paradise of Christianity.

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