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Kate Rusby: "I kind of sing how I talk really, so it's going to sound like, from Barnsley really."

Kate Anna Rusby (born 4 December 1973) is a British folk singer, mostly identified with Barnsley in Yorkshire. She was born in the rather unfortunately named Penistone, which is near Sheffield. She has released 10 solo albums, but has also performed on other people's albums, including a duet with Ronan Keating which reached #6 in the British charts.


Tropes which apply to her and her music:

  • Album Title Drop - Most recently in the song Four Stars on the album Make the Light, with the line "I'll make the light and make the time now".
  • Bawdy Song - Some of her songs border on this. For example: The Yorkshire Couple and The Game of All Fours.
  • Break-Up Song - Underneath the Stars, among others.
  • The Cover Changes the Gender - Mostly averted, as is traditional in English and Celtic folk music. Subverted somewhat with songs such as Awkward Annie, which she wrote herself, but are sung from the point of view of a man.
  • Cover Version - A lot. For example, Who Knows Where the Time Goes (most famously by Sandy Denny) and Our Town (most famously by Iris DeMent).
  • Creator Couple - First with John McCusker, and now with Damien O'Kane.
  • Folk Music - Well, yes.
  • Let's Duet - With a variety of people, including Roddy Woomble from Idlewild and, most famously, Ronan Keating.
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  • Oop North - Is mostly identified with Barnsley, and was born near Sheffield.


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