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A toon and a human walk into a bar...

"Hello and welcome to Lenny and Shinko's Disney-See, or, LSD for short! I'm Lenny..."
"And I'm Shinko!"

Lenny and Shinko's Disney-See (LSD Reviews for short) is a review show currently hosted on Youtube here. Starring a human named Lenny, and a cartoon girl named Shinko. Other characters appearing on the show range from the unseen Blue Fairy, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and a newer character, Sinko.

The show's reviewing scope focuses specifically and only on Disney in any media form (though Lenny has stated that they are open to trying something non-Disney).

In addition to reviews, there are small 'Shinko Shorts' released in-between reviews. A Story Arc involving an Alternate Universe popped up, and the show returned after an unexpected hiatus.


The show contains the following tropes:

  • And Oswald and Shinko's reaction to fanart in the 100 Subscriber Special
  • Breakout Character: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit after his appearance in the Epic Mickey short, fan reaction was very positive
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    Shinko: I think we blew our special effects budget in that fight
  • Breaking the Reviewer's Wall:
    • The Blue Fairy blows up their house when Lenny claims that SHE'S the true villain of Pinocchio
    • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit filled in as Lenny's co-host while Shinko was on vacation
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    • When Willie The Giant from Mickey's Christmas Carol is looking for Bob Crachet's house, he ends up lifting the roof of Lenny and Shinko's house. Lenny points out that it's the next house over, and Willie drops the roof
  • Breath Weapon: Shinkachu's Shoop-Da-Whoop attack
  • Caustic Critic: Somewhat averted. Lenny and Shinko seem to be somewhat more merciful then other reviewers, though Lenny wasn't shy about voicing his hatred for The Reluctant Dragon. And the upcoming spin-off of Cars, Planes
  • Chaotic Neutral: Lenny seems to be this, as he had no problems attacking Snow White on two different occasions and comitting identity theft on Mickey Mouse, but he's not protrayed as being evil
  • Christmas Episode: The Mickey's Christmas Carol review
  • Cool Gate: The door Lenny modified with a Monsters, Inc. door mechanism
    Shinko: It...looks like all you did was cut out posterboard and stuck a tap-light on it
    Lenny: Never underestimate the power of posterboard and tap-lights my friend!
  • Cold Opening: The Christmas special has a narrator beginning a parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, but is halted when Lenny shoots the off-screen Narrator (Turns out he was hiding in the vents)
  • Credits Gag: At the end of the Epic Mickey short. At the ending card, one of Oswald's bunny children pops up, looks around cutely before letting out a certain cry
  • Crossdressing Voices: Shinko was originally voiced by Lenny himself using Garage Band to alter his voice before Shinko's creator took over the job
  • Dynamite Candle:
    Lenny: Oh uh...h..hey Ms. Fairy heheheh...uh...what are you doing with those red candles?
    Shinko: Those aren't candles!
  • Episode Title Card: One each review, though the Shinko's Shorts title card is reused for each short
  • Evil Counterpart: Nega-Lenny, Nega-Shinko, and Nega-Sinko from the Negaverse.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The shows title should give you a basic idea of what their reviewing
  • Fight Scene: The battle between Shinkachu and Trogdor
  • Heroic BSoD: Shinko is utterly horrified at seeing the shoe get dipped in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so much that she runs away from the review. However, she quickly returns when she finds out Sinko took her place as co-host.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: Nega-Lenny takes over the show to give a 'review' on Bambi
  • House Shattering Kaboom: The reason Lenny and Shinko relocated to continue the show
  • Idiot Ball: It seems to be superglued to Sinko's hands
  • Medium Awareness: Lenny calls out the Narrator in the christmas special, not exactly an Interactive Narrator because the Narrator continues on as if he hadn't heard Lenny at all.
    • Though the Narrator did seem to insult Lenny by saying Shinko was the true star
    Lenny: Shinko! We got narrators in the vents again! Call the exterminator!
  • Mid-Review Sketch Show: Shinko's Shorts