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Cwen's Quest is a webcomic written by Nick Stroffolino and drawn by Sarah N. It stars Cwen, an angry ex-princess with tiny wings; Riddly, her mysterious life slave, and Wendy, her cute stuffed animal companion and wise sage, all on Cwen's titular quest for revenge against her father. Despite the premise, the comic has thus far avoided getting too serious and tends to address serious situations with black humor.

The story takes place in a strange fantasy world years after the titular character, Cwen, has been exiled via a swift kick off a cliff, and left for dead by her father Lord Attez. When Cwen returns, she finds her father long gone and chaos in his absence. Cwen's interest is in getting even with her father, but she is forced to help some people along the way in order to find him, gaining a few allies as she does so. The story tends to jump between the past and the present frequently through various narrative devices to show various characters' back stories and dropping plot points to be explained in the present.

What makes Cwen's Quest stand out, though, is its bizarre original setting, which fuels much of its humor and doesn't dip into the usual sources like World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons or Final Fantasy. In a world where wolf-men run hordes of invaders as tight-fisted CEO, the mysterious FauX group runs magic like science, a girl has a paralyzing fear of hats, and giant apes with British accents fight dragons, hilarity seems to be the only option left to most characters.

Cwen's Quest also features a creator blog which dives into mostly unrelated side stories about other adventures living in the CQ universe. The author himself seems to be an avid TV Tropes fan, as he has written trope examples at least twice into the comic in response to people putting the comic as examples on tropes that didn't really fit.

This comic stopped updating in 2013. While the official website is dead, some of the comics are still archived here.

This comic provides examples of: