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Zemstatranslation  is a witty Comedy by count and a prolific comedy writer Aleksander Fredro, first published in 1838. It's (supposedly) Based on a True Story - Fredro found a manuscript upon moving into his newly aquired castle, in which the story of its previous owners was told.

In a vein of Commedia dell'Arte, it has two young lovebirds - Wacław and Klara - and a host of obstacles to their being together, including Wacław's miser father, Rejent (a court official) Milczek and Klara's guardian Cześnik (a cupbearer) Maciej Raptusiewicz, who have an ongoing feud over the castle in which they both live and the wall that divides it. Matters are stirred by the visit of Podstolina (wife, or, in this case, widow of Podstoli – another court title) Hanna whose (financial) assets attract Cześnik's attention, and by Rejent's attempt to mend the dividing wall.


You may have seen the 2002 movie version by Andrzej Wajda, with Roman Polański as Papkin, which for some reason takes place in a ruined castle in the winter.

Tropes that make Zemsta funny: