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Youngers (2013-2014) is a Channel 4 dramedy series about a group of South East London teenagers who want to become the next big thing in Rap. It follows Yemi, Jay and Davina as they try to start a successful rap career. They start a rap group called the Youngers.


  • Garage Band: They record in Yemi's bedroom.
  • Glam Rap: The record producer they meet accuses them of being this.
  • Holier Than Thou: Yemi's church. When Yemi and his church friend go upstairs to complain about the loud noises, his friend also lectures them about how much they are sinning.
  • Immigrant Parents: Yemi's Nigerian mother is very strict and also very religious. When the Youngers briefly break up, she forces him to join her Pentecostal church's music ministry.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother/My Sister Is Off-Limits: Jay has to hide from Jodie's brother whenever he goes to her house because he explicitly doesn't want anyone messing with his sister. This causes problems when Jay breaks up with Jodie at the Youngers' first gig and she tells her brother.
  • The Moral Substitute: Yemi is forced to go to his church's Saturday night event which is definitely meant to be an alternative to partying or going to the club.
  • Music Is Politics: Unlike most portrayals of this trope with rap groups, one record producer actually wants the group to become more Gangsta Rap instead of Lighter and Softer.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Whether intentionally or not, the Youngers are very similar to The Fugees in terms of their group dynamics. Davina is the talented female songstress (Lauryn Hill), Yemi is the other member known for being talented (Wyclef Jean) and Jay can be somewhat of the weak link (Pras).
  • Preacher's Kid: Yemi is tasked with watching his pastor's daughter and finds out that she is wilder than she seems.
  • Stage Names: Jay is Linkster, Yemi is Yems and Davina is The Diva.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Repeatedly happens with Yemi, especially involving his bedroom/recording studio.