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Just For Fun / You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes When...

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  1. You are now rereading this list, for the Nth time.
  2. You find almost all your new fiction from this site.
  3. You open Wikipedia to research on a series you heard about that sounds interesting, then say 'Wait, what am I doing?' and open TV Tropes instead.
  4. You are so trope savvy, the mere thought of any of the TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Games gives you a hangover from the last time you tried one.
  5. You think the following are appropriate names for children:
  6. You think the Idiot Ball is a real thing. And you think the Goa'uld have Idiot Ba'als.
  7. If anyone criticizes something, you tell them, "Stop Complaining About Shows You Don't Like."
  8. You snicker whenever someone orders a "Harvey Wallbanger".
  9. You never have to ask "Do We Have This One?".
  10. You forget Jesus is the son of God (if you're Christian) or twenty-fourth prophet of God (if you're Muslim), and think he's the god of Purgatory. And you think he habitually manifests as a crystalline dragon.
  11. You wonder why Arrested Development was canceled, but you just heard of The Love Boat, since that page is so recent.
  12. You think first names have "The" as a prefix.
  13. You really wonder if you have literally seen a trope a million times.
  14. You want to shield your children, not from sex or from drugs, but from Nightmare Fuel.
  15. You can identify the approximate age of any trope.
  16. If you're a writer:
    • You apply the Litmus Test to every character, just to make sure you never have one.
    • You think about what tropes you are using in your works and fantasize about the day when your work will have examples on this site.
    • You deliberately fall back on tropes in your work just so it will be mentioned on TV Tropes one day.
    • You dream of the day your quotes will be found on TV Tropes, or you just cut out the middleman and put them on Unpublished Works yourself.
    • You don't write because you're too scared of the Cliché Storm.
    • You frequently get story inspiration from TV Tropes.
    • When you need writing ideas, you click the Random Item button above.
    • You've thought of writing a story about a town where sitting on chairs is considered bad etiquette, as opposed to sitting on the floor, just to prove that you can give a meaning to that action.
    • You write lists of tropes which apply to your characters or stories.
    • You kill off characters in the first book for fun.
  17. You will use the word "wank" in highly unusual contexts. note 
  18. You use tropes to describe yourself and your friends, rather than actual traits.
  19. You will go into McDonald's and order a MacGuffin.note 
    • And you can do it so seamlessly that the employee doesn't notice.
      • Or the employee, with a knowing look, recognizes you as a fellow troper.
    • You've had to deliver something, and upon arrival, you say to the friend/customer service person/recipient "I brought you the MacGuffin".
    • When unable to finish your McDonald's fries, you tell your friends I'm Dying, Please Take My MacGuffin.
    • In fact, you don't even say "McDonald's" but "WcDonalds".
  20. You will inappropriately find strokes to be humorous, but as you did a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, you feel appropriately guilty afterwards.
  21. You add hyperlinks to your internal dialogue.
    • In addition, your external dialogue contains weird inflections as you pronounce the blueed text.
    • In addition to that addition, you have mastered applying the All-Blue Entry to your external dialogue.
  22. You start applying your own Fanon Discontinuity to real life.
  23. You become pleasantly surprised when your Genre Savvy is wrong because a given movie/series has pulled off a good Trick Twist.
  24. You wish you were crazy enough to come up with an example for a given Wild Mass Guessing page, or tropes like Alternative Character Interpretation.
  25. When the question of naming your trope "Playing Xanatos Ball With The Dog", "Normal Name", or "Super Cool But Hard To Write Name" takes up hours of thought and discussion.
  26. When you don't have to look up how to spell Phlebotinum.
  27. TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary in the following ways:
  28. You think it's normal for words to have capital letters in the middle. Your essays or literary works often need to be comprehensively proofread because it's become a sort of Muscle Memory.
    • Your autocomplete starts registering CamelCase versions of titles as valid.
  29. Not only do you hang lampshades in everyday conversation, you also hang lampshades on the fact that you are hanging lampshades.
  30. You have ever been able to guess what potholes will link to before rolling over them.
    • Someone tells you they "hit a pothole" and you immediately think of linked text.
    • Whenever you see blue text on a non-wiki website, you immediately, often unconsciously, click it or roll over it.
    • Bonus points if you die a little inside when you find out it's not a pothole.
  31. You predict your life based on the tropes it has been following.
    • These predictions come true.
  32. You keep screwing up rough drafts of reports because they are formatted for this site, not for Microsoft Word.
  33. You use this site rather than Wikipedia as a source for your research papers.
    • When you have to summarize a movie or book for class, you include a list of relevant tropes.
    • In fact, your English teacher now knows several tropes by name (despite never having seen the site!) because you keep bringing them up in class.
    • In addendum, several of your non-troper friends know several tropes by name, because you keep bringing them up.
    • You keep using trope names in your history assignments, as well.
    • As well as using the site to revise for a history/literature exam.
    • Summary of the French Revolution: The Knight Templars killed all the Blue Bloods. Then they went Axe-Crazy and started killing everyone else too.
    • You have cited this site as a source for your junior paper. In all fairness, the paper is an analysis of the fantasy genre, so tropes are being discussed.
    • You have introduced your English teacher to TV Tropes. She/he now plans lessons based around this website.
  34. You refer to the moral of a story as an 'Aesop'.
  35. You refer to Wikipedia as The Other Wiki, and you don't regularly edit Uncyclopedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  36. When someone asks you why you're playing a video game, you respond, "It's Just for Fun." Otherwise, you're probably the "Stop Having Fun" Guy.
  37. When you decide to make a trope list for your favorite sports team.
  38. One of your music playlists is titled Nightmare Fuel.
  39. You try to find examples of trope names being used before they were added to the Wiki.
  40. You have contributed to every one of the Tropes of Legend.
    • You know the meaning of all the Tropes of Legend from memory.
    • You know the meaning of all the tropes from memory.
  41. You have formed a personal philosophy (moral or natural) based on one or more tropes.
  42. You have prayed to or sworn by Crystal Dragon Jesus.
  43. You never watch trailers anymore because of Trailer Joke Decay, Never Trust a Trailer, Trailers Always Spoil and Missing Trailer Scenes.
  44. Whenever you explain a new concept to someone, you try to demonstrate it using examples from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Harry Potter. Like how Andrew in Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7, episode 16 "Storyteller" had to use RPG style character description for everybody. Bonus points if you have never actually seen/read Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar: The Last Airbender or Harry Potter, but you still feel confident in your assertions because you read the trope pages.
  45. You've written a book report on Sailor Nothing.
  46. You've written a complete character analysis contrasting and exploring the actions of the eponymous characters of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya and Madame Bovary.
  47. In other online communities not running wiki software, you find yourself using single-quotation marks in varying quantities instead of HTML or BBCode tags when you want to italicize or bold something.
  48. Most Science Fiction makes you want to cry "[insert subject here] does not work that way! Good night!" You tell people "You Fail [insert field of study here] Forever" or "Somewhere, a [insert Scientist here] Is Crying", whenever they say something inaccurate.
  49. If someone complains about the frumpy way Queen Elizabeth II dressed, you just note that she was averting the Ermine Cape Effect.
  50. For family gatherings, you find these quickly become Gambit Roulettes. Or, for some, a Gambit Pileup.
  51. You think Meta Four actually looks like Antimony.
  52. You start thinking of common real life occurrences as tropes, and sort of mentally propose and categorise them: "You Know That Thing Where you think you've turned on the oven, but actually you've just turned on the light...?"
  53. You say "It's Truth in Television" instead of "It happens in Real Life."
  54. You tell people that a certain dramatic or comedic device is Older Than Radio. You confound them further when you tell them that another one is Older Than Dirt.
  55. Nothing Squicks you anymore.
  56. You watch movies with other tropers for pure MSTing purposes. Or you do it alone.
    • You pay extra for a private screening in order to do this in an actual movie theater.
  57. You expect other people to know what a Big Bad is.
  58. You expect other people to know that when you say The Dragon you don't actually mean a dragon. Except when you do.
  59. You expect other people to be able to recognize a Five-Man Band. Or describe you and your friends as one.
  60. You run into more difficulty than usual when talking about tropes to real people because you realize you can't call tropes by their names but you don't know what else to call them.
    • You know what a trope means and you can describe it in relation to other tropes, but you're lost when trying to describe it without Troper-speak.
  61. You subconsciously refer to non-tropers as "real people" because you now think of yourself as a character.
  62. You have ever used a metaphorical dog in Real Life.
  63. You have ever referred to an especially awesome smart guy as a Magnificent Bastard, The Chessmaster, or Xanatos. That last one also counts for phrases of the form "Xanatos X".
  64. You have ever used Chekhov without referring to the writer Anton Chekhov, in a phrase other than Chekhov's Gun.
  65. You don't know who Anton Chekhov is but you do know what Chekhov's Armoury is.
  66. You are very careful not to confuse Chekhov and Chekov.
  67. You are overwhelmingly disappointed that Chekov's gun was never used as a Chekhov's Gun.
  68. You have ever used the MST3K Mantra or Bellisario's Maxim in Real Life. Bonus points if you just used the title and not the actual mantra/maxim.
    • When someone keeps wondering how something was done in-universe, and specifically who did it, you finally burst into "A Wizard Did It!", to make him/her stop.
  69. You keep misspelling actual words as Wiki Words, like "Fan Dumb" instead of "Fandom".
  70. You confuse YKTTW, the old name of Trope Launch Pad with YTMND. Bonus points if you attempt to pronounce YKTTW like it's an actual word ("Eektoo!" "Yickt-wuh!").
  71. You start conversations with non-tropers with words to the effect of "I read something interesting on Trope Launch Pad/the TV Tropes fora the other day..."
  72. You have a mental list of tropes that have occurred to you for the current day, week, month, year, and lifetime since originally coming to TV Tropes (and memorable events before then) sorted alphabetically, by importance, by occurrences, by relation to the person you believe the trope applied to, and all sub-combinations of those lists applicable.
    • When that list isn't just a mental one.
    • It's on your resumé.
  73. When you say "Take That!!". And think of TV Tropes.
  74. You say "You are not alone" instead of "Me too". You're aware of how often the above actually happens on this Wiki but aren't quite sure why.
  75. invoked You refer to anything that scares you as Nightmare Fuel.
  76. You shrink any picture files you have that are wider than 300 pixels.
  77. People can't make small talk to you because you keep saying it's Natter.
  78. When people start speaking about any series, despite you having never seen it, you can give an accurate estimation of what happens in it.
  79. If someone is overreacting about X, you sarcastically note that "X is Serious Business."
  80. You think Retcon is two words.
  81. 'Dissonance' has become a regular part of your vocabulary.
  82. The best thing that's happened to you all week is getting your first Made of Win point.
  83. You have drawn Trope-tan fanart.
    • You have drawn a Rule 34 variant of Trope-tan.
    • You have written Trope-tan Fan Fic.
  84. You will yell out trope names as you watch them on your favorite show...and have people stare at you oddly for it.
    • Except for your best friends or household members, who find this perfectly normal behavior for you.
    • Whenever you say a word that your friends don't recognize, they respond "Which trope is that now?".
    • You have friends (or household members) who have learned several tropes from you without actually having visited the wiki.
  85. Your first thought after watching the first episode of a new series of something with your family or friends isn't to discuss it with them - you rush off, fire up the computer and add the new examples you've spotted.
    • You have your TV Tropes open whenever you're watching something, specifically so you can add the examples as they appear.
    • Furthermore, you find that what was meant to be an expedition of no more than two minutes of editing turns into a half hour of distraction because you accidentally read one of the other examples and found a link to another trope that caught your attention. Meanwhile, your DVD player remains on pause, forgotten. Speaking of which, I've some Star Trek to return to... after the three other tabs of tropes I have open are read, that is.
  86. You think that having a complimentary reference on TV Tropes is more flattering than being on the New York Times Bestseller list, while your love of a work increases tenfold if it mentions TV Tropes.
  87. You mark January 12 on your calendar so you can take a day off to mourn the tropes that were lost during The Great Crash, and celebrate the stalwart tropers who shed sweat, blood, and tears to pick through the rubble and fix what could be fixed.
  88. You begin attempting to log into other pages using the password used to edit trope pages.
  89. You can identify tropers by what they Entry Pimp. Bonus points if you see that they've updated a specific article, and, knowing what they Entry Pimp, you can guess precisely what the example they added entailed.
  90. When a new YMMV makes it through Trope Launch Pad (especially if it's a particularly negative one), you start taking bets on how soon it'll be on the Cut List. Or, possibly, you're the one jumping to put it on the Cut List.
  91. You name a recipe after a trope. Tomato Surprise: contains a can of soup, a can of kidney beans, and a cup and a half of macaroni; Anachronism Stew contains mammoth meat, barley, and genetically modified potatoes.
  92. You have ever contemplated the possibility of actually adding tropes to the dictionary.
  93. You've come across someone saying or doing something awesome and immediately thought you want to award it a Made of Win.
  94. You become aware that TV Tropes has ruined your vocabulary, and among other counter-measures, make a conscious effort to not even think the words "Xanatos-Anything"... then start to worry if this is all falling into someone's plan to bring you off your guard.
  95. When someone makes a scathing retort against a work of fiction, you mentally Pothole it as a Take That!.
  96. You see the words imminently about to attack in a piece of fanfic and actually go to pothole it to the Department of Redundancy Department before remembering that you can't.
  97. You think Shipping tropers would be fun.
    • You think dating a troper would be fun.
    • You do date a fellow troper, and discuss tropes with them more often than your personal life.
    • Your discussions of your personal life are packed with Lampshading of Relationship Tropes.
  98. You refer to someone's overriding interest/specialty as their "Hat". Bonus points if you do it by referencing Star Trek.
  99. Your roommate can tell you're on TV Tropes from across the room, and you try to hide it as if it were porn.
  100. You've considered writing a book or screenplay just so your pet Trope Launch Pad page has one more example.
  101. You receive an open-ended research writing assignment and immediately wonder, "Can I use my Troping knowledge to come up with a topic for this?" You then manage to answer said question in the affirmative.
  102. You are the creator and sole contributor to an entire new namespace.
  103. You like TV Tropes so much that you write it love letters.
  104. You name your computer "Trope", because you're always deconstructing and reconstructing it. Or you call it Scrappy.
  105. You identify likely tropers that you know and deliberately use trope names around them to see if you get that little smiling glimmer of recognition.
  106. You surf so long that you completely miss your working shift for the day. Worse if you are actually present!
  107. You've tried to use this site as a source in a research paper.
  108. You've succeeded in using this site as a source in a research paper.
  109. You've lost sleep trying to think of new examples for tropes.
  110. And when you finally get to sleep you dream new examples for tropes. (And about putting them on this site.)
  111. You're having a conversation with someone about someone else and you think he's talking about a TV show.
  112. You have a long list of things you must read or see when you have time, all of which you would not know about had they not come up as examples of some trope or other.
  113. The list never gets shorter because you're always here.
  114. You can't see a Goff petrol tanker without thinking of My Immortal.
  115. Whenever someone brings up Those Wacky Nazis, you yell out "Godwin's Law!" Especially embarrassing in a history class. Terminally embarrassing at the Holocaust Museum. Epically embarrassing if you're actually fighting one of Hitler's allies.
  116. You pothole Godwin's Law examples on the TV Tropes Page for Godwin's Law. (note: Joke's over, don't actually do this.)
  117. You've not only said this history class when discussing Hitler, but by now everyone in the class, including the teacher knows what a Godwin's Law is. Bonus points if other students start using it.
  118. You regularly post TV Tropes URLs on sites like 4chan simply to watch people scream and protest about how they were planning to do something productive for the next four hours.
  119. The only definition of "subvert" that you're aware of is that employed in the phrase "subverted expectations".
  120. You suffer Hype Aversion towards series nobody outside of this wiki's heard of, just because they're so Trope Overdosed.
  121. You have either bookmarked your favorite pages, copied them to your computer so you can look at them when the Internet's down, or printed them out. Or a combination of these.
  122. You liked this page so much that when you got to the end, you refreshed it to see if anyone else added anything while you were reading.
  123. You tell your English professor about TV Tropes... repeatedly.
  124. You get more than ten people addicted to TV Tropes.
  125. You regularly attempt to work out which of your friends is secretly a Time Lord.
    • You are fully convinced that you've found one who is.
    • You've convinced yourself that you are the Time Lord.
  126. When someone talks about "the pot holes getting really bad", it takes you several minutes to realize they mean the local roads.
  127. Non-tropers are gradually losing the ability to comprehend what in the nine hells you're talking about.
  128. Non-tropers have converted themselves to tropers just to understand what the heck you're saying.
  129. Lesser Tropers are also losing the ability to understand you.
  130. You've printed out trope pages and handed them to your friends whenever they need an explanation when you mention a trope.
  131. You regularly use the trope names from this site to explain plot points and don't miss a beat when people look at you like you grew a third head. You simply explain the trope.
  132. To you being tortured for a few hours is preferably to seeing a Dead Horse Trope for one.
  133. You exclaim "Apocalypse Wow" when you see an epic disaster scene. Or Earth-Shattering Kaboom.
  134. Your mind starts incorporating Trope names as regular thoughts and you barely notice it.
  135. A minor grammar mistake is enough to drive you bat-shit insane, until you try to edit it and realize you can't edit a book, which drives you even more bat-shit insane.
  136. Reading Built with LEGO started a chain of events leading to you suddenly being richer by a half-dozen Lego kits, with more to follow as soon as your paycheck comes. Unfortunately, this means you have to eat the packaging.
  137. You have two dogs, named Tropey and Spoiler. Or a platypus named Mindfuck.
  138. You're keeping a stockpile of funny paragraphs from this wiki in a number of Word documents. These currently total 817 pages, and you get frustrated whenever someone changes one you've copied. Or you just copy the new one, adding more to your collection.
  139. You occasionally log on to TV Tropes and get off to find you've been declared legally dead.
  140. You have in past constructed entire WMG entries due to a dream you had. When this dream revolved around Pokémon: The Series, a show you stopped watching when you were 11 and of one of the characters being mentioned as Bifauxnen in said show's Trope page, along with various nicknames for that character.
  141. If you're working on some media, you come up with new episodes/games/books/whatever by coming to this site and playing the Wiki game. On a related note, one of the characters is Xanatos Quinn, and the character with the Overly Long Name includes Kyon and O'Neill in his name. And all aliens know about Haruhi Suzumiya.
  142. You hear your sister is going to be Put on a Bus after her flight was cancelled, and you briefly wonder who will play her replacement.
  143. You have competitions with your friends to find out who has memorized the most from the Evil Overlord List.
  144. You point out whenever a product you buy is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  145. You memorized a number on this list as a point you want to edit when you've finished reading the page. You are then annoyed to discover that the coding does not include numbers, and/or you've forgotten by this point what you wanted to add.
  146. When you put stuff intended for this list in TV Tropes Ruined Your Life, instead of acknowledging your mistake, you blame the Idiot Ball.
  147. You spend so long editing pages that the TV Tropes logo is burned into the top of your monitor.
  148. You can distinguish between a Crapsack World and a World Half Empty in the dark at fifty paces.
  149. When filling in what languages you speak, you always include Canis Latinicus and Angrish.
  150. You keep an Internet-connected laptop activated while watching The Colbert Report just so you can edit in trope examples as they happen. You then get frustrated when another happens before you've finished writing in the first one.
  151. Your Porn Stash is 50% continuity notes and 50% landscapes.
  152. You've been here for three days.
    • You began reading this three days ago and when you finish you believe it is still the same day as the day you began.
    • You realize the likelihood of that actually happening.
    • You set yourself a timer on your phone to go off every n minutes, just to make sure this doesn't happen.
  153. You're getting bored with being Genre Savvy, and have decided to try being Wrong Genre Savvy for a few weeks. But you're never to be called out for Genre Blindness. In fact, that's an insult to you!
  154. You missed at least one exam because of Wild Mass Guessing.
    • You failed at least one exam because of Wild Mass Guessing.
    • You have actually passed one exam because of Wild Mass Guessing, and your English teacher is still bewildered that you managed to make such a plausible case for Mercutio being a Time Lord. Although that teacher was confused by the brief mention of his affinity for Linux.
    • You have managed to write a college application essay by applying points from Wild Mass Guessing and other tropes it links to, and were accepted.
  155. You consider Poe's Law, Chandler's Law, The Bechdel Test, and the rest of the Laws and Formulas on par with the laws of thermodynamics.
  156. You think that it is actually possible to obtain a Ph.D in Horribleness.
  157. You laugh at real-life uses of the word "egregious". You use "egregious" so egregiously that you discredit yourself!
  158. You have ever said "stop it now you horny simpletons" as a substitute for "get a room".
  159. You are wary about taking any job that requires you to wear a Red Shirt.
    • You throw away all your red shirts.
    • Conversely, you wear red as much as you can, cause you're the protagonist of your own story so you need to be more efficient than everyone else.
    • Or because you're convinced it makes you three times faster than the usual troper.
  160. You think a Wiki Walk is an exercise routine.
  161. You forget you can't edit pages on non-wiki sites, even if you just want to fix some typos. Likewise, you forget you can't edit reasons for editing, even if you just want to fix typos.
  162. So Yeah has become a normal part of your everyday speech pattern for some reason.
  163. You watch an entire series just so you can read its WMG/Headscratchers page without worrying about spoilers. You spend the whole time watching the show thinking about reading the WMG/Headscratchers page, miss something, and end up reading a spoiler you didn't know anyway.
  164. Your vision has gotten substantially worse from the eye strain that comes with spending hours a day on TV Tropes.
  165. You see some linked words on a non-TV Tropes site and expect the link to go to a TV Tropes page. You're happy if it actually does.
  166. While reading this page you have a Word document open to note down anything new that comes to mind while reading.
  167. You are sitting here reading this with a plate of long ago eaten food on your lap.
  168. When your baby sister asks for help in arranging her alphabet magnets, you arrange them to spell your favourite Tropes and tell her the job is done.
  169. When you are talking to your friend through the phone or chat and he/she mentions a story you've never heard of, you excuse yourself for lunch while really looking for it on TV Tropes. Ten minutes later you return having learnt everything about it.
  170. You begin sulking when you find an example you wanted to add to a page has already been added.
    • You become irrationally annoyed when a work is missing a really obvious trope that should have been added years ago.
    • You become irrationally disappointed when a new chapter/episode has already been out for a day and there are still popular tropes relevant to it that haven't been listed on the work's page yet.
  171. You call your laptop 'The Great Big Book of Everything'.
  172. You intend to re-watch old movies or movies you never liked just to see your favourite Tropes in action.
  173. When playing 20 questions with your friends, when they ask you a question you say it is 'averted' or 'subverted' to what you are thinking about.
  174. You consider opening a business and naming it after a trope (Example: Opening a bicycle messenger service named "MacGuffin Delivery Service").
  175. When people ask how you manage to keep fit, you tell them you take Wiki Walks daily.
  176. You have ever referred to yourself as This Troper in a class.
  177. You have not reset your computer in 5 days because there are still 50 tabs of trope pages that you need to read.
    • You try to put off reading said 50 trope pages because you know when you do the number will only grow larger.
    • You use your browser's Save and Quit feature so that you can reboot every so often - and then realize the horrors that await when you reopen your browser. (Firefox, at least, has an option to always open your tabs from the last session.)
      • Your web browser uses more than 500 MB of RAM at any given time, except when not running.
      • Your computer is less than two years old but it (meaning your OS or browser) starts to SLOW DOWN when you open new trope pages.
      • Your computer is completely new, yet the OS/browser STILL manages to be tremendously slowed down every time you're on this site.
      • You have so many tabs open that not only does your computer need to use the virtual memory file, the hard disk runs out of space because of said virtual file.
    • Your computer crashes because you have too many trope pages open. FUCKING COMPUTER!!
  178. You spend four weeks just trying to think of something to write on this page.
  179. When you see red links on other websites you freak out when they actually have content.
  180. You create trope pages for the LiveJournal RPGs you're in, though they'd never get on TV Tropes.
  181. You talk like an excitable American teenager, using words like "awesome" and "epic" in every other sentence without noticing.
    • You think like an excitable American teenager.
    • You are an excitable American teenager.
  182. When asked for a password, your first instinct is to write 'swordfish'.
  183. When you spend your nights trying to think of new tropes.
  184. When you succeed in thinking of a new trope, then try to write a book around it.
  185. When, if you are a game programmer, you challenge your fellow programmers to see who can lampshade, subvert, and exaggerate the most tropes.
  186. When you do the above, even if your fellow programmers aren't tropers.
    • And you're not a programmer.
    • Heck. You do this all yourself.
  187. When you dream about tropes.
    • When you dream of Trope-tan.
    • When you have nightmares about your examples being removed.
  188. When your schedule looks something like this: Wake up, check TV Tropes, eat breakfast, check TV Tropes, eat lunch, check TV Tropes, eat dinner, check TV Tropes, sleep.
    • When you forget to eat lunch because you are too busy checking TV Tropes.
    • When you forget to sleep, for the above reason.
  189. Your mom/dad/spouse realizes you spend to much time on TV Tropes and sneaks over to your computer and changes the password, at 3:00 in the morning, because you are only out of TV Tropes when you are sleeping.
    • When your mom/dad/spouse attempts to do the above, but they can't, because you are still on TV Tropes at 3:00 in the morning.
  190. Somebody has to put a time limit on how long you're allowed to stay on TV Tropes to ensure that you come out alive.
    • And you frequently break that limit.
  191. You add a reference or entry to a page, linking to other tropes, then immediately open those mentioned tropes.
  192. You never need to look at Markup Help or the Text-Formatting Rules while editing anymore.
  193. You're disappointed that you haven't "scored" as highly on fulfilling all the points of this list.
  194. * Trope* * Trope* * Trope* * Trope* * Trope* * Trope* ? * Trooooooooooooooooooooope* !!! * Trope* * ...trope* (This is what your world sounds like).
  195. You actually read this entire list.
    • You read it several times.
    • You've read it backwards too.
  196. Whenever your family replaces a lampshade, you snicker a little.
  197. In trying to think of the title of a work, you instead think of a trope name.
  198. You've come up with a Double Entendre for most of the tropes and enjoy using them in real life, among fellow tropers and non-tropers alike. Also, BFS no longer means what it should when you say it.
  199. You can name every single faction in Warhammer 40,000, including all four Chaos Gods and at least three different chapters of Space Marines, despite never having seen the game played in your entire life.
  200. When writing in a notebook or in Word, you constantly write WordsTogether or with {{brackets}} around them, and it takes you a few seconds to realise why it won't link you (or your Professor) to the relevant trope.
    • Also when writing in Word, you type ''apostrophes'' when you want to italicise a word, and [[ brackets]] when you want to enter a hyperlink.
  201. If you're in a gay relationship, you start to look for signs that it's just a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship.
  202. When watching a movie (or reading a book, or engaging in some other form of media), you automatically write down all the tropes as they appear. You also write down every Plot Hole for Headscratchers.
  203. Corollary to 119: You explain series on other sites by linking to their TV Tropes page.
    • You immediately scrolled up to 119 to check what it was.
      • You didn't scroll up to 119 because you knew what it was without checking.
    • You were shocked at how far away it turned out to be.
    • You tried to use the Find command to get back up there and got mad at the computer for only directing you to this one.
    • You didn't need to use the Find command again to get back down here because you remembered what number you were on.
  204. If you make games/books/whatever, you either propose a new name for known tropes or define entirely new ones in it.
  205. Whenever TV Tropes has scheduled downtime, you cry.
  206. When some people in Real Life have told you that your attempts at becoming a Deadpan Snarker are not really a good thing, because, you know, there are many important people in Real Life that won't enjoy getting only sarcastic answers.
  207. You see council workers cutting branches off a tall tree and mentally link it to Chainsaw Good.
  208. TV Tropes and all the stuff related to it really is Serious Business to you, but neither do you, neither do the other tropers seem to notice that.
  209. More than 20% of your open browser tabs are TV Tropes... and the total tab count is a three-digit number.
  210. Whenever someone takes offense because you laughed at their misfortune or something else that really wasn't funny, you defend yourself by saying, "But it's Narm!"
  211. When another site is down, you automatically think "The server hates me right now..."
  212. You’ve written down an example on the back of an old receipt you found in your car… while in traffic.
  213. You had a dream about editing TV Tropes, and the first thing you thought when you woke up was to add that example.
  214. You no longer wonder how you managed to get from TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life to Autobots, Rock Out!.
  215. You write trope names as Wiki Words with no blank spaces outside of TV Tropes and expect the link to work.
    • At The Other Wiki.
    • On paper in Real Life.
    • In curly brackets if need be.
    • When you talk.
    • You've done so deliberately, just to set up a joke.
    • You've done so deliberately, but not as a joke.
  216. You've never seen a show, but you know it so well that you can complain about it with none of the guilt.
  217. You've ever linked to so many tropes in a posting on a Message Board that you posted something similar to an All-Blue Entry. And that was a posting with multiple paragraphs.
  218. You right-click to "Open Link in New Tab" and read "Open a New Trope".
  219. You want or have your very own Thing that goes Doink.
  220. You've got three computers with six operating systems and even more browsers, and you're Cookied Up in all these browsers.
    • Heck, you're Cookied Up on your mobile phone.
    • You routinely clean all your cookies with the sole exception of the TV Tropes cookies.
  221. You've actually read My Immortal.
  222. You had to get an emergency liver transplant after trying to play the My Immortal Drinking Game.
  223. The first suggestion that comes up when you type "you" in your URL bar is this page.
  224. You get arrested for Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.
  225. You notice Ho Yay subtext in the least likely of places, making your friends ask what you're giggling about when you watch certain movies.
  226. You have bread, eggs, milk and squick on your shopping list.
  227. When you feel down, the first thing you do to cheer yourself up is head over to the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming page. You'll still wind up crying, but in a good way. The Real Life ones in particular are reserved for more severe depression.
  228. When talking with friends after you say something the most common response is "You used another of those trope things could you explain it?"
  229. You know the true meanings of the words "subvert" "invert" and "avert" and can use them flawlessly in real conversation.
    • You get irrationally annoyed when someone else uses one of those words incorrectly in real life. Bonus point if you find yourself wanting to edit the conversation to fix their mistake.
  230. You have TV Tropes as your home page.
  231. You have this TV Tropes page as your home page.
  232. You die a little inside when no one replies to your Headscratchers.
  233. You write FanFiction solely to have a list all of the tropes found in the series. And regularly ask other Fan Fiction writers if they're Tropers when you review.
  234. You can identify a Love Triangle by type at a glance without consulting the trope's Analysis page.
  235. The word "cliche" is your Berserk Button.
  236. You refresh the forum pages every five seconds, hoping some one has replied to your post.
  237. Someone has, and you now consider it a great day.
  238. When someone orders a ham and cheese toastie, you snigger a little.
  239. You take a class related to media and more than 50% of your notes are filled with Tropes.
    • You take ANY class and more than 50% of your notes are filled with tropes.
    • You take a media class and use TV Tropes as your only source (Actually, that's probably a good idea).
  240. You have read about tropes occurences and recognized them afterwards when you watched the show despite the odds of that happening as often as it has happened to you
  241. You read a page in the edit window so you can add new things as you think of them.
  242. Whenever anyone uses the term "color coded" it is always for your conveniece.
  243. On Halloween, you went as a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.
  244. You actually think that there would be less trolling if people would just indicate Sincerity Mode or Sarcasm Mode.
  245. You trope yourself.
  246. You add new trope examples to a work of media just to subvert, invert, avert, play with, or justify them.
  247. You can't bring yourself to blindly hate things no matter what the premise.
  248. You read Anti Poop-Socking and try to create a new trope about urinating in your shoes.
  249. You try fitting your schedule around TV Tropes!
  250. You never write for more than twenty minutes without saving.
  251. You never do anything for twenty minutes without saving.
  252. You start adding to TV Tropes: The Webcomic because you want to know if it will stick.
  253. You take over TV Tropes The Webcomic because it hasn't updated in four months.
  254. You feel a void in your soul whenever you're separated from TV Tropes for more than a few hours.
  255. You regularly have dreams in which you edit TV Tropes. You awaken from said dreams to find that the examples were added while you were asleep... by you.
  256. You consider all the tropers you know best friends... much to the dismay of the person you've known since 3rd grade and did everything with.
  257. Your parents scheduled an appointment for you with a therapist due to TV Tropes and you got the therapist addicted.
  258. You firmly believe any statement, question, or request can be answered by linking the other person to a TV Tropes page.
  259. In the movie theatre, you whip out a pen and start taking notes on the tropes used so that you'll be sure not to forget any by the time you get home.
  260. Your parents think you're studying, but you're actually here.
  261. You actually are studying for something using TV Tropes.
  262. You look for the Laconic tab in The Other Wiki when you're in a hurry or looking a for a short explanation.
    • You look at the Laconic tab on TV Tropes, but always end up reading the page itself anyway.
    • You look for the Laconic tab in your college textbooks. When you realize that there are none, you decide to fail your exam rather than allow studying to cut into your troping time.
  263. You check TV Tropes before your emails, no matter where you are or how long you've been out of contact with your family and friends.
  264. Checking the TV Tropes page of a work once you've finished it has become so much a part of your routine that it's not after you've read every page that you feel sad that it's over.
  265. You daydream about your favourite celebrities being Tropers and being fully aware of everything TV Tropes says about them or their series.
  266. You've spent hours trying to think of the most trope-heavy and yet still accurate sentence possible.
  267. You haven't done a bunch of these, but now have become firmly resolved to fulfill as many as possible as a matter of principle.
  268. You accidentally name a trope in your homework and have an uncontrollable urge to follow it with something like "LOL I see what I did there." Bonus points if it's astronomy homework and you capitalize the words IN SPACE!
  269. You don't have to visit pages on the site to give links to them.
  270. Half of your browser addons was added for the sole purpose of enhancing your troping experience.
  271. The first thing you do after finishing a series is going to the works page for it and finally filling out the spoilered sentences and seeing what trope applied to what plot twist.
  272. You look at Dairy Queen's slogan ("So Good, It's RiDQulous"), and all you can think about is So Bad, It's Good, So Bad, It's Horrible, and So Cool, It's Awesome.
  273. You have ever told your spouse/significant other that sex with them is a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Bonus points if you have said it while in bed.
  274. You have the irresistible urge to add examples to this page. And if you do, you immediately scroll down to check if you got the coding right.
  275. You've bought something related to TV Tropes.
  276. You know about the Encounters/ namespace.
  277. You knew what super secret spoilers were, and how to replicate them.
  278. You are Genre Savvy enough to know that there's most probably a super secret spoiler where there's a large blank spot.
  279. You know the entire plot of all these series from spoilers on the site alone:
  280. You have now probably a huge amount of bookmarks/favorites. Over 2/3 of those bookmarks are TV Tropes articles.
  281. You post a thread on a forum relating tropes to users, forum incidents, and the forum itself. And then get at least three other users addicted to TV Tropes.
  282. Your friends have started sending you emails with random words in blue and underlined just to drive you insane when they're not actually links. And it works!
  283. You move in to a new place, and find you need new lampshades, so first you go to this site.
  284. You apply the Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness to all the songs on your iPod.
  285. You hear someone say the word "gospel" in a latin based language and instantly think of Mind Rape and Tang!
  286. You see an asterisk on a web page, and you try clicking it to read the subscript.
  287. You find a page you haven't commented on yet and do everything you can to find a new example for that page.
  288. Instead of hearing something and thinking that's A Good Name for a Rock Band, you think " That's a good title for a trope!".
  289. Whenever something tropable comes up in conversation, you mentally Pot Hole it.
  290. If you've actually read this far, there's no doubt about it. You're addicted. You've been booked into a rehab clinic for 4:00. Don't be late!
    • You miss said appointment because you were here.
      • You didn't miss it, but you didn't notice you were in rehab because you were still reading TV Tropes. You remain oblivious and now have practically no obligations to distract you.
    • You've gotten one or more members of your rehab clinic to switch addictions to TV Tropes.
  291. Apparently, TV Tropes is better than ascending to Garhalla and having your name immortalized in awesomeness.
  292. They took away your computer, but you're still here, reading, inside your head, the pages slowly rolling by your mind's eye...
  293. You goof off in Technology class and go on TV Tropes, and the teacher doesn't notice because it looks like a legitimate research site from a distance.
  294. You see Pot Holes on a TV Tropes page and already know what they lead to just by context.
  295. You dream of doing these in Real Life:
  296. You annoy everyone in the room by sitting on the couch with your laptop on your lap and reading all the trope examples for a Trope to them.
  297. You begin typing in the name of a website, but automatically start typing "TV Tropes".
  298. You fear dying only because you can't check out TV Tropes anymore.
    • Or update it.
    • And because of all the new tropes you'll miss out on after you're gone.
    • Or you don't fear it, because you want to fulfil a specific Death Trope.
  299. You're STILL reading this list.
    • You thought of it was a Running Gag a couple of times even before reaching this point.
  300. Each of your items are named after tropes (I Call It "Vera", I Call Him "Mister Happy", and such).
  301. You make references to TV Tropes in extremely awkward situations for no reason at all.
  302. You dream of having Too Many Belts and a Zipperiffic outfit.
    • You DO have all of the above, and you wear it regularly when not in school.
      • You actually wear all those in school.
      • Despite the fact that your school has uniforms.
      • And it became the new fad at school!
  303. You're STILL reading this list.
  304. You use trope names as a form of shorthand when writing memos to yourself.
  305. You have ever been kicked out of a theater for posting trope examples from a movie on your smart phone, during the movie.
  306. You instinctively know whether or not a work is Better Than It Sounds, without watching it or even reading its trope page.
    • You instinctively know whether or not a seemingly nonsensical quote or summary Makes Sense In Context as well, without knowing if its been Potholed.
  307. You refer to your shaving habits as you having Perma-Stubble.
  308. When you grow a beard you feel the need to remind people that it's not a Beard of Sorrow.
    • You insist that it's a Beard of Evil instead. If anyone asks for proof that you are evil, you introduce them to this site.
    • Either way, you're glad to have grown the beard.
  309. The majority of the anime you watch comes from TV Tropes.
  310. You've read this list often enough that you're aware of several items on it that are practically the same thing.
  311. You think doing all the stuff mentioned here sounds amazing and are already mentally planning it.
  312. Your family is bewildered by your constant usage of the words "Angst" and “Snark”.
  313. You literally applaud when reading a fanfic and a character quotes the name of a trope.
  314. You use Wiki Words and Tropes when on Tumblr, before remembering that’s the wrong nerdy community.
    • You use Tropes as Tumblr tags on a regular basis…when making posts about Real Life.
  315. You weep when you have a perfect example/trope to add to a page, only to find it’s under edit lock.
  316. You're playing The Sims, your new character is a shy, bookish university name her Meghan Echo.
  317. You keep track of the majority or ALL of the trope entries you've ever made in a text program, like Notepad.
  318. You click "Random Article" and it often takes you to a page you've read already.
    • And rather than sighing in annoyance, you read the page again to see what has changed.
  319. You're up at some crazy hour, stifling laughs at this article so you don't wake anyone up.
  320. You wish you can write in Tropes when creating a character's bio in somewhere else in the Internet, or in Real Life.
  321. You finish this list.
  322. And then you start it again at the top.
  323. Less than a year after you've learned of the site's existence, trope titles speak more clearly to you than standard trait terminology (for example, Dawson Casting instead of "adults who portray teenagers").
  324. You hear the phrase "And how" and giggle.
    • Even in songs, like Pet Shop Boys' This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave.
  325. You characterise yourself and your friends as a Freudian Trio, Four-Temperament Ensemble, Town Girls and/or Five-Man Band.
  326. You find yourself making up titles for what the Forces with Firepower pages for the military and paramilitary organizations from your favorite Speculative Fiction works would be if TV Tropes allowed Useful Notes on fictional universes:
  327. You're taking a history course and the first thing you do before a day of notes is read the Useful Notes page on the given subject before correcting the teacher about something that you only just read about on said useful Notes page. The teacher is suitably impressed.
  328. You ignore a pile of damp laundry because your twenty-minute lock is about to expire.
  329. You encourage your friends to start reading TV Tropes so you can discuss TV Tropes with your friends.
  330. TV Tropes has substituted for a legitimate media studies class.
  331. You plan to use your TV Tropes knowledge to jump-start a legitimate career.
  332. You actually have a career in media thanks to your TV Tropes knowledge, and your works are listed on TV Tropes.
  333. You add something here about how it's at the bottom of the page, knowing full well that there will be more entries soon enough.
  334. Your genre preferences have changed since you discovered that TV Tropes is a Gateway Drug. You hate the stuff you liked before you discovered TV Tropes, or you like stuff you thought you never would.
  335. You have listed TV Tropes as one of your browser's default search engines.
  336. You instinctively search TV Tropes for Useful Notes pages before you go to any other source. For any topic, even if it's not trope-related.
  338. You make a habit of writing down trope ideas as they occur to you and build up a long list of them over many months, even though you'll never have the spare time to properly write up more than a few of them for Trope Launch Pad.
  339. You get angry when you're trying to remember the name of a trope, and then go to a media page where you know you saw it just so you can get on the page.
  340. You wait around on pages for your favorite works and repeatedly check the History to see if anybody added anything new while you weren't looking.
  341. You get overly excited about finishing a tv series or a book because you will be able to browse its page without worrying about spoilers.
  342. You describe things regularly in Adverbly Adjective Noun form. (for instance: That was an overly complicated piece of homework the teacher gave us.)
  343. Upon finding out the Four-Temperament Ensemble, you search frantically for an online test so you can find out which one you are, and which ones your friends/family are.
  344. You sometimes try to click on an image on other sites thinking it will lead you to a work page. Or click on an image in Real Life.
  345. It took you four days to get to the end of this list because you kept wiki walking.
  346. You don't feel comfortable watching a movie without a pad of paper and a pencil to take notes on tropes to put on the site.
  347. You watch an independent movie and notice to your annoyance that it's not on the site yet, meaning you've got work ahead for you.
    • You're actually happy, and get right on it.
  348. When you're bored with doing something, and you tell people "Screw This, I'm Outta Here".
  349. You skip to the bottom of the g-ddamn list to see how many numbers there are.
  350. You keep all of the trope pages you found through a Wiki Walk bookmarked so that you can close them as necessary to avoid a huge number of tabs.
    • And despite doing this, you eventually end up with 25 more tabs open again anyway.
  351. You use the Useful Notes to learn for your finals.
  352. When you secretly wish your own original works were a part of a much larger continuity with a much longer history so that you'd have more to nod at.
  353. While conversing with others, you constantly make mental notes of where the camera would be if there were one in order to make Aside Glances when appropriate.
  354. While reading this list, you're keeping a tally to see how many of this points apply to you.
    • You scored 206 and genuinely wonder whether you should be ashamed that you scored so much...or whether you should be ashamed that you didn't score more.
  355. You've reached a point of Troper Knowledge Saturation that you are no longer able to recall trope names because you've seen tropes everywhere in both media and Real Life. In other words, the occurrence of a trope no longer phases you.
  356. You instantly return to being a fan of a book, TV show, movie, or anything else that you haven't seen/read/played for a long time.
  357. You frequently come back to admire pages you've raised up with Wiki Magic... and then discover more you can do.
  358. You managed to read this entire list in one sitting.
    • If anyone manages this, than oh wow. This Troper is a speed-reader and it took me so freaking long. And not because of Wiki Walk. There are three hundred and sixty points as of writing. Wow. Hats off to you!
      • This troper also reads super quickly and took about thirty minutes to get through the page. Closer to forty if we count constantly clicking off the page.
      • This troper did it under 20.
  359. You discover a trope that isn't indexed on the site, and someone basically gift-wrapped it to you. You dash off to Trope Launch Pad.
  360. You frequently access pages by typing in the URL bar rather than searching. You never need to search for the page you're looking for, not even this one.
  361. Your sense of logic frequently clashes with your genre savviness, and you never know which to believe. For example, you hear a noise in the dark. Logic tells you it's nothing, but you also know that people who say it's nothing are always proven wrong...
    • On balance, you decide to go with the Genre Savvy option.
  362. You finish a series and are excited to read the Funny/Awesome/Heartwarming/Tear Jerker/Nightmare Fuel sub-page without worrying about spoilers, only to be extremely disappointed when said sub-page has only 2-3 moments listed.
    • But then you get happy because you realize than you can now describe and add those moments yourself in your own words.
  363. You avoid adding examples because you're too worried about Square Peg, Round Trope.
  364. This site has managed to convert you from someone who couldn't care less about a particular genre/series/medium, into a hardcore fan of that genre/series/medium.
  365. You wish you were clever enough to come up with creative descriptions for the Better Than It Sounds game.
  366. You've added multiple entries on this list in a row.
  367. You know that TV Tropes is dot org, not dot com.
  368. Your reaction when first coming to this page was not Oh, Crap! at the apparent length because you have seen the tropes for a work be broken down into single-letter sub-pages which are still longer than this list.
  369. You know you can still edit after the twenty-minute-edit-lock expires and have your changes be saved.
  370. You are so used to typing asterisks when editing that it took you longer than you care to admit to remember to type pound signs when editing this page.
  371. You made a page for something that hasn't been updated in a while, then the writer discovered the pages you made and completed the work.
  372. You link to a TV Tropes page and someone worries about you.
  373. You say Oh, Crap! because you’ve reached the end.
  374. You decide to add things to this list because you want to have more things to go through when you read this next time
  375. You say "One Last Page!" before losing over an hour Wiki Walking.
  376. You forget to add full stops to a sentence because you are exited to add the next point.
  377. Your Laptop keyboard hates you after your constant typing and editing on this site.
  378. You slip into Buffy Speak accidentally.
    • You do this intentionally, because its fun.
  379. When someone asks you to relate a conversation, you tell some mildly accurate words, and to defend yourself, you reply with "It Makes Sense in Context."
  380. You've read the Paranoia Fuel page, and now are paranoid about literally everything.
  381. You know what happens in Buffy the Vampire Slayer using only the trope examples and its own page.
    • You don't, but pretend to, by quoting the example pages verbatim.
  382. You are now hooked to some webcomics because of TV Tropes.
  383. You instinctively reply "General Kenobi" Every time someone says "Hello There".
  384. No one watches movies with you any more.
  385. You make up a dance called The Masochism Tango.
  386. You add yet another joke about the length of this list to this list.
  387. You find yourself getting into obscure Canadian cartoons from the late-1990s/early-2000s.
  388. You go to edit this page and are shocked to realize that there are no numbers on THIS editing page but rather number signs instead.
  389. You find yourself getting into obscure BritComs from the 1990s.
  390. You regularly refer to off-colour humour as Crossing the Line Twice.
  391. You are disappointed that this list is too so short.
  392. You read a new book, watch a new show or movie, or finish a video game, and your first or second instinct afterwards is to go straight to that work's trope page.
  393. You make fake TV Tropes pages for your work-in-progress works.
  394. You make your own account to make pages for obscure works that aren't readily known of or available. Plus points if they're not well-known in English.
  395. You can't not write BRIAN BLESSED!!!!! in bold caps anymore.
  396. You haven't used the word "Wikipedia" in years because you only ever refer to it as The Other Wiki.
    • And everyone who knows you also knows what you mean.
  397. Instead of typing out TV Tropes, you instinctively type out Website/ThisVeryWiki.
  398. You. Actually. Bread. Eggs.
  399. You're celebrating because you reached item 400! Hey, congrats on the big round number!
  400. You're now adding items to the list because you can't stand it ending on a messy number.
  401. You're still reading this list.
  402. You call someone a Karma Houdini when they get away with something.
  403. You don't misread something but think of how it can be misread so you add it to I Read That As.
  404. You see titles of works and think of what others may think it's about so you add it to I Thought That Was.
  405. You hear a song and think of any possible Mondegreens so you add them to I Heard That As.
    • You search the lyrics to make sure what you heard them as are the actual lyrics.
  406. You became a fan of a series that you've never actually seen because you saw its trope page and it looked cool.
  407. You are editing this page.
  408. You trope your life story.
  409. You want to create a page for a work you've seen, then get disappointed when you find out it exists already.
  410. When you start typing literally anything in Google, the first thing that's suggested is TV Tropes.
  411. You deliberately go on Wiki Walks.