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Wrestling / "Exotic" Adrian Street

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Imagine what he could do to you.

"I can tear a telephone directory in two
Bending iron bars is something else that I can do
I always pick my teeth with the nearest billiard cue
So imagine what I could do to you"
"Exotic" Adrian Street, "Imagine What I Could Do To You"

Adrian Street (born 5 December 1940) is a retired Welsh Professional Wrestler who competed from the 1950s all the way into 2010 primarily as "Exotic" Adrian Street. He started his career as Kid Tarzan Jonathan and also wrestled as Hell's Angel #1. He developed his outrageous image, he claims, sort of by accident since he had been getting such a good reaction from the character. He wrestled for decades all over the world. In the U.S., he competed in Memphis, Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, Los Angeles, Mid-South, the Continental territory in Alabama and for the Global Wrestling Federation in Dallas as well as many independents. Among his in-ring achievements, he held the Mid-South Television Title, the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title and the NWA Americas (Los Angeles) Heavyweight Title. In 1986, he won The Wrestling Observer Newsletter's "Best Gimmick" Award.


The Other Wiki has a good writeup on his career, and you can find information on his acting career at IMDB.

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