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    Anime and Manga 
"Jealousy. It truly is women's kryptonite."
Yuto Kiba, High School D×D

"Daichi... bought this for Najika? He never bought anything for a girl before... Why? I'm not letting anyone have Daichi. He's mine... Mine..."
Akane after discovering a present Daichi bought for Najika, Kitchen Princess recipe 15

Haruka: Hey, where'd you get those flowers?
Michiru: Does it bother you?
Haruka: A little...
(Michiru laughs)
Haruka: Is it a gift from your boyfriend after all?
Michiru: Of course.
Haruka: Oh...? I didn't know there was a guy clueless enough to be your suitor, Michiru.
Michiru: It's rather unusual you would be jealous, Haruka...
Haruka: I'm not jealous at all...It's just that I can't allow you to look at anyone else, Michiru...
Michiru: Haruka...That's called jealousy.

"Prince of Spica! The princess you choose should be from Spica, am I right?"
Shizuma after seeing Amane in an awkward (but completely innocent) position with Nagisa, Strawberry Panic!

    Fan Works 

"I don't mind if Ikari-kun sees me naked."
'Oh no you do not, you little blue-haired bitch! He's MINE!' "You can't do that with Shinji! He's... 'MINE! Just for me! Taken! Claimed! In love with me! GAAAAGHH! I can't say any of that!' "He's... not... you... WHARRGAGBBL!"
"I do not understand," Rei said after Asuka descended into Angrish for a minute.
"It's... It's..." 'Come on, Soryu! You're supposed to be a genius! Think of something! There's got to be a thousand reasons you should be able to tell Wondergirl to keep her hands and eyes off Shinji besides 'He's mine and if you try to grab a piece of my sweet baka-Shinji, I will cut you!' Come on! Ah!' "It's not ladylike!" 'Oh, good one, Soryu. Now you sound like a spinster aunt.' "You don't just let a boy grab you like that! Sex is supposed to be with someone you care about!"
"I care about Ikari-kun."
Shinji audibly gulped as they both processed the implications in that. Shinji took Rei's skirt and sidestepped along towards the hot-air dryers, carefully keeping his back to Rei and his head down.
'Do not start making plans to murder Wondergirl. Do not start making plans to murder Wondergirl. Do not start making plans to murder Wondergirl. You're not allowed to kill her, someone might notice.

Asuka: Why is she trying to avoid us these days? She must be sooooo jealous of our love!
Shinji: And why do you think that every woman's gonna take me away from you?
Asuka: [seductively] Because I want you all for myself, baka Shinji.
The Child of Love, chapter 9

"The darkest parts of [Asuka] wanted nothing more than to put Shinji in his place, to remind him exactly who owned his life and crush that little smile he had shown when notified of Wondergirl's return. She was afraid, threatened. Even when the redhead would not admit it to herself, she was terrified that Rei would come and take Shinji away from her."

"Let's stop playing, Ruff," I threw back my winter cloak and gripped the haft of my axe. "Hiccup is mine. He's been mine since he had two feet. He's been mine since you could see the top of his head. Hel, he was mine even before I gave him the time of day! Go marry Snotlout or Fishlegs, but if you try for Hiccup, it'll cost you." I smirked. "Badly."
Ruff's eyes widened, then narrowed. "You haven't got a father to speak for you, Astrid. You've lost this already."
"I don't need a father to speak for me!" I hissed, and my axe was suddenly in my hands, pressed against her throat. "I can speak for myself! Can you, Ruffnut Thorston?"
"Anything you can do, I am automatically queen of!" Ruff retorted, and I could feel another blade pressed against my stomach.
Talking In Her Sleep, a How to Train Your Dragon fanfic (yes, the two girls belong to a Proud Warrior Race)

"How close?" This time Body Paint jumped in and cut off Tape Girl, much to the latter's annoyance. The sexual innuendo in those two words though was nearly dripping. And they say that guys' brains are wired to only focus on one subject.

Sue shot Scott an even wider smile and started batting her eyelashes at him. Jean decided right then that she and Sue were going to have issues.

Watts: How would you feel if your lord husband went and coupled with another woman?
Salem: Hm. I do believe I would exterminate the entire human race. What's your point?
White Sheep (RWBY), chapter 41



"Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?"
The Bible (New International Version), Proverbs 27:4

"But the more I hint that I want to finish it, the tighter [Lavender] holds on. It's like going out with the giant squid."
Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

    Live Action TV 

Woman 1: You are so paranoid. She was just being friendly.
Woman 2: She was like totally checking you out.
Woman 1: You say that about everybody who makes eye contact with me. Token booth clerk tells me to have a nice day, you freak out.
Woman 2: Oh, yeah? Well, excuse me! Tammy? Was I paranoid about her, too?
Woman 1: Tammy doesn't count, Tammy was a stalker. That was her fantasy, not mine.
Law & Order, "Brother's Keeper"

Beck: Okay, let me see if I understand you.
Jade: Let's see if you do.
Beck: Because you and I date, I can't be friends with other girls?
Jade: You can be friends with ugly girls.
Victorious, "Jade Dumps Beck"

    Film - Live Action 

"Say that somebody tries to make a move on you
In the blink of an eye, I'll be there too
And they better know why I'm gonna make 'em pay
Till their dyin' day'
Till their dyin' day
Till their dyin' day"
Gladys Knight, Licence to Kill


"Call my man again and I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up!
Touch my man again and I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up, I'm 'a fuck you up!"
Kaci Battaglia, ("Crazy Possessive")

    Video Games 

"Who is Lenne? ...Why am I so mad? ...Who the heck is Lenne?!"


    Visual Novel 

"Grrrraaah!! You lowly girls over there! That guy is MY thing, don't use it as you like!!"
Mei Ijuin, Tokimeki Memorial 2

    Web Original 


Yuki: You're in my personal space.
Yuno: I am your personal space!

Yuno: Don't worry, Yuki, I won't let anybody hurt you. Or approach you, or talk to you, or look at you, or think about you. If they even so much as use your name in a sentence I'll—

"You'll never escape from me Mitsuo. We grew up together, now we'll go to college together, and... we'll die together."

J.J.: I need you to kill my husband's dentist.
Guardian Angel: ...What?
J.J.: She touched my man. She had her hands all up in his mouth.
Guardian Angel: She's his dentist
J.J.: Okay, but she touched my man, and her booty bigger than mine.
Guardian Angel: You couldn't ask for, like, a transfer, or a relocation? She just gotta be dead?
J.J.: Dead as fuck.
Guardian Angel: GIRL.
Sailor J, "Tales of the Altar"

    Western Animation 

Xibalba: (Impressed with Maria's beauty)
La Muerte: (Catches him and zaps him in the butt)
Xibalba: OUCH! What?

Kim: That was weird.
Monique: Secret girlfriend weird?
Kim: No. He'd tell me. Why wouldn't he?
Monique: Because you'd go all 'jeal.
Kim: ''Jeal?
Monique: Green eyed!
Kim: My eyes have always been green.
Monique: JEALOUS!

Elena: I'll see you sooner or later. Nya, nya.
Zick: Alright, what's wrong with you, Elena?
Elena: I don't like girls who introduce themselves.
Zick: Yeah, she introduced herself to me.


Apple: I heard you're trying to find an evil replacement to make me happy! That is so mean!
Raven: ...Excuse me?
Apple: You and I are supposed to be frenemies!
Ever After High, "Replacing Raven"


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