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5th generation

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    Lamy Yukihana 

Yukihana Lamy [JP: 雪花ラミィ; CN: 雪花菈米]

"A snow elf from a noble family renowned in the remote Land of Silver. She decided to leave her home, along with her companion Daifuku, after her heart was touched by the fun and colorful streams from hololive. Her serious personality belies her naïve, sheltered nature."

Debut date: August 12th, 2020
Birthday: November 15th, 1810
Height: 158 cm
Illustrator: Rin☆Yuu

Age (at debut): 209 (actual age); about 21 (Human years, converted)

  • The Alcoholic:
  • Apologizes a Lot: When her chat floods her with Superchat messages, she can't help but apologize every time she gets flooded with them. It got to the point that she politely asks her chat to not send her money.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Even the easygoing Lamy has one: not liking her beloved sake.
    • Denying her alcohol is also this, given she loves to drink.
  • Blood Knight: Yes, believe it or not, Lamy is competent at killing.
    • During the 2020 Minecraft Sports Festival, she and Watame begins to dominate the other team by actively killing them. Never mind that they have to gather the necessary items instead of trying to kill everyone who isn't on their team.
    • When adventuring solo in the Nether, her reaction to Blazes and Wither Skeletons is to rush straight at them and beat them all to death one after another, calmly retreating from larger groups to heal and split up the mobs so they don't overwhelm her. Even Ghasts don't seem to do more than garner annoyance from her; on one occasion, she was eagerly trying to find one to test out the power of a newly-created bow enchanted with Infinity.
  • Calling Your Attacks: She does this when asked what her Noble Phantasm would be if she were a Fate/Grand Order character. She even puts an echo filter over her voice when she does it.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: She enjoys drinking, but her alcohol tolerance isn't very high.
  • Cat Girl: Her New Years outfit lets her have a pair of cat ears and tail.
  • Cute Little Fangs: She, like Nene and Botan, has small fangs that can occasionally be seen.
  • Comedic Sociopathy:
  • Death Glare: In Polar Bear vs. Noble Girl, she gives one to Flare after stating her intention to do a drinking stream. She was not happy when Flare forbids her from doing so.
  • "Dinner, Bath, or Sex" Offer: Subverted with the last one: While drunk, she asks her chat with dinner or bath. And then her chat decides to give out ten options: Bath, dinner, stream, watch TV, eat together, get changed, evening drink, having their ears cleaned, go to work again. Then chat decided to be weird by suggesting throwing red Super Chats, go to a convenience store, going to a grocery store, and eat outside. People noticed how smart she was being to not suggest the last option of the meme.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Prior to her Home Sweet Home collab with Lamy, Botan had a chatting stream where she debates doing a rehearsal playthrough so she can anticipate the scares and enjoy Lamy's reactions to them. Come the collab stream, the "Continue Game" option (written in Japanese) is available in the start menu before they started playing. Lamy didn't notice this.
  • Funny Background Event: During "horror dates" streams, Lamy will position her avatar to appear like she is leaning on or hiding behind Botan, especially when she is frightened. She'll also occasionally look up at Botan for reassurance. note 
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: Game in this case. When Botan and her were streaming an indie horror game, she completely panics at nearly everything while Botan was straight-faced, and even teases her a bit.
  • Has a Type:
    • According to Choco's psychological test, Lamy's type is a carefree and intellectual type. To the surprise of no one, Botan actually fits that description.
    • When asked what kind of character she likes in the manga, she states she likes male characters with overwhelming strength. This doesn't mean she likes characters that can one-shot his opponents, but characters who can face a villain for their power balance.
  • Hidden Depths: She enjoys anime such as Steins;Gate, Charlotte, and Love Live!.
  • I Am the Noun: I am the law!
  • Idiot Hair: Has a long, heart-shaped one.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Her rather innocent personality is perceived this way by her chat.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl:
  • Irony: She is a Snow Elf who dislikes the cold.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: To her bemusement, she is genuinely surprised when her chat enjoyed the sound of her eating and drinking, both her English and Japanese viewers. As she was hungry at the time, she muted her mic as so she doesn't come off as rude.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: During a Minecraft stream, she once saw what appears to be Pekora being chased by a zombie villager and attempted to help her by slaying it. Unfortunately, Pekora was trying to keep this particular zombie alive so in a rush to defend it, Pekora kills Lamy. That said, Pekora was willing to give Lamy her entire inventory as an apology, which Lamy repeatedly refused to accept, until finally taking a few pieces of iron as Lamy blamed herself for misunderstanding.
  • Not So Above It All: Even the cute and innocent Lamy isn't above killing on Minecraft, and she's deadly as well. She's still the Only Sane Man of her Generation, but she will use acts of violence which is perfectly showcased here and here.
  • Nice Girl:
    • She is unabashedly a sweet girl, even in moments where she should be frustrated, such as losing in multiplayer games. When the girls play Craftopia together, Lamy scolds the other girls for harassing an NPC quest giver, and her frustration is there but doesn't raise her tone.
    • During a Minecraft stream, despite only wanting to protect her senpai and getting killed by Pekora herself in return, when she respawned and learned what Pekora was doing at the time, not only did she holds nothing against her, but her first reaction was to repeatedly say "I'm sorry" while promptly making her way back to apologize.
    • She does make exceptions to the rule. When asked what would she do if she were to actually be married, she states she'll let her partner do what they want, but if they cheat on her, she will only answer them with her fist i.e punching them.
  • Only Sane Man: Her own generation is as quirky as some of Generation 4 and GAMERS. This is best shown in Craftopia whereupon meeting a quest giver, Polka immediately suggests killing her, and Lamy scolds the other three girls for being so violent to a friendly NPC.
  • Our Elves Are Different: She's a Snow Elf noble.
  • Pointy Ears: As part of being an elf, although they aren't as pointy as Flare.
  • Ship Tease: With Botan.
    • When they play together, Botan often teases her with horror games just to get a good reaction out of her. Their personalities meshes well with their Team Mom/Team Dad dynamic, which is perfectly shown during G5's Craftopia stream, she scolds the girls for being violent towards an NPC quest giver like a scorned mom while Botan enabled their behavior like a loose dad letting their children do what they want.
    • Both of them also took Choco's personality test. All Choco did was describe the personality of the one that will make them the happiest and both of them came to the conclusion that the other person fits Choco's description.
  • Smarter Than They Look: When she starts Ring Fit Adventure, she actually hid her personal information from viewers while imputing them with an illustration. For context, Rushia had a Freak Out when her chat was able to figure out her age and weight, which send her off in a panic note , and Haato trying to hide her personal info by enlarging herself.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Her being an alcoholic. In some cases, she'll pop a cold one during a stream. When both she and Botan decided to watch the Beyond the Stage concert together, she actually did open a can just as the stream starts.
  • Team Mom: Plays this dynamic to the rest of the 5th Generation. It's most noticeable when she offers her support to the nervous Nene during her debut stream.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The girly girl to Botan's tomboy, especially evident in their horror game streams.
  • Unwanted Harem: Everyone in Gen 5 wants to be with Lamy. However, she only wants to pair herself with Botan.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Apparently in "I've Solved the Mystery of the Idol Agency", both her and Noel were "getting it on like a house on fire". And this after she declares her love for Botan.

    Nene Momosuzu 

Momosuzu Nene; Nenechi; Super Nenechi (gaming name); Shachou [JP: 桃鈴ねね; CN: 桃铃音音]

Click here to see her old outfit 

Debut date: August 13th, 2020
Birthday: March 2nd
Height: 159 cm
Illustrator: Nishizawa 5mm

  • Aliens Speaking English: According to Nene, she is an alien from planet TaoTao who came to Earth to meet new people, so she communicates using Earth languages like Japanese, English, and Spanish instead of her home planet's language.
  • Animal Motifs: Bears for her current outfit, though fans have compared her to seals.
  • Anime Chinese Girl: Her previous profile entry specifically notes her as wearing a Chinese dress and liking gyoza. No longer the case as of her redesign.
  • Art Evolution: Downplayed. Nene's current idol/bear inspired look mostly leaves Nene's physical traits intact, with the exception of noticeably more detailed hair.
  • Art Shift: In a 3D collab with Sora, Suisei, Matsuri, and Kanata, Nene is a cardboard cutout of her avatar for the whole stream.
  • Book Dumb: She took Choco's test, and only had three points out of 15 questions.
  • Butt-Monkey: Frequently the target of bullying and teasing, but according to Polka, she actually enjoys it.
  • Casual Kink:
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: She displays shades of this in talking streams or off-collabs.
    • As detailed in Fangirl below, American kidcoms are one of her favorite shows, the real kicker is that Nene told Kiara that she thinks they are tear-jerking, adult-oriented, western dramas.
    • When responding to the memetic question of "Do you like pineapple on pizza?", Nene gives a straightforward "No. I only like gorgonzola cheese pizza", before correcting herself and saying she likes honey cheese pizza.
    • During an off-collab with Kanata, Matsuri, and Suisei over pizza, Matsuri starts the topic of "What do guys do that make your heart flutter?" In other words, a light fetish. Nene starts the discussion with a hypothetical situation of a guy physically looking down on her. Everyone was visibly confused and asked if Nene was an 'M' only to reply that being degraded feels great. It gets crazier when Nene continued, saying she wants guys to click their tongues at her, much to the disgust of everyone. She finishes the list off by saying that she also likes men with really big shoes and she cites Gintoki and Walt Disney (yes, that Walt Dinsey) as the ideal men who embody her fetishes.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Polka asks Nene to pull for her in a gacha game until they get the target SSR and she becomes increasingly distressed as Polka spends more and more money on in-game currency.
    Nene: Why? I thought a game is supposed to be something to enjoy. Why do I have to feel painful? WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO PURCHASE MORE!?
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Played for Laughs.
    • She initially offered her viewers 4 trillion yen daily to work at her company, but it turns out the payment is only 300 yen.
    • Furthermore there are no exits in NenePro, something she makes clear in her Good Job! playthrough by sealing off the exit of the in-game company and emphasizing that nobody can leave.
    • After Polka tweeted that Nene ran a black company, she tweeted back her intent to take over Polka's circus.
  • Costume Evolution: She received a new, permanent outfit on January 31st, 2021. This outfit is effectively a new avatar that replaces her original Chinese-inspired design, unlike the older outfits of Fubuki or Subaru, which those two can freely switch back to at any time; and more like Suisei's new and permanent main outfit to go with her redesign.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Has one on her teeth, but only visible in closeups.
  • The Determinator: She talks about how her auditions were rejected four times before joining hololive.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": According to her previous official description on the hololive website, her nickname on her home planet, TaoTao, is "Taoling"
  • Fangirl: For American Kid Com shows such as iCarly, Victorious, and Hannah Montana. iCarly in particular is what introduced her to the world of online streaming and would lead to her career as a Vtuber. When it was revealed in December 2020 that the series would be receiving a revival, Nene gave an ecstatic congratulatory tweet.
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: Nene can't handle horror games to the point, she asked Polka to keep her company during her playthrough of The Convenience Store and is still on edge that even opening a door gives her a scare.
  • Gratuitous English: Her attempts to reach out to her overseas fans shows she doesn't have a great grasp on the language, once mixing up "goodness" for "goddess".
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Nene is notable for being the only member of Hololive to regularly attempt to reach her Spanish speaking audience. While other members have made one or two attempts to speak a few words in Spanish, Nene thanks her Spanish-speaking fans in their language on a frequent basis.
  • Human Aliens: Her homeland is another planet called TaoTao yet she looks like an ordinary human.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: In the girls' Craftopia collaboration, she bum-rushed towards the boss when the other girls warned that it's a berserker. What happens next is Nene alone getting absolutely destroyed by the boss due to buggy AI and despite it dying on everyone else's screen while the other girls tease her.
  • Odango Hair: Her hair is stylized into twin buns as part of her previous Anime Chinese Girl theme which carried over into her redesign.
  • Put on a Bus: Because of her Costume Evolution detailed above, she is the only active member of Gen 5 that won't be participating in the bloom concert in 2021 since a 3D model of her new outfit won't be ready in time.
  • Really Gets Around: A Running Gag is for her to gleefully accept all marriage proposals from her fans but also remind them of all the other husbands she has, adding them to her "husband collection", as opposed to Pekora or Fubuki who plainly turn down suitors.
  • Retcon: Alongside her permanent costume change, her old backstory was changed to remove any Chinese elements from it.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Downplayed; While not entirely reversed, Lamy accidentally wrote Nene's family name as "Suzumomo" during her debut stream. This was carried over to Nene's own debut stream, much to her confusion.
  • Stylistic Suck: She admits she’s absolutely terrible at making thumbnails.
  • To Absent Friends: While all the members of the 5th generation cared about Aloe and spoke on her departure, Nene has the distinction of honoring her memory the most in whatever way she can. She has refused to change her Twitter banner because it has Aloe in it note , vowed to learn how to sing Happy Synthesizer because of her, and created a Jack-O-Lantern for her on the Hololive JP Minecraft server. In any situation where Nene wants do/make something for all of Gen 5, she'll insist on doing/making it for five members, not four.
  • Try to Fit THAT on a Business Card!: Her username in Apex Legends is Supernenechi. After catching on with her viewers, she exaggerated the descriptors, referring to herself as "Super Hyper Ultra Ultimate Deluxe Perfect Amazing Shining God 東方不敗 Master Ginga Victory Strong Cute Beautiful Galaxy Baby 無限 無敵 無双 Nenechi."
  • Verbal Tic: She used to end her sentences with the stereotypical "aru" and she pointed to Kagura of Gintama as her inspiration for using it. However, she has long since stopped using it as she had to make a conscious effort to remember using it as opposed to applying it naturally like how Pekora does her tic.

    Botan Shishiro 

Shishiro Botan [JP: 獅白ぼたん; CN: 狮白牡丹]
Debut date: August 14th, 2020
Birthday: September 8th
Height: 166 cm
Illustrator: Tomari

  • The Ace:
    • Known for her gaming proficiency such as:
      • Reaching Master Rank in Apex Legends which is within the top 0.12-0.30% of players and the highest ranked in hololive.
      • Carrying the rest of 5th Gen in Left 4 Dead 2
      • Being a very competent detective and Impostor in Among Us which often gets her targeted.
      • Going on a killing spree during the 2020 Minecraft Sport Festival's 3 vs 3 PvP event.
    • She's also known for her technical expertise in helping the rest of 5th Gen with tech issues and going over computer parts with them and her viewers.
  • The Alleged Car: The shopping cart in Trials Rising is her go-to vehicle. It's a Joke Character choice as it's unable to handle some of the trickier jumps in a game designed for dirt bikes.
  • Amusing Injuries: She loves this trope. Any game that involves physical competition or accidental injuries will put her in laughing fits. Such as sledding and Trials Rising where she starts busting out laughing at the injuries her characters sustain, and in Far Cry 5 where her partner Hurk survives a grenade toss from her and the helicopter she was riding in inexplicably lands on top of him.
  • Animal Motifs: Lions.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Her intelligence rivals Suisei's in Among Us collaborations, and shows she can figure out the circumstances behind someone's death and who was with them last. This benefits the Crewmates when they get the most wins because of her, and it doesn't take until someone figures out she's too smart to live.
  • Bloody Handprint: The background for her chatting streams inexplicably has one on the screen door to her backyard.
  • Bulletproof Human Shield: She uses YAGOO as a shield in her 3D debut despite her objective to save him. He proves remarkably sturdy though so it's not as callous as it seems.
  • Calling Your Attacks: When she plays Modern Warfare, she will occasionally call out a soft "Poi!" before throwing a grenade.
  • Catchphrase: "La-Lion~!" which she opens off streams and superchat readings with. Its origins stem from the lyrics of the improv song Nene made for Botan after their debut.
  • Casual Kink: During her and Okayu's first collab, Botan admitted she'd rather be dominated than do the dominating.
  • Competition Freak: Subverted. While her gaming background is clear to see, she is very relaxed when streaming and often laughs her losses off with a smile.
  • Cool Big Sis: When she took part in Miko's "best moms" competition, she exuded enough supportive coolness that Marine wanted Botan to train her to overcome her libido, even if it meant enduring a comically Spartan version of tough love.
  • Covert Pervert: Downplayed. Botan isn't known for fan service or playing up her sexuality but she does provide some rather provocative shots of her model after her 3D debut.
  • Date Peepers: A platonic date, but she kept spying on Pekora and Moona during their first voice collab together.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Her rather deadpan causal deliveries are often in this tone when she streams.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": Her family name, "Shishiro," uses the kanji for and is translated as "white lion," which is exactly what she is.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": When a superchat referred to hololive EN as her "kouhai", Botan replied that she doesn't really feel that way since she only debuted one month earlier than them, and says that she'd prefer they treat her as an equal rather than giving her any special deference.
  • The Dreaded: Of a sort. Whenever Botan is present in any sort of gaming competition, the general rule of thumb for the other girls is to target her first because of just how skilled and adaptable she is.
  • Face of a Thug: Downplayed. She's not scary looking but she has one of the most intimidating static portraits of the Japanese branch aside from Flare. However when she's streaming and the avatar is in motion, Botan is nothing but smiles and giggles. Her birthday stream draws the perfect comparison.
  • The Gadfly: She loves teasing Lamy at her expense with horror games. She clearly enjoys herself when Lamy gets frightened and is hardly fazed by the scares herself.
  • Gamer Chick:
    • Built her PC with four monitors, and when she starts Fall Guys, she immediately checks her graphics and control setting despite the game being in English. In fact, she also buys upgrades for her PC and posts them on her Twitter. This is particularly impressive given that Japan's PC gaming market hasn't exactly been flourishing.
    • When asked if she prefers the Xbox or PlayStation brand, she said she personally liked the Xbox 360. She prefaced her opinion with "Ignoring the demand for it", at least acknowledging the console's awful reception in Japan. Given Japan's treatment of the 360 as "the shooter console" and Botan's fondness for the genre, it would make sense that she liked the 360 more than the PlayStation 4.
    • She's also incredibly skilled at FPS games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty and even got sponsored to preview the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War before release. When she talked about games that she enjoyed, most of them are FPS titles.
  • Has a Type: She took Choco's psychological test, and her results from her is that she wants to be protected or at least be comforted by a mother. She is not thoroughly convinced with the test result and just convinces herself that Lamy is hers (which to say, isn't that far from the truth).
  • Hidden Depths: She loves PC games and built her own PC. She also made her own introduction video for her debut.
  • Holding Both Sides of the Conversation: Played for Laughs. In both of her House Flipper streams, Botan's construction office holds a large portrait of Lamy which "greets" her at the start and end of the stream.
    Botan (as Lamy): Shishiron! There's only three weeks left! You're going to be okay, right?
    Botan: Everything will be alright! Just leave it to me! Nothing is impossible for Shishiro!
  • The Hyena: Not quite to Mio's extent, but it Botan is also quick to laugh. As above, Amusing Injuries seem to bring it out the most, as seen in her playthroughs of Trials Rising and Steep, both of which bring out non-stop laughter from her.
  • Hypocritical Heartwarming: She bullies Polka a lot, but plays Mama Lion if someone else does the same; during one Minecraft session when Gen5 had the impression that Aqua was pranking Polka, Botan's immediate response was to grab a Diamond Sword and march off to have a "chat" with her sempai.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Not to the degree of Amelia Watson's variety of stream content, but she plays the widest variety of game genres in her generation. Along with her usual FPS streams, she's played action-adventure, racing, horror, simulation, puzzle, open-world, and real-time strategy games for at least one stream to try them out.
  • Last-Name Basis: The rest of 5th Gen call her Shishiron.
  • Little Bit Beastly: She's a white lion with the ears and tail to match.
  • Morality Pet: Lamy appears to be hers as whenever the girls play together, she always assists her when she needs it. While she isn't above teasing her, she does go out of her way to save Lamy if possible compared to Polka and Nene whom she treats as Cannon Fodder.
  • Motifs: Solid black with one white stripe on the left and three on the right. As seen on Botan's outfit, the pattern is also on her chair in the background of her 500k karaoke stream and on the sniper of the Botanx statue in Minecraft.
  • Nerves of Steel: Don't let her thumbnails with horror games fool you. Botan does not get easily frightened by horror games, as she has Seen It All, and still remains level-headed while Lamy flips her shit every time Botan does something as simple as doing something mundane and teases her for it. She explained in one of her Minecraft streams that Surprise Creepy things in non-horror games (like Minecraft's Creepers) manage to scare her more than games in the horror genre, where the player already knows there's going to be scares in advance.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: During the Among Us collab between the 5th Gen and EN members, Polka (correctly) gets Botan ejected from the station, on the sole basis that she sounds cuter than usual and that is clearly suspicious.
  • The Pollyanna: Aside from living in a rough neighborhood, she has stated that her father accidentally backed into her with a car twice, almost crushing her against a garage wall, as well as running over her foot (with no lasting damage.) She has also mentioned, when asked about her family that a good part of her family is deceased; the person asking the question also inadvertently had reminded her that she needed to visit their grave soon to pay respects.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: She figured out who the imposter was twice in the first Among Us collab hosted by Towa, but both times her deductions were ignored because while she was right about suspicious movements they were based on misunderstanding the rules of the game. In Noel's case, Botan didn't realize that reporting a body cancels emergencies and suspected that Noel went for the second O2 to cause a time out, and in Okayu's case she believed the imposter had to be standing still in Admin and alive to shut the door on her when the one shutting doors was actually Nene, who was already dead.
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: "Poi" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for lightly tossing something, grenades in Botan's case.
  • Seen It All: The fact that she barely reacts to horror games like Sora tells how much they hardly faze her. Unlike Sora who actually got scared in rare occasions, Botan always laughs in the face of danger while Lamy often gets very scared when they play horror games together.
  • Sinister Silhouettes: Her New Years' outfit reveal stream opened with Botan already in costume, but completely in silhouette and a giant circle over her head to tease the reveal.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Her New Years outfit is a short-skirt kimono which shows most of her legs, and an Odango hairstyle that somehow manages to tie up her large mane.
  • She's Got Legs: Her 2021 New Years' outfit reveal has her revealing the outfit shoes first and panning up to her head. Unlike Gen 4 and the rest of Gen 5 who also revealed their New Years' outfits in the same time frame, Botan's new outfit leaves her legs completely bare. She spends a good part of the tease on just her legs alone because she is so tall.
  • Smarter Than They Look:
    • She took Choco's 3-minute quiz and scores a record 28 points, beating out the previous hololive record of 20 points by Kanata and the previous overall record of 27 points by independent Vtuber Amai Hiyo. For reference to the rest of 5th gen, Lamy scored 15 points while Polka got the hololive average of 7 points, and Nene scored 3 points.
    • She is very knowledgeable on how computer keys work. She even tells Nene to use Alt+F4 on her keyboard to help it force shutdown her game on Minecraft after the latter is having difficulties. Her chat noticed this is one of a few times telling someone to use Alt+F4 without a hint of trolling on her part.
  • Surveillance Drone: Operates one in her 3D debut to find YAGOO and show off the 3D city enviornment.
  • Team Dad: Gender aside, her calm levelheadedness and more stereotypically boyish hobbies have lead to her to be viewed as gen 5's cool dad figure to pair with Lamy's Team Mom, a title both Coco and Kanata agreed was fitting. It was most noticeable when the group gave their thoughts on Aloe's graduation from hololive: while Lamy and Nene struggled to speak through tears and Polka was too dispirited to talk much, Botan took the reins and emceed the video with a composure that still made her sadness clear.
  • The Teetotaler: Her body doesn't handle alcohol well so she drinks orange juice instead.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Lamy's girly girl. When they decided to play a first person horror game, Botan remains unfazed by the constant scares while Lamy instantly freaks out.
  • Tranquil Fury: She rarely, if ever, gets angry. Especially if she loses at a game. Her video playing Rainbow Six Siege shows her actually getting angry, but she doesn't raise her tone.
  • Troll:
    • In Generation 5's collaboration stream on Left 4 Dead 2, both Polka and her were the only survivors who managed to make it to the safe house, but Polka encountered a large horde of zombies that proceeds to hound on her. Botan gives a half-hearted "Oh no, there's nothing I can do" while Polka shouts incessantly to rescue her. In the next level, after a rough fight, Botan heals Lamy but the latter tells her Polka is badly injured. Botan's response is a deadpan "Oh, she'll be fine". note 
    • During horror game collabs, Botan is not above making sudden movements or running into monsters to deliberately get a good scream out of Lamy.
  • Vocal Dissonance: People who were following her before her debut expected her to have a deep voice based on her looks. Instead, she has a somewhat high pitched voice that's been described by YouTube commenters as "Miko without the lisp" or "a combination of Marine and Flare".
  • Wall of Weapons: She has a hidden cache of weapons inside one of the walls in her room, as revealed in her 3D debut stream.
  • Wild Hair: She has a messy-styled hair which resembles a (male) lion's mane.
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks: In her debut, her intro video described the place that she came from as being a bad neighborhood.

    Aloe Mano 

Mano Aloe [JP: 魔乃アロエ; CN: 魔乃阿萝耶]
Debut date: August 15th, 2020
Retirement: August 31st, 2020
Birthday: October 28th
Height: 150 cm
Illustrator: Guchico

  • Bootstrapped Leitmotif: Happy Synthesizer, a Vocaloid song originally sang by Megurine Luka and GUMI, is heavily associated with Aloe among the fanbase due to it being one of the few songs she sang before her early retirement.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Subverted. While no longer an active VTuber, other hololivers have made sure her presence shall not be forgotten, both by her generation, others in older generations, and those in other branches entirely.
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies: Mentioned her love for horror movies, but not horror games.
  • Horny Devils: She's a succubus-in-training and has the appropriate pair of horns and tail. Her right horn being shorter than her left one is meant to indicate that she is still not a fully-fledged succubus and it would grow as she matures.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her hair is a mix of pink and blonde.
  • Pointy Ears: As befitting of a succubus, her ears stand out.
  • Prehensile Tail: Her full character art shows her holding a mic with her tail.
  • Put on a Bus: She was told to take a two-week break right after her debut due to accidentally doxing herself through a Live2D test stream done on Twitter prior to her debut, and subsequently getting harassed after her personal info and accounts were leaked. As a result, immediately after her suspension period was up Aloe "graduated", retiring due to the physical and mental toll the harassment had taken on her. Because of the circumstances, Aloe wasn't UnPersoned like Hitomi Chris; she gets referenced all the time by the other girls, her friends in Gen5 stay in contact with her "off-camera" (and have said that "Gen5 will always be five members"), and Coco stated during an episode of AsaCoco that she'll be welcomed back with open arms if she ever feels up to returning, suggesting that this is Cover Corp's official stance as well.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: The character retired having done one stream on each day of the 15th, 16th and 17th of August, of which the last one was her apology & suspension video.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She dislikes insects, including butterflies.

    Polka Omaru 

Omaru Polka [JP: 尾丸ポルカ; CN: 尾丸波尔卡]
"Polka Oruka? Polka Oruyo!"
Debut date: August 16th, 2020
Birthday: January 30th
Height: 153 cm
Illustrator: Kou Mashiro

  • Afraid of Doctors: She has a fear of dentists, probably tied to when a dentist's mistake scarred the palate of her mouth and left her with a Speech Impediment.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Polka's mother is a member of her channel and keeps tabs on frequent commenters and fellow members, often talking to Polka about her viewers' perceptions of her and telling her how some of them have grown and changed from watching her content.
  • Animal Motifs: Fennec Fox.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Frequently becomes one for Botan when they play together. In G5's Left 4 Dead 2 stream, Botan manages to get to the safe house, but she ends up being left behind by Botan who doesn't bother saving her, even after she pleads to save her. In another level, the girls get in a particularly rough fight with a horde, and Lamy suggests Botan heal Polka, but the latter declines, saying "[Polka]'ll be fine".
    • In her collaboration stream with Coco, the latter deliberately messes with her when Polka was playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Coco, of course, kept messing with her when she tells her directions in English, something Polka admitted she can't read nor speak in very well. And thus, she always messes up when Coco tells her what to do in English, and dies over and over again.
  • Costume Porn:
    • Her default outfit has a lot going on even for Vtuber design standards, which fits her chaotic personality.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with her 2021 New Years' outfit, which is a triple whammy of Polka's chaos, Vtuber design, and New Years' combined to create an outfit so over-the-top the only place for your eyes to rest is her shoes.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Lamy's voice tends to turn her brain to mush, especially when Lamy's being motherly and affectionate. Polka compares it to getting high.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": While playing Among Us with her viewers, she repeatedly has to tell them to stop calling her "Polka-sama".
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Her pupils will change shape depending on her mood, appearing as hearts and stars when she's excited or happy, clovers when she's sad, and spades when she's angry. Notably, these seem to correspond to the four playing card suits, with stars replacing diamonds.
  • The Gambling Addict: She loves the Toreba crane game, especially the rush when you win and people are watching. When Toreba and hololive first collaborated she ended up spending a lot of her savings to win 10 Korone pillows, something she admits she feels bad about... but would probably do it again if given the chance.
  • Genki Girl: She is a very energetic girl. Her debut even cements it.
  • Gratuitous English: Attempting to address her English audience will inevitably result in this, though especially in her debut with this memorable line.
    Polka: So cute! Yes cute, Polka is best cute, YAGOO cute! YAGOO is best girl! ...Okay?
  • Happy Harlequin Hat: Wears a two-coned jester hat off her left fox ear.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • In general, Polka is a lot more reflective and introspective than one might initially assume. While her loud, chaotic side is the most visible due to it being easy to clip and translate, a good amount of her streams feature her discussing her personal life, her philosophies on various things, and so on. She's also quite well-read (having studied to be a librarian at one point) and will often stream herself reading classic Japanese literature as "bedtime stories" for her audience. Some of this trope is due to a language barrier, but channels like VTJ Clips have started to bring her more thoughtful side to light for her western audience.
    • Polka has proven to be familiar with western literature as well. During Gen 5 X holoEN Among Us, Ame is forced to make the match-deciding choice between ejecting Polka or Nene. Polka attempted to reason with Ame by quoting Sherlock Holmes himself and even shouting "Bartitsu!", Holmes' signature fighting style.
  • Idiot Hair: Her pink and black ahoge tied with a blue bow. It's known as her "propeller ahoge" and is commonly depicted to be capable of spinning by fan artists.
  • Image Song: Hologram Circus, her first original song - an energetic piece which is all about her love to entertain and make people happy.
  • Jiggle Physics: When revealing her New Years outfit, she took the time to show off her thighs jiggling back and forth.
  • Last-Name Basis: The rest of 5th Gen call her Omarun.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Her ears and tail resemble those of a fennec fox.
  • Madness Mantra: One of her short clips is her just Polka saying "POL" (a Running Gag of hers) while ominous ambient music plays in the background. Some of the YouTube commenters joked about how she may have opened one of Ina'nis's Tomes of Eldritch Lore and went mad as a result.
  • Motor Mouth: Has a tendency of speaking incredibly fast.
  • Navel Window: Her outfit has a tiny slit to show off her navel.
  • No Indoor Voice: She's not exactly restrained to put it lightly. Averted for her ASMR and bedtime story streams however, where she maintains a soft, calm tone that can be startling to those used to her usually more boisterous demeanor.
  • No Sense of Direction: As she has demonstrated several times, Polka has a very poor sense of direction, often forgetting which direction she came from when trying to make her way back to places.
  • Not a Morning Person: Lamy claimed Polka was this trope in one of her free talk streams. Polka demonstrated this when she arrived an hour and a half late to 5th gen's first Craftopia stream right as they were about to finish, sounding like she literally just woke up minutes ago (note: said stream ended at 2:30 PM).
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • When she has something important to say she will take on a more serious tone. She has done this when speaking on Aloe's graduation as well as talking about a nightmare she had regarding a super typhoon that was a near miss for the Japanese mainland and encouraging her audience to stay safe.
    • Ina from the EN branch dropped a pun so bad that even Polka didn't find it funny.
  • One-Man Band: Her workstation is seemingly filled to the brim with various instruments and noisemakers, all of which she uses; these include a set of bells, cymbals, a glockenspiel, an otomatone, and a toy rotary phone. She also happens to have squeaky rubber chickens as an "instrument", much to Kiara's amusement.
  • Phrase Catcher: "Poruka, oruka?" (Polka, are you there?) and similar rhyming phrases are a frequent staple of her streams, especially when doing collabs with other Hololive members.
  • Playing Card Motifs: The four card suit symbols appear throughout her outfit as part of the circus performer theme.
  • Pointless Band-Aid: Her New Years outfit includes a blue star-shaped band-aid on her cheek and a pink heart-patterned band-aid on her right inner thigh.
  • Pokémon Speak: Occasionally she will just say "POL" repeatedly, the first two syllables of her given name.
  • Refuge in Audacity: One video she posted involved an "interview" with an unseen individual asking many suggestive questions such as "So this is your first time?" and some more... alerting like "Are you loud when you do it?" or outright explicit like "Do you moan when it's rough?". The video ends before Polka gets far into "participating" but still.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: During the third round of the Among Us EN / 5th Gen collaboration, Polka correctly guesses that Botan is one of the Impostors (the other one being Gura) after a killing spree that went unnoticed for a long while note , but her reason for voting Botan out is a less-than-stellar "she's acting way cuter than usual".
  • Sad Clown: Has hints of this but more melancholic and reflective than outright depressed.
    • In a very short video she explains her motivations for why she's taken up the role of a circus performer.
      Polka: "Don't let people laugh at you. Make them laugh." Those were my father's words. He was a popular ringmaster in our hometown. I loved my father, I really did. That's why I wanted to be in the circus, too.
    • This is also implied by the songs she tends to cover. While her original Hologram Circus is about her enthusiasm and love of entertaining others, her later covers tend to feature dark and depressing lyrics set to happy upbeat music. As an insightful YouTube commenter points out:
      1st song, original - welcomes to the circus and dreams of making a spectacular show
      2nd song, cover - talks about how nobody loves her and how she doesn't love herself
      3rd song, cover - talks about how she smiles and sings through the pain
      4th song, cover - She snaps and is now crazy, doesn't care about what happens, she loves you
      hmmm i'm seeing a pattern here
  • Sexy Jester: A cute and attractive circus-themed Vtuber wearing a fairly provocative jester outfit.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: One short video has her exclusively showcase her thighs in view the whole time, possibly due to the response her thighs have gotten in her New Year stream.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Downplayed with Nene. Following the family dynamic of Gen 5, the two are prone to quarrel like sisters, especially when it comes to romance, such as fighting over Lamy and Ina.
  • Signature Laugh: She's got high-pitched laughter that was almost immediately compared to Pekora's, to the point where some translators even gave her laugh pitch-indicating arrows. Although if you listen closely, Polka's laugh is more girlish and less raspy than Pekora's.
  • So Okay, It's Average: In-Universe. Polka is dismayed that she scored the hololive average of 7 points on Choco's quiz and thinks it's less entertaining than if she scored high or low.
  • Speech Impediment: She has trouble with ny- sounds (nya, nyu, nyo) after a mistake during a dental operation scarred the palate of her mouth. Funnily enough, this speech impediment appears to be the exact opposite of Miko's.
  • Troll: Her "3D" stream set three days after her debut. It was actually a joke celebration stream over her 3 Days anniversary, complete with fake congratulatory mail in English and YAGOOs own congratulatory remark.
  • Vague Age: She outright refuses to reveal her age both times she's been asked.
  • Wingding Eyes: Her pupils can change shape depending on her mood from hearts, clubs, spades and stars.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She's afraid of spiders, even when they're her allies.
  • Yandere: She revealed this side of herself during a singing stream intermission.

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