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  • Game of Thrones:
    • Played for drama with Lysa Arryn's obsession with Littlefinger, who fully exploits it.
    • Littlefinger could also be one for both Catelyn and Sansa Stark.
    • Tormund keeps staring at Brienne while they're both at Castle Black in Season 6. Brienne scowls each time.
    • With The Reveal that Lyanna Stark was in love with Rhaegar Targaryen and went with him willingly, it's safe to say that she would have never returned Robert Baratheon's feelings.
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  • In Workaholics, Adam is this to Alice. Its not that he's ugly, he's just kind of a douche-and she's a very angry person by nature.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Howard is this to Penny, and gets his nose broken when he tries to kiss her.
  • In the Seinfeld episode "The Strike" (a.k.a. The One with Festivus), Elaine gains the attentions of three repulsive males: Kevin McDonald's denim-vest-wearing character and two sleazoids from an OTB parlor. (Elaine herself briefly becomes one too thanks to a hairdo-ruining steam bath, and Jerry is dating a woman who flips from ugly to pretty depending on the lighting.)
  • An episode of Malcolm in the Middle had the boys getting a hot babysitter who had been a girl like this to Francis before he went to military school and back when she was overweight. Francis hadn't wanted to hurt her feelings, but towards the end of the episode, told her over the phone that he didn't find her attractive at all (not knowing that she had lost a considerable amount of weight and had gained the aforementioned hotness). It made him sound gay.
  • Full House:
    • Mrs. Carruthers was like this to Joey as a Running Gag.
    • Kimmy Gibler was like this towards several of the men on the show as well. Especially Jesse.
    • Poked fun of in one episode where they envisioned what the future would be like. The men became old and frail while Kimmy Gibler grew up to be an extremely attractive woman. Kimmy pointed out that they should've been nicer to her when she was younger.
    • Further made fun of in the sequel series Fuller House where Kimmy grew up to be extremely good in bed. So much so that her ex Latino husband who looks like a supermodel still wants her back.
    • The Full House team apparently loved this trope, because there was a character named Rusty that was depicted as such toward D.J. during the first half of season 4. The rub:His mom was dating Danny.
  • Married... with Children was fond of the "mortal terror" angle.
    • Bud in particular was often an Abhorrent Admirer's victim as a Running Gag of sorts.
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    • One episode had Al changing his mind and going for a ride with some middle-aged overweight women who decided he was very hot. Another time an overweight principal pinned him to the ground and kissed him on the neck. An old high school sweatheart who gained weight throughout the years still wanted him too.
  • This trope made up the entirety of the recurring "Wanda Wayne" sketches on In Living Color!. It also came to play in one or two "Vera de Milo" sketches, though most of the time she actually subverted the trope because In-Universe other men found her desirable. We'll just have to take their word for it.
  • Frasier As well as the running jokes concerning Lilith and Maris (Niles Crane marries one and sleeps with the other), there is Frasier's agent Bebe, who on one drunken night gets him into bed, leading to horrified responses from Marty and Niles. Bebe isn't ugly, but she's so histrionic, conniving, and amoral that others can't help but see her as a devilish temptress.
    • There is also Noel, who doesn't aggressively pursue Roz but does creep her out and makes no secret of his crush. At least she can stand to be in the same room as him.
    • Niles has always had one, though she only appeared in one episode - Cousin Yvonne, someone who makes Niles dread extended family gatherings. She's a "distant cousin" with a "slight" crush on him, to the point that she stalks him at the wedding in "Beware of Greeks". She barely shows up, but the few moments she does have are hilarious, especially The Stinger. Not helping is that she happens to re-enter his life just when he's dealing with divorcing Maris, which of course Yvonne thinks makes him available again.
    • Another one-off character was romance novelist Deirdre Sauvage, a Dirty Old Woman who spends the episode "The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl" trying to seduce Martin. She lives in the same condo building, and Martin is so paranoid of her he'll go as far as to try to read his newspaper with a flashlight in the dark because if she sees the living room light on, she'll try to come over. Martin constantly has to watch his back as he tries to walk Eddie out of the building, and notes that she constantly tries to lure him into her apartment. Her parting gift is her latest book, in which the "lovesick gondolier" was inspired by Martin.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
    • The show memorably gave us Jazz, the ghetto goof in love with Hilary. Though she did genuinely acknowledge the times he stood up for her, she generally disliked him, and to be fair, aside from those few moments he didn't really do anything other than make it clear he wanted to sleep with her. However, it might have gone both ways at some point, as Jazz briefly got married and Hilary subconsciously vented her jealousy of his bride with comments like how she "wouldn't want to see a sweet guy like him get hurt" & threatening his fiancée to treat Jazz right.
    • Carlton's attracted his fair share of unwanted attention. In "Will Gets a Job", he draws the Female Gaze of Ashley's awkward classmate and friend Tina, who struggles to conceal her attraction to him but fails miserably (the first time she meets him he's wearing nothing but a towel). In "Striptease for Two", he gets a bit of karma for pawning his mother's bracelet as part of a get-rich-quick scheme - the pawn broker is very obviously attracted to him, and gets really pushy about it.
    • Will gets one of his own via guest star Chris Rock, who plays both a comedian interested in appearing on Hilary's talk show and the comedian's hideous but very forward sister. The comic is considering not appearing on her show unless someone shows his sister around town, but Will finds his hands very full trying to keep her off, so he goes to lengths to try to get rid of her. Will also drew the attention of Tina in the same episode as Carlton, but it was only after Carlton had resigned himself to being "irresistible to women" and accepting Tina's attention... which now of course led him to being jealous of Will who was dressed in a corny freaking pirate outfit as part of his job since she'd all but moved on from him.
  • The IT Crowd:
    • The show does this with Judy from series one, who has a thing for Roy. She has "hair on her eyes" and "three rows of teeth"
    • Roy has a tendency to attract this type of woman; there was also the woman who, upon encountering a bunch of tramps on their date, began shouting at them that they owed her money. Played with, in that since Roy himself is usually pretty desperate, he often ends up sleeping with them anyway.
    • The girl in the 'Friendface' episode who wears too much make-up. She's not exactly hideous, but her make-up and personality are both creepy. Roy tells Jen that "It was like breaking up with the joker".
  • One episode of The Jamie Foxx Show had Jamie the victim of an Abhorrent Admirer named DAMN!!! This may have been a shoutout to his earlier role on In Living Color as Ugly Wanda.
  • In Jeeves and Wooster, it seems anyone actually interested in Bertie is off the end of one scale or another, even though none of them actually look bad.
    • Honoriah Glossop is not particularly good-looking, but more importantly, large and violent. Not exactly well-suited to Bertie.
    • Lady Florence Craye is physically attractive, but with a horrifyingly caustic personality that makes anyone watching want to push her down a well.
    • Madeline Bassett is also very attractive, but she is so sickeningly sweet.
  • Deconstructed and subverted in Strangers with Candy since the protagonist Jerri Blank (being her 46-year-old ex-junky-whore self) in many ways embodies the trope. How she is treated because of that varies strongly throughout the series: sometimes her flirting (with guys and girls alike) is answered with total horror, but mostly she's just treated like a normal, if rather unattractive student and occasionally she lands attractive, popular boyfriends. A subversion is the fact that off-screen Jerri is ridiculously promiscuous and quite possibly leads the most active sex-life in the whole series.
  • Austin & Ally has many of these:
    • Brooke towards Austin.
    • Chuck towards Trish. Ironically, the two are married by the show's end.
    • Mindy towards Dez in season 1.
  • Family Matters:
    • Male example in (who else?) Steve Urkel, whose undying devotion to Laura is not received well at all. But that has just as much (or more) to do with his outrageously weird personality than the way he looks.
    • There is also his cousin Myrtle Urkel, a Southern Belle with a crush on Eddie.
  • There was an example in the Farscape episode 'The Flax' with the character Staanz developing feelings for D'Argo. It was made all the more hilarious by the fact that Staanz is only revealed to be the female of her species towards the end (though she does admit to not being 'cut from the standard mold', so how female is debatable) and is in fact played by a very male Ryss Muldoon.
  • Friends has several examples:
    • Chandler is repeatedly plagued by the unwanted advances of Janice. She isn't physically unattractive (aside from her garish wardrobe), but her annoying personality (she's an overbearing Drama Queen), loud nasal voice, and honking laugh make her unbearable. Later, after romancing her online (without knowing her identity), Chandler ends up developing genuine romantic feelings for her, and learns to look past her annoying qualities; the two are actually in a seemingly stable relationship for a few episodes before she goes back to her husband.
    • Chandler seems to be a magnet for these, as he also had to deal with the unwanted affections of overweight teenage Monica in the flashbacks. This is also a subversion, because Monica not only grew up to be quite attractive, but eventually became Chandler's wife.
      • A further subversion comes in a later "alternate universe" episode where, among other changes, Monica is still fat. In this world, she still winds up with Chandler, proving that their relationship goes much deeper than looks (and that Chandler's earlier reaction to her was simple teenage idiocy).
  • Lois & Clark had, interestingly, a proto-Janice in the form of a black museum attendant named Veronica. Rather dishy, but her voice was terrible, and her advances toward Clark were on the unclassy side. Clark is roped into a double date with Lois' hunky Scottish rebound boyfriend, and comes out looking like the loser of the two.
  • The Office (US):
    • Meredith occasionally hits on Jim. For example, when she breaks her hip she asks him to sign her pelvis cast and singles him out in particular to thank for visiting her in the hospital. Jim seems disturbed, but too polite to say anything.
    • The Office likes this — Dwight is one to Michael and Michael is one to usually Ryan and Jim but also to other members of the office.
  • In The Office (UK), David Brent tries to encourage the camera (and whoever's watching) to sympathise with him when his date turns out to be as overweight as he is, but she's a nice person and he's rude to her so it's almost an inversion.
  • Played with on Top Gear (UK), where Richard Hammond gets a fan letter, ostensibly from a mentally-disturbed prisoner about to be released on parole... named Stuart.
  • Subverted on Arrested Development, as the plain, average Ann is considered an Abhorrent Admirer to George Michael — by his father. George Michael himself adores her.
  • In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the eponymous Zack and Cody have, on separate occasions, and despite their best efforts, attracted the affections of Agnes.
  • Harper and Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place are a good example of this. In earlier episodes, she was portrayed as Alex's weird friend who was convinced she was going to marry Justin despite his complete disinterest. Although in later episodes, Harper starts acting a little more calm around him and they become friends, Justin still seems highly uncomfortable when the subject of Harper's feelings for him come up.
  • On Small Wonder, Harriet Brindle is treated as such by Jamie.
  • Glee:
    • April Rhodes, Mr Schuester's Abhorrent Admirer, is one of the rare examples where her abhorrence is related to her terrible personality. She's actually very pretty, if a little trashy compared to the very wholesome-looking rest of the cast.
    • Subverted somewhat in two other cases as well. Rachel has an Abhorrent Admirer in Jacob ben Israel and Kurt has one in David Karofsky. In both cases, as with April Rhodes, it's not their appearance that makes them abhorrent, but their behaviour (they're both prone to acts of blatant sexual harassment and, in one case, death threats).
    • Subverted completely in the case of Lauren Zizes — it initially looks as if she's being set up as an Abhorrent Admirer for Puck in episode 2x09, but by 2x12 he's completely fallen for her attitude and self-confidence and is desperately pursuing her.
  • Lily on The Hard Times of RJ Berger. However RJ isn't disgusted with her so much as annoyed. The real disgust actually comes from his best friend Miles.
  • In Zoey 101 there is Stacey to Logan.
  • On Saved by the Bell, Screech is one for Lisa. However, she will occasionally reciprocate. Screech gained one himself in the made-for-TV movie Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas. While posing as an escort his overweight pink dress wearing much older date Diana took an instant liking to him and dragged him into her pink limo. While feeling him up and complementing his physique, Screech bragged that he could do five pull-ups, six with a boost. Diana winked at him and said she would give him a boost! He tried to distract her by turning on the TV, but she flirtingly turned it off with her foot and continued wooing him. Later they tangoed and she dipped Screech so she could give him an open mouthed kiss. He edged away but she hoisted him up and stole the kiss anyway. Next she got him in the backseat of her limo and was all over him. Screech tried to bail from the roof of her car but Diana grabbed him back down by his tie for some more groping and kissing. When the car stopped he finally got away even though Diana was holding his hand tightly. Towards the end of the film she spots Screech and declares they are meant for each other, all the more comedic since he just caught the bouquet at Zack and Kelly's wedding. Screech heads for the hills and the lovestruck Diana chases after him.
    • Another episode deconstructs this. An overweight girl asks out Zack to a dance, and he starts coming up with increasingly creative excuses to get out of saying "no". Being an intelligent human being, she quickly cottons on that he's trying to duck her without coming out and saying he doesn't find her attractive, so she rips off the band-aid and calls him out for being dishonest about it. Zack realizes he was being a shallow jerk and hurt her feelings, so he agrees to go with her after all.
  • In Night Court, Dan Fielding is forced to defer an evening's diversions with beautiful twin Swedish stewardesses out of concerns that he may have been bitten by a rabid dog. Grateful for his candor, one of the stewardesses decides to play straight (as it were) with Dan, admitting that the twins were at one time both men. Dan is unamused.
  • One episode of NCIS has Ducky's senile mother become attracted to Gibbs. Fortunately she didn't appear again for the rest of the episode.
  • Rose from Two and a Half Men would fall under this trope. Not because she's ugly (she's quite attractive) but because of her personality. She's a stalker, she would regularly climb over their balcony instead of visiting by using the front door and has engaged in elaborate schemes to make Charlie fall for her, including keeping him sick so she can play Florence Nightengale and, more recently, put on a fake wedding just to make Charlie want her.
  • Henry in CSI at one point is stuck in a BBQ joint miles from anywhere on his birthday, being hit on by a woman who is, let's say, past her best. This exchange follows:
    Henry: I'm engaged. I'm married, actually. I have syphilis.
    Woman: Perfect. So do I.
  • Star Trek:
    • Lwaxana Troi to Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
      • Data sort of became one in "A Fistful of Datas". If when you first saw the barmaid in the Holodeck you predicted she too would be replaced by a replica of Data by the end of the episode, you would be correct. It's downplayed because "she" doesn't exactly climb all over Worf, but it does make him uncomfortable.
      • Ardra is also one in "Devil's Due" to Picard. She's a beautiful seductress who's trying to lay claim to a planet, but Picard finds her vulgar and doesn't want anything to do with her attempts to take his heart and soul.
    • On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Lwaxana seems to resume this role, this time with Odo as her "victim". However, this is partially a subversion, as their relationship turns into friendship and Odo genuinely starts to care for Lwaxana (albeit not in a romantic way).
    • Dukat to Kira on Deep Space Nine as well. Initially Played for Laughs, until Nana Visitor put her foot down pointing out that due to their characters respective histories, this was essentially Hitler hitting on a Holocaust survivor being played for laughs. Especially since if it had happened during the Occupation, she wouldn't have been able to refuse him. The writers listened, and it took a much darker tone over the course of the series, and only served to fuel her hatred and disgust for him.
  • Oleg the fry cook in 2 Broke Girls to both Max and Caroline.
    • Hell, Oleg the cook to every female on the show. (Except Sophie.)
  • A.N.T. Farm's Angus is this to Olive.
  • Ironically the actress playing Olive is this on Jessie to Luke more of a Stalker with a Crush though.
  • Paula is this to Tim in Spy.
  • Weird Ashley Wyman to Axl Heck on The Middle.
    • Axl also accuses Lexie Brooks of being this to him, but in actuality, he’s this to her.
  • Gail the Snail on the series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Gail is seen as so abhorrent, the other characters will throw salt at her to thwart her advances.
  • Nikki Parker to Professor Oglevee in The Parkers. In the series finale, They Do.
  • Doña Clotilde ("La Bruja del 71", or "The Witch of [Apartment] 71") towards Don Ramón (or rather, "Don RRRRRRRRRRamón") in El Chavo del ocho.
  • In Degrassi, at first Liberty is one for JT who finds her unattractive and annoying. A few years later they dated and had a child together.
  • Hannibal:
    • Franklyn serves as this to Hannibal. Hannibal kills him by snapping his neck..
    • And Hannibal himself is this to Will, once Will figures out what Hannibal is. Apparently he doesn't think that gaslighting Will, murdering the girl they have a mutual father-daughter relationship with, feeding Will her severed ear, and then framing Will for all of Hannibal's horrible crimes should be any barrier to them being best friends forever. Then again, despite all this, Will seems to be coming around by the series finale...
  • Tales from the Crypt:
    • In the episode, "Til Death", a man uses a Love Potion on a wealthy widow, marries her and then murders her to get her fortune. She ends up coming back as a decaying zombie who's still in love with him.
    • The episode "None but the Lonely Heart" has an extremely similar premise and ending.
    • Likewise, "Dead Right" features a lecherous slob who only gets the girl because of a prophecy that marrying him will make her rich.
  • In My Mad Fat Diary, Mrs Dewhurst is implied to have a crush on Rae, even though she is old enough to be her grandmother.
  • In The Worst Year of My Life, Again, Big Hannah is briefly this to Alex in "Valentine's Day".
  • Mel is always seen creeping out the band members of the Flight of the Conchords in her conversations with them. She's also their only fan and is clearly infatuated (and in-lust) with them, perhaps a bit too much.
  • The evil sorcerer Rumburak is this for poor princess Arabela, youngest daughter of King Hyacint.
  • In 100 Things to Do Before High School Mindy is this to Crispo.
  • Deconstructed or at least played for drama in the case of poor Jung Sang Mo in Temptation Of An Angel. While masquerading as a trendy fashion designer, Ah-Ran took advantage of his affections and used slightly altered versions of his designs. After finding no further use for him, she shuns his attempts to court her. Sure, he's downright pathetic, a bit of a stalker, and has a case of Hollywood Homely, but he's portrayed as more sympathetic. Depressed and feeling alone, he steps in front of a truck on the highway.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide has these for the three main characters:
  • Punky Brewster had one at the start of season 3—a rather plump boy named Spud.
  • PAA Geri Turner is this to Det. Andy Sipowicz in season 4 of NYPD Blue. Geri, into BDSM, keeps coming on to Andy, who wouldn't be attracted to her even if he weren't married to Sylvia. In this case, it's played slightly for laughs (Andy is constantly being thrust into situations that are acutely uncomfortable for him), but also for drama, showing that men can end up feeling sexually harassed in the workplace as much as women can.
  • MADtv: The mother from "That's My White Mama!". Her husband actually loves her dearly, but since she is a Sassy Black Woman trapped in a fat white guy's body, he's understandably grossed out by the prospect of fullfilling his marital duties.
    Wife: You promised me 'For better or worse'!
    Husband: It doesn't get any worse than this!
  • In The Orville, Yaphit is this to Dr. Finn. Not surprising, considering he's a sentient blob. She does her best to let him down gently. Constantly.
  • On My Name Is Earl, Earl sleeps with a cheerleading instructor (played by Jenna Elfman), in order to prevent the Camden cheering squad from being kicked out of camp. Her eye has been badly scratched in a horrible accident involving a badger years ago, and drips fluid all over Earl.
  • On the Mexican telenovela Amigas y rivales, Luis is a handsome young man who meets two women at the university: the beautiful Tamara and the fat Irene. The two fall in love with him. Luis falls in love with Tamara, but to his horror, the couple is forced to do all their schoolwork with Irene, who takes advantage of the situation to flirt shamelessly with him, hugging him constantly and even pulling kisses. Luis finds Irene fat, unattractive and irritating. When Luis and Tamara start dating, Irene is devastated and gives up on him. And then is subverted in the final 15 episodes, when Tamara breaks up with Luis because she thinks their personalities are incompatible, and Luis gets to know Irene better and falls in love with her. The two start dating, and when Tamara finds out, she gets jealous and asks them to be her boyfriend again, but Luis rejects her because he is happy with Irene.
  • Cheers:
    • Cliff Clavin to almost every woman he sees, barring a few exceptions, mainly because he's a delusional, insufferable creep who sees nothing wrong with the fact he, a man in his thirties, still lives with his mother. At one point, Carla makes it clear if he even jokes about making a pass at her, she'll try to kill him.
    • Sam to Rebecca. While he isn't at all unattractive, Rebecca finds his constant, ceaseless attempts to get into her pants pathetic and annoying. Also, she's holding out for a rich man to sweep her off her feet. When she has a sex dream about Sam, she wakes up screaming. Eventually, she even asks Sam why he's so hell-bent on trying to get with her when she's made it clear she's not interested.
    • Rebecca seems to attract these. An early story in season 7 has her having to deal with come-ons from her spring-chicken boss, who does everything to try and get her to marry him, despite being many years younger. Later on, it becomes a Running Gag that Carla's son Gino repeatedly flirts with Rebecca as well.
  • On the Brazilian telenovela Da Cor do Pecado, the gorgeous Tina is in love with the three Sardinha brothers... especially Abelardo, who is the only one of the brothers who was no physical or romantic attraction to her. So she is this to him.
  • On the Brazilian telenovela Gabriela (2012), the supporting character Tonico has one, and ironically, it's his own wife. Tonico is disgusted by his wife, who has gained a lot of weight over the years because of her many pregnancies, until she became overweight. Tonico tries to spend as little time as possible with his wife, preferring to spend his nights in nightclubs with prostitutes. Unfortunately for him, Olga loves Tonico and is addicted to sex, and constantly locks herself in the room with him and jumps on top of him, breaking the bed and hurting her husband in the process.
  • Cory in the House: Jason Stickler, son of the head of the CIA, has an obsessive crush on Meena Paroom. He butts heads with Cory in constant attempts to win her affections. He's either blind or uncaring of the fact Meena is both creeped out and revolted by him, as he not only misuses CIA technology to spy on her, he admits it. The first episode has him admitting he used satellites to take photos of her family on vacation and offer to show them to her. He's ruined any chance to even be accepted by her that, when he finally decides to just ask her out like a normal person, he's unable to get the words out as she shouts "Not in a million, trillion years, Stickler!"
  • On the Mexican telenovela Por ella soy Eva, Antonia is that for her own husband Plutarco. He married her only because of her money, and despises her for being fat and for her annoying personality. And he hates having sex with her.


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