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  • Adventure Time: The Ice King kidnaps princesses and forces them into marrying him against their will. And on a more platonic level, he wants to be friends with Finn and Jake. His loneliness makes him a Jerkass Woobie, but that he forces princesses into marriage, which to him means keeping them locked up, and is very stalkerish towards Finn and Jake seals his status as an adversary.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Deconstructed in an episode. Alvin having organized a contest for his admirers in which the winner would get a romantic dinner with him, is utterly dismayed when the winner turns out to be an old woman, during the episode Alvin goes through great pains trying to get rid of her, but when he thinks that he might accidentally caused her death he feels a lot of remorse and realizes that he has been a jerk. At the end of the episode the woman admits that she may not have been what he was expecting and she understands it, prompting Alvin make good on her prize.
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  • Animaniacs: The Warner Siblings are unwanted admirers to... pretty much any attractive person of the opposite gender. Especially Hello Nurse.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Meng, who falls in Love at First Sight with Aang in the episode "The Fortune Teller". Also subverted in that Aang doesn't react negatively to her at all, but simply fails to notice her affection until she tells him. When she does, he's not disturbed either, in fact he's sympathetic and says he likes her, just not the way she likes him.
  • Creeper in Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League has an unrequited crush on Harley Quinn who finds him hideous. What is it with crazy clowns and Harley?
  • Magpie to Batman in Beware the Batman. She's not hideous in any way, but she's a mentally unstable Yandere who enjoys commit theft, so Batman's not interested. Unfortunately, she's Wrong Genre Savvy and assumes he's into her.
  • A number of these featured in The Beatles.
  • Jackie in Bobby's World is this to Bobby.
  • The Boondocks It's Maybelliiiiiiiiine, nigga! from the episode "Wingman", when Robert Freeman is confronted by a long lost ex.
  • Bump in the Night:
    • The episode "Adventures in Microbia" had Neat Freak Squishington receive unwanted affections from a Germ Girl, though the trope is eventually subverted when he reciprocates her feelings toward him.
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    • "Love Stinks" had Molly Coddle become stinky after getting covered in garbage, which resulted in her getting unwanted affections from a stink bug named Odiferous J. Stench.
  • Camp Lazlo
    • The episode "Love Sick" had Clam suffer a concussion that caused him to become attracted to Gretchen, much to her dismay. By the end of the episode, the situation is reversed by having Gretchen become the abhorrent admirer and Clam as the unwilling object of affection.
    • In "Hard Days Samson", Samson ends up having trouble with the Squirrel Scouts when they won't leave him alone because he happens to look like a hunky hamster celebrity.
  • Carl Squared: Lorna is this to Carl. She is also a Stalker with a Crush.
  • Captain N: The Game Master:
    • A dress-wearing pink octopus with blonde hair and blue eyes had a crush on Simon Belmont during the episode entitled "I Wish I Was a Wombatman". This short yet shapely and well-endowed director's assistant said to him with a beautiful voice, "Ooooh! You're a dream boat!" She gave him a big hug wrapping her tentacles around him. While embracing him, the assistant gave him a giant wink and extended her enormous red lips inches away from his. Simon seemed repelled because she was of a different species. The cartoon ended with the octopus leaning forward exposing the top of her ample cleavage and asking "Uh, anyone call for make up," when she saw her beloved Belmont checking himself out in a mirror. The blonde babe had no cosmetics on hand because this was just an excuse to get him alone in a dressing room for some hugging and kissing. Simon ran away in terror. She slithered right after him with a big smile and open tentacles like a love-struck groupie.
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    • Simon Belmont had another such admirer in the episode "Queen of the Apes". After defeating the leader of a pack of gorillas a female that had a blonde beehive complete with curlers and a pink skirt fell for Simon. The muscle bound large breasted hairy ape closed her eyes and tried to kiss him with her big pink lips but he got away. The pack of gorillas carried Simon away to end the episode so there's a chance she got around to kissing him off camera.
    • This was reversed a few times with Simon getting struck with a love arrow and falling for the hideous Mother Brain once, almost marrying her in the episode Mr. & Mrs. Mother Brain. There was also a mutual attraction between Simon and Queen Dwarfine in The Feud of Faxanadu. While she had a rather plump yet nice figure she may not have been very attractive to the audience given her blue skin, green frizzy hair and big nose. The Vampire Hunter was attracted to more classic beauties such as Lana and Princess Zelda however, throughout the series.
  • Code Lyoko as a toned down example with Sissi, who is in love with protagonist Ulrich. Unlike the classic example, Sissi isn't unattractive; she actually is quite pretty, and, according to Ulrich, has a lot of admirers (Though the show rarely shows it that much). However, she also happens to be an Alpha Bitch, a Brainless Beauty and act like a very annoying Stalker with a Crush to Ulrich. This dialogue from the prequel sums it up:
    Odd: "Who is this really hot chick?"
    Ulrich: "Sissi, the Principal's daughter. Everyone is crazy for her. But she's crazy for me."
    Odd: "That's great!"
    • Later episodes develop her into a more likable character and have Ulrich occasionally warming up to her, but it's generally clear she still has no chance with him.
  • Danny Phantom
    • Valerie gets this in one episode with Nathan (another rare male example) who is portrayed as a stereotypically "ugly nerd" who wants to ask Valerie to the prom (despite it being three years away) while Valerie was a former popular girl.
    • Vlad is a greater example to Maddie Fenton. Since confessing her feelings for her, and telling her to leave Jack for him, he becomes one of the few things to sour her mood.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark to Dee Dee; the giant eyed girl from "Aye Eye Eyes" to Dexter.
  • Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines: "Barnstormers" had the Vulture Squadron crash-land on the farm of a rather stout German maiden who takes a shining to Zilly. By the end of the cartoon, she falls for Dastardly.
  • The John Dilworth short The Dirdy Birdy had a bird named Purdy become attracted to a cat named Fergurina and try to express his attraction by baring his behind in front of her. The cat isn't amused and inflicts violence on the bird every time.
  • Drawn Together: Used repeatedly with Toot Braunstein. Slight irony there too: she's actually drawn somewhat nice-looking most of the time, if you like them chubby. It's her disgusting slovenly habits which are the actual deal-breaker to those of us not in the show. She receives the brunt of the Ren & Stimpy super detail gags as a result of this trope, however. (And, some characters do reciprocate, much to the horror of the rest of the cast, like Ling-Ling's dad.)
  • In the Duck Dodgers episode "Talent Show a Go-Go", after "borrowing" Tom Jones's voice, Dodgers ends up attracting the attention of an ugly alien queen.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • The trailer trash Kanker Sisters. Normally, each Kanker has her preferred Ed - May has Ed, Marie has Edd, and Lee has Eddy - but not only will all three of them dogpile and fight over one Ed if the other two aren't around, they also tend to fawn over other guys they consider attractive enough, e.g. Rolf in his full Urban Rangers uniform in "Ed Overboard" (indeed, they admit a man in uniform drives them wild as well). Regardless, all the kids in the cul-de-sac fear the Kankers, to the point that all of them will run away if they happen to show up as the Kankers are violently unpredictable, as shown in "Run for Your Ed" where they embark on an absolute rampage of total destruction because their family heirloom has apparently been stolen. So, what do they do when they inevitably catch up with the target of their affections? Smother him in hugs & kisses and pretty much sexually harass him - one of the most hysterical examples has got to be "Key to My Ed" at the end of which they restrain the Eds by their feet to force them into doing footsies with the girls. They also want to pawn off all their housework onto their long-suffering "boyfriends". Even when they were introduced in "Nagged to Ed", the second episode of the series, it was clear they had some Stalker with a Crush tendencies as they not only knew Edd's preferred moniker before he could introduce himself but even had drawings of themselves being with each of the Eds on their wallnote , done well in advance of the girls even meeting the Eds for the first time.
    • The Eds tried to make themselves come off this way in a Reverse Psychology gambit in "A Twist of Ed", fed up with the sisters and looking for a way to scare them off for good. It almost works, until Eddy, who's too much of a coward, accidentally gives them away, making the sisters realize the Eds are bluffing and would never actually do anything to the Kankers. That's when they go to reverse psychology and put things back the way they were.
    • All that being said, May's crush on Ed may be the most genuine. The most notable example of her true feelings is probably "Hanky Panky Hullabaloo", in which she was the only one of the sisters who bothered to acknowledge Valentine's Day. She even went to the trouble to make him a card, which she gave to him while just asking him to be her Valentine, completely without the smothering things she normally does all the other times she meets him. Regardless, Ed perceives her as an abhorrent admirer partially because he's terrified of the very idea of even having a girlfriend, and as a result he brutally rejects her - nothing that he says implies he rejected her because she's a Kanker sister, but merely that she's a girl with any romantic interest in him at all. Her sisters, meanwhile, seem to simply enjoy the idea of having boyfriends to bully.
  • Fairy Tale Police Department: Episode 25 included a mermaid that fell in love with Johnny Legend Fantasy when she thought that he was the prince. She kisses him multiple times in the episode.
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
    • Tootie is this to Timmy much of the time. She harbors an obsessive and unrequited crush on him.
    • An episode had Timmy getting a note passed to him, saying that he's cute. When he looks at Francis (who had passed him a note threatening to kill him moments earlier), he points behind him to where a beautiful girl is sitting. When he begins to flirt, the girl points behind her to where a rather large girl is sitting. Timmy freaks out, end joke.
  • Family Guy: There are one-off jokes about a few women like this (including a few moderately attractive celebrities), but the most recurring one is the Butt-Monkey, Meg Griffin. Boys would rather set themselves on fire and kill their siblings than go to a dance with her.
    • Meg herself is on the receiving end of this when comes to Neil Goldman, and she does all but very little to hide her annoyance about it.
  • The Flintstones: In the episode "Deep in the Heart of Texarock" Fred and Barney dress up as a cowasaurus (more cow than dinosaur) with Fred playing the front end and Barney playing the rear. They catch the eye of a cute purple cowasaurus named Carmen with long eyelashes, a bow on her head and luscious pink lips like a human female's lips. She starts kissing Fred's masked face on his cheek so the pair runs away. While amongst a herd of cowasauruses, Fred makes the sound 'moo' twice to blend in. Carmen responds by mooing while giving Fred a long smooch on the nose of the outfit and segways to more pecks on his cheek. Even after the disguise is removed it doesn't matter since Carmen instantly recognizes Fred and is still in love with him. Once she saves his life by beating up a bunch of cowasaurus thieves Carmen closes her eyes, puckers her lips and expects Fred to kiss her which of course he does not. So she settles for kissing him on the cheek repeatedly every chance she gets, with some of the smooches lingering. Later Fred is given Carmen as a gift sent to his home and she starts kissing him again. When Fred rejects her and tries to send her back Carmen gets angry and chases Fred with her horns to beat him up!
  • Futurama:
    • This describes the relationship between Zapp Brannigan and Turanga Leela. Zapp is the admirer in this case. On their first encounter Leela sleeps with him out of pity, complicating things for herself for the rest of the series. Zapp is quite handsome (if a bit overweight): Leela hates him purely for his personality.
    • Fry gets one in "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love". Edna is considered highly desirable by Decapodian standards, but Decapodians are anthropomorphized lobsters. When Fry admits it was he who coached Zoidberg in the ways of flirting, Edna falls for him because she has never experienced romance before (it being unknown to her species). When Fry is stuck with the prospect of either being killed by an angry Zoidberg, or winning the duel and having to make love to her, he considers both options equally horrific.
  • Gravity Falls has Li'l Gideon. His advances toward Mabel become increasingly deranged, until finally hitting its low point when he tries to murder Dipper for breaking the news that she's not interested in him.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Irwin for Mandy. Mandy can't stand his crush on her. All of the occasions of her reciprocating his feelings were either due to magical influence or being unconscious.
  • The Heckle and Jeckle short "Trapeze, Pleeze" had Dimwit Dog constantly trying to avoid the advances of a hippo woman named Zelda.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • Curly is definitely repulsive but attracted to Rhonda. "I haven't changed my underwear in seventeen days", anyone?
    • Brainy too, to Helga, often showing up when she's monologuing. Most of the time, she punches his lights out, but on her rare good days she'll just let it slide.
    • Seems like this trope is kind of inverted with Arnie and Lila. You'd expect Arnie to be the abhorrent admirer (he's certainly creepy enough), but instead he's admired by a pretty girl, and doesn't reciprocate.
  • On Histeria!, Cleopatra is often portrayed this way (particularly when played by the World's Oldest Woman), to the point where Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony both happily go to their appointed deaths to get away from her. When Cleopatra herself dies and show up in the afterlife with the pair, all Caesar can utter is "This is heaven?" Evidently Truth in Television, from a purely physical standpoint. Statues and the imprints on coins, which were designed to flatter, are at best nothing special by either our own standards nor the standards of her time. In real life she managed to win over the boys by being intelligent, funny, and engaging in conversation.
  • House of Mouse:
    • Clara Cluck to Donald Duck in the short "Double Date Don", as she tries to woo him while he tries to impress Daisy on Valentine's Day.
    • In "Donald's Pool", Donald works as a lifeguard at a pool and gets a bossy elderly female turtle as a customer. By the end, however, he's done what she wanted and she goes from pestering him constantly to showing affection in a manner that's just as annoying.
    • Even Clarabelle Cow gets the hots for Donald Duck in one of the Mickey Mouse Works intros.
    • Both of Donald's House of Mouse admirers Clara Cluck and Clarabelle Cow menace him in the episode 'Everybody Loves Mickey', as they shower him with affection after a short that demonstrated how romantic he could be. Daisy doesn't seem to be bothered and in fact pulls him away for the same thing, to his enjoyment.
  • Ivanhoe: The King's Knight: Rowena has not one but two: her arranged fiancé Prince John and her guardian Reginald Front-de-Boeuf.
  • Minx is this to Rio in the Stingers-era episodes of Jem.
  • The Weavil Princess to Beezy in Jimmy Two-Shoes.
  • Johnny Test:
    • Eugene a.k.a. Bling-Bling boy loves Susan Test but she wants nothing to do with him due to his repulsive appearance and overbearing personality. In one episode, Eugene was given a potion that made him stop loving Susan. He started loving her sister instead.
    • In "Johnny of the Deep" Johnny had to assume the form of a shark to retrieve a mind-control device that had fallen into the ocean. Eugene had created a ring that brainwashed Susan into being his doting girlfriend, and in trying to stop him they knocked the ring off his yacht. In the process of retrieving it, Johnny gets hit on and chased by a repulsive female shark. It works out in the end, though, since even though Eugene does recover the ring, Johnny and Dukey somehow make it brainwash the female shark into falling for the still very human Eugene.
    • Another episode has a female Bigfoot fall in love and smother Dukey (who was transformed into a monster by a Transformation Ray gun for a time) who obviously didn't enjoy the affection.
    • Dukey was a victim of this yet again in the short Johnny McCool. After a ray gun is used on Dukey to make him look like Hollywood actor Slam McCool he had to film a scene with a lovelorn octopus. The giant pink octopus who has green eyes and a mole above her upper left lip grabbed Dukey inside a swimming pool. With her huge lips that housed a slightly darker shade of pink lipstick she happily planted a giant kiss on the side of Dukey's face. Another scene was planned where he had to fight the octopus for a bit and receive a big kiss from her but Dukey managed to avoid it.
  • Kaeloo: Pretty to Mr. Cat. Unlike most examples of this trope, she's not physically ugly, but she's an obnoxious Alpha Bitch and Stalker with a Crush who only likes him for his looks and doesn't care about him at all.
  • Jackie "Wacky Jackie" Wackerman on Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil definitely fits this trope, not only is she a Stalker with a Crush, but she ain't exactly a looker either.
  • Kim Possible:
  • Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness:
    • It's not entirely clear why the elderly goat Mrs. Yoong has a thing for Monkey as the nature of her attraction is not clear. Monkey, nevertheless, dreads her because she "smells like paste", whatever that means. Comes up as a Brick Joke of sorts when during the charity auction in "Crane on a Wire" she outbids everyone to spend the day with him and he's puffing out his chest that he's fetched the highest sum so far... until he realizes exactly who bid on him. She then drags him away to a tortuous day with her as he moans "PAAAASTE". One wonders how Monkey knew of her before since he even admitted he was reluctant to partake in the charity auction specifically because of her.
    • Another subversion occurs in "Secret Admirer". Monkey falls in love with the visiting Ming, and Po takes advantage to escalate the boys' prank war by writing Monkey a fake love letter that's supposed to be from her. It works so well Monkey doesn't realize it's not real, and as Po tries to do damage control (as he never meant to actually hurt Monkey's feelings, after all) he finds himself the object of Ming's true affections. He finds her repulsive only because of her abrasive demeanor, being a brat the same way her father is a prick, and tries to get out of the Love Triangle he's unwittingly created.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Pepé Le Pew. Actually, it's not his looks that scare anyone away, but his smell, which scares everyone away - even those he's not trying to smother with affection. Sometimes, it's just his smell that's the big turn-off, which can end a couple different ways - either his object of affection gets herself stinky so she can be used to his smell, or she somehow loses the ability to smell his repulsive odor. And when that happens, we get...
    • Penelope Pussycat to Pepe, who immediately goes crazy for Pepe and starts pursuing him once she can get over his smell (the exact means by which she does so varies). His reaction is the same as hers: Along with whatever scent-related issues may be involved, the problem with both of them seems to be that they both just come on too strong.
    • In the animated short I Got Plenty of Mutton, a male wolf dresses up as an extremely attractive female sheep. With big red lips, a short red and yellow dress that reveals the outfit's shoulders and long legs, a sexy walk and a tail that motions to come hither the wolf manages to seduce a male ram. The wolf is actually trying to kill the ram but all of his efforts fail. With each failure the ram flirts with the wolf with a French accent and plants an endless barrage of kisses on his lips. Some of the lip locks even linger a little longer than they should! After an all night chase the ram grabs the wolf for another make-out session. At this point the wolf breaks away and takes off his costume. Unfortunately for him, the ram is so turned on he doesn't care and wants to make love to the wolf! The wolf runs away and the chase continues.
    • Ma Bear turns into one of these at the end of Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears, after the rabbit's attempt at distraction-by-seduction by complimenting and kissing her on the lips works a little too well. "Tell me more about my eyes," Ma Bear says as she puts her hands all over him attempting to kiss him once again. She also tries to turn him on by wearing night gown with a brown wig, a form fitting green dress with a blonde wig and even lets him peek at her in the shower. Bugs Bunny tries to escape from her since she is much older than he is and married as well. Ma Bear eventually corners Bugs in his rabbit hole and plants lipstick marks all over his face.
    • It happens to Bugs Bunny again in the cartoon Rabbit Romeo. He is pursued by a large Slobbovian rabbit named Millicent who wants to "kees" him and "make marriage." Eventually she loses interest in Bugs and falls in love with Elmer Fudd, who was tricked into wearing a rabbit suit. So Millicent starts chasing after Elmer instead.
    • The short, "Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner" has a male moth being chased by a female black widow spider who takes a liking to him. Even after prettying herself up, her giant nose still draws him off.
    • The Looney Tunes Show has Lola Bunny (first appearing in Space Jam) chasing Bugs. He thinks she's pretty, but she has the minor handicap of being an insane ditz. Later on they become an official couple.
  • Happens to J in Men in Black when he was undercover as an alien bodyguard in an intergalactic summit. An abhorrent alien female falls in love with him to his dismay. He feels save when he finally has to take away the costume thinking that is over just to find out that the alien species is blind and they choose their mates by smell.
  • Mickey Mouse - While Donald Duck is more likely to attract these, Mickey Mouse has been gaining a couple ever since the Mickey Mouse (2013) shorts began. In "'O Sole Minnie", Mickey tries to woo Minnie, only to find himself mistakenly flirting with a hippo. In another short, "New York Weenie", Mickey's already with Minnie and is trying to impress her... but ends up impressing what looks and sounds like Goofy in drag.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: while most of Adrien's fangirls fall into the Hopeless Suitor camp due to his single-minded fixation on Ladybug, Chloé and Lila are repellent enough to fall into this camp. Adrien consistently looks highly uncomfortable with their over-the-top displays of affection.
  • Florence is this to Reverend Putty in Moral Orel. One of the sympathetic examples.
  • Claire sees Chuck as this in Motorcity. Julie might see Texas and/or Tooley as this.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has Fluttershy's brother, Zephyr Breeze, who is definitely this to Rainbow Dash. It's to the point where simply being in his presence is Nausea Fuel for her.
  • Popeye:
    • Olive Oyl becomes this to Shorty in the Popeye cartoon The Marry Go Round. Over at Olive's house Popeye is not having much luck proposing to her. So Shorty grabs Olive and kisses her on the lips to show Popeye how to seduce a woman even though he isn't really attracted to her. Unfortunately for Shorty, Olive winds up falling for him. After a quick costume change Olive puts on a dress and red shade of lipstick. She manages to kiss him two more times and chases him around the house. Popeye becomes jealous and attempts to beat Shorty up at the same time. Shorty spends the rest of the film trying to escape from both of them.
    • In another Popeye cartoon, Olive Oyl is sleeping beauty. At the end, Popeye accidentally steps on her foot and wakes her up. She reacts to seeing him by bellowing "A MAAAA-YUN!" and charging after him, which suddenly terrifies the poor one-eyed sailor.
    • Popeye goes through this again in the Famous Studios short, Hillbilling and Cooing, where he's pursued by a large (think Bluto in drag), man-hungry mountain woman named Possum Pearl. She proved to be too strong for Olive to fight, and Popeye, for obvious reasons, wasn't going to fight off her advances, so it looked like Popeye was going to be dragged off to the alter, until Olive managed to eat some of Popeye's spinach. Possum Pearl returned in her own solo cartoon a couple of years later still chasing after reluctant men.
    • While Bluto usually became one of these to Olive Oyl by the end of most of the films by being too aggressive, he manages to gain one himself in ''I'll Be Skiing Ya.’’ In a snow covered region, when Bluto spots Olive he howls like a wolf. He does this a little too well and attracts a female wolf. The brown furry wolf was tall, had a sexy hourglass figure, red lips and long eyelashes. She grabbed him by his hair and beard and kissed Bluto's cheek so hard she left a lipstick imprint. Then she batted her eyelashes and gazed at Bluto lovingly. Bluto shooed her away. At the end of the film Popeye knocked Bluto all the way to Florida. With his skiis stuck in the sand he saw a beautiful woman's curvaceous legs on the beach. So he howled and the female wolf ran up to him, took a second to watch him howl and kissed his cheek again leaving another lipstick mark. Staring at him once again with her eyelashes fluttering, Bluto was stunned knowing that he was trapped in the sand and chances are more kisses were coming his way from the wolf who mistook his howl for a mating call.
  • The Proud Family:
    • Dijonay to Sticky.
    • Suga Mama is also this to Papi, for Papi always insults her in Spanish, which she doesn't understand and takes them as compliments.
  • A large female alligator named Antoinette also falls in love with Donald in the Quack Pack episode "Gator Aid". Constantly puckering her lips in front of him while crawling and swimming after Donald she tries to kiss him several times. She only succeeds on camera once by planting a kiss right on the top of his head. However she may have kissed him on the lips a few times because at one point she turns him away from the camera, kissing noises are heard and pink hearts float in the air. When we see the two both of their lips are already puckered and Antionette is getting ready for a giant smooch. This is when Donald escapes from her embrace, but Antionette never gives up trying to make out with him. During the cartoon Donald even has a nightmare that they are married with half alligator and half duck children and in that dream she gives him a peck on the cheek. Some time after he wakes up, the gator who is five times larger than Donald Duck offers him a pink heart shaped box of candy. She also offers him a wedding ring while wearing a white veil! This time around Daisy is rather indifferent to the alligator's crush on Donald.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Mindy Melendez is a downplayed example. She is of average weight and is very pretty. She seems to likes Mitchell, but due to her sneaking up on Mitchell in a few episodes, Mitchell doesn't feel the same way.note 
  • Early episodes of The Real Ghostbusters toyed with this, as Janine, the heavily-made-up spiky-haired caricature of 80s femininitynote , constantly flirted with Egon and was constantly rejected. He was never portrayed as immune to the charms of women other than Janine. Later in the series she was redesigned to be more attractive and less outlandish, and curiously her relationship with Egon became more sweet and less annoying on all counts.
  • Gretchen Grundler from Recess had one in the form of Jeffrey in the episode "The Pest". It's not that he was ugly or anything, but rather because he was rather creepy and obnoxious about his crush on her, e.g. talking about being together forever, poking her, touching her hair.
  • Mrs. Buttloaves in The Ren & Stimpy Show is occasionally depicted as an unwanted admirer for Ren.
  • Scooby-Doo finds himself horrified at the advances of the Hatfields' dog in The Scooby-Doo Show episode "The Ozark Witch Switch".
  • Sheep in the Big City: When Lady Richington and her dog moved into a building where sheep aren't welcome in "Beauty and the Bleats", Sheep used a magical disguise to get in and Lady Richington started chasing him like Pepé Le Pew chases Penelope.
  • In The Simpsons, it's no secret that Moe Syzlak has a long-time crush on Marge. Though he respects the sanctity of Homer and Marge's marriage too much to actively pursue her.
  • In 6teen, Darth is this to Nikki.
  • In the Sonic Sat AM short "Ro-becca", Rotor constructs a female cat robot who is supposed to be his lab assistant, but fixates obsessively on Antoine who's filling in for Rotor's would-be assistant and inadvertently activates her before she's finished. With tacky hair, a screechy voice, and an intimidating stature, the lovestruck android pursues the poor coyote rain or shine, and the straps on Rotor's inclined table can't contain the superstrong robot he's created.
  • At the end of the episode "Cartman Finds Love" from South Park, Cartman is chased by Stacy Mullenberg, the poster child for Halitosis Kids!
  • Velda acts as one of these for Crash in the short-lived Stunt Dawgs.
  • Superfriends: Darkseid is as obsessed with making Wonder Woman his bride as he is taking over the universe, much to her chagrin. Although she has used his lust for her to her and the team's advantage on more than one occasion. He's also messed up his own schemes himself unwittingly because of his desire for her.
  • Alice is this to a particular inmate in Superjail!, whom she dubs "Sweet Cheeks". In his first appearance, he even kills himself by biting off his own head in order to escape having sex with her.
  • Tex Avery was fond of this.
    • The cartoon The Chump Champ has Droopy and Spike competing for the title of "King of Sports", with the prize being a kiss from the "Queen of Sports". After Spike cheats his way to victory, he goes to kiss the Queen, who appears to be a knockout... until her face is revealed. She chases the horrified Spike into the distance, as Droopy informs the audience that "cheaters never win".
    • In Red Hot Riding Hood, Red's grandmother is very forward in trying to catch the Wolf, who reacts with utter panic. The same thing happens with the fairy godmother in Swing Shift Cinderella.
    • Subverted in Little Rural Riding Hood, though: the gawky hick Red inspires paroxysms of lust in both wolves!
  • In a turn of events, Little Red Riding Hood is one to the Big Bad Wolf in the Terrytoons cartoon "Wolf's Pardon". It's just one of the many things he's missed out on in the decade he spent in the pen - everyone from the Mother Goose fables has changed, making it difficult for him to get up to his old tricks again upon his release from prison. He decides to stalk (Not-So) Little Red Riding Hood again, only to fall in love with her until she turns around to reveal a face that isn't quite what he expected. To top it off, she's suffocatingly smitten by him immediately and her aggressive pursuit leaves him the one running away!
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • This continued with Pepe's female counterpart/successor Fifi La Fume. It was more poignant in the sense that Fifi was blatantly portrayed as being extremely beautiful, but admirers were quickly turned off by her particular scent. Fairly, though, aside from killer good looks, Fifi, in a way, is another sympathetic example, quite possibly due to the execution.
    • Elmyra is this to Montana Max in a couple of episodes, one in which Max reluctantly agrees to go to the prom with her, and another in which he (also reluctantly) goes on a date with her. Subverted in the end of the latter in which he gives her an Accidental Kiss at the end of their date.
    Max: I think I'm in love.
  • Sierra from Total Drama World Tour definitely counts with her stalkerish obsession with Cody and his apparent fear of her. In earlier seasons of Total Drama, Beth is this to Justin, though not as creepy as Sierra.
  • The Wacky Races episode "The Super Silly Swamp Sprint" had Dick Dastardly try to scare the other racers by disguising himself as an alligator. One of the ways this plan backfired was that it gave him the unwanted attention of a smitten female alligator.
  • On What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Gibby Norton (a geeky inventor) worships the ground on which Velma walks.
  • Woody Woodpecker:
    • Used in the cartoon A Fine Feathered Frenzy. Woody sees an ad in the personals about a 'Gorgeous Gal' who is rich and wants to marry a young man. He decides to call her on the phone. With her extremely sexy voice, Gorgeous Gal tells her 'sweetie' that she loves woodpeckers and will be waiting for her 'dream boy' to come on over. Having been seduced, the Woodpecker jumps for joy and heads on over to her mansion. Unfortunately for Woody, it turns out that Gorgeous Gal is an overweight and elderly anthropomorphic bird. Batting her eyelashes and giving him a big wink, the featherless white wig wearing woman fell in love with Woody Woodpecker the second she laid eyes on him. She chased after and flirted with him endlessly with her beautiful voice ("How 'bout a twosome hon?") despite his reluctance. Offers to dine together, play tennis, admire her toothpick legs ("Cheesecake?"), have make-out sessions and even to share a bubble bath together all fell flat since Woody ran away from her at every turn. Being much larger than her 'honey lamb', Gorgeous Gal still manages to forcibly kiss him on his cheeks and lips several times. She eventually traps the Woodpecker in a golden submarine, arranges for a priest to marry them and they sail off for their honeymoon.
    • The cartoon Alley to Bali features two; a light gray gorilla and a giant pink octopus with blue eyes. The octopus likes Woody and both of these girls like Buzz Buzzard. The boys in turn are chasing after a balinese woman with an hourglass figure and wind up in the clutches of these admirers by mistake. With a tentacle around his neck, the giant octopus presses her big red lips against Woody's cheek twice. Buzz, on the other hand, gets kissed right on the beak by both ladies. However, the gorilla and octopus turn brown in disgust after locking lips with the Buzzard!
    • On The Woody Woodpecker Show short "Date With Destiny", a Cupid decides to teach the Woodpecker a lesson and strikes a male black and white sharp toothed badger with a love arrow. The badger with a very raspy voice says to Woody "Hi ya buddy!" He closes his eyes and puckers his lips while pink hearts appear above his head. The horrified Woodpecker runs down the street with the badger in hot pursuit.
    • In the short "Woody Watcher" a spring footed speckle headed woodpecker takes a liking to him. She couldn't speak with the exception of making strange noises and ironically looked like an older animated version of Woody Woodpecker, but with purple dots on her head. When she sees Woody she rushes to hold him and blows him a kiss with little pink hearts escaping from her lips. The disgusted Woodpecker allows her to kiss him on the cheek repeatedly since she is a rare bird and he can charge people money for taking pictures of her. This backfires since she gets more and more passionate with each kiss. So he tries to get away but she grabs him and squeezes him so tight all of the money he's earned flies away. She does her rendition of Woody Woodpecker's laugh and it doesn't seem like he's escaping her loving embrace any time soon.
    • From the same show, Chilly Willy gains one in the short "Chilly Lilly." A gigantic blue whale who wore a red dress and had blue hair thought he was adorable and said "Come to mama!" Even though he was rather tiny compared to her she still grabbed him and kissed him repeatedly with her gigantic pink lips while they were underwater. His rival Smedley also attracted a female yeti. She busted into his house, put him over his shoulder and carried him home.
    • Miss Meanie was sometimes this to Wally Warlus even leaving his body covered with lipstick marks once. On occasion he reciprocated while under the influence of a love potion or cupid's arrow. In the final episode of the series Wally flirted with Miss Meanie to distract her. She took it seriously, held him tight and kissed his cheek endlessly.
  • Wunschpunsch: When Tyrannia grew jealous of the attention the weather lady received from men, she and Bubonic cast a spell that made men unable to resist her. Maledictus Maggot became this trope.

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