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Yellow Diamond: A ball? We haven't had a ball in 6000 years.
Blue Diamond: We haven't had Pink in 6000 years.
Steven Universe: Yeah. When White shows up, we can tell her why we need her help on Earth.
Blue Diamond: And this could also mark the beginning of Era 3.

Much in the same way that Actually Pretty Funny has to admit the wit in a routine, Actually A Good Idea makes it where someone openly acknowledges that an idea that a person had made is not all that terrible. Said idea is often a simple solution thought outside-the-box from a Naïve Newcomer or a second opinion that definitely knows what they are talking about, an idea to a pressing dilemma that has everybody else pulling there collective hair out.


Such ideas are also the kind that are dismissed as dumb or ridiculous half the time, only for the idea to have been executed anyway and reveals that it was actually Crazy Enough to Work.

Compare Actually Pretty Funny, The Cuckoolander Was Right, Dumbass Has a Point, Jerkass Has a Point, Strawman Has a Point and the rest of This Index Has A Point. Contrast with Are You Sure You Want to Do That?, I Don't Think That's Such a Good Idea and It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.


In-Universe Examples Only:

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    Fan Works 
  • In Bound, Astrid and Hiccup make a deal: Hiccup stops his inventing and in return she will take the time to train him how to use a weapon. Later on, Hiccup gets the idea of creating a fire-prevention system that would lower the amount of work the fire brigade would have to do to put out fires during dragon raids. Rather then getting on his case about their deal, Astrid makes an exception with this idea, citing that it actually is a good one.

  • The Stormlight Archive: Highprince Dalinar is on the verge of an ignoble retirement because he's plagued by recurring spiritual visions and fears that he's losing his mind. His son suggests transcribing and researching his ravings. He's a bit stunned at the simplicity of the solution, all the more so when they're found to include accurate, long-lost historic information that proves they have a supernatural source.

    Live-Action Series 
  • One episode of The Goldbergs has Uncle Marvin buy the Goldberg kids beepers. In the closing scene, we see that Barry decided to use his to set up a grass mowing business. Erica is about to criticize him before admitting it's not a bad idea. On the other hand, Barry's advertisement promises to cater to his customers' "grass needs"note  which he doesn't realize has another meaning.
  • Good News Week: Paul McDermott, in reference to the Australian Government discussing the possibility of sending the army in to deal with a dock strike:
    "No, no, no. You send the navy to deal with a dock strike. You send the army in for a coal miners' strike, and you send the air force in for a pilots' strike. Otherwise the navy, army and air force get into a big demarcation dispute and go out on strike, and the government has to send in the wharfies to defend us against invasion. Which isn't a bad idea — when those wharfies cover the coastline, nothing gets ashore!
  • "Food for Thought," an episode of That's So Raven, sees the main characters' cafeteria being replaced with a "food court" that serves disgustingly huge portions of fatty treats. Resident Granola Girl Chelsea is the only person who recognizes that the new menu is terribly unhealthy, and she and Raven eventually team up to convince the other students of the negative effects of junk food. At the episode's end, Eddie wonders if it's possible to have "food that's good for us and tastes good." After briefly flirting with the idea of hydroponic tofu, Chelsea suggests "a salad bar, and maybe some regular-sized veggie burgers" Raven's about to shut her down when she realizes that that sounds like a healthy compromise.

    Web Comic 
  • In 8-Bit Theater, the Light Warriors (minus Fighter) come up with a plan to defeat Chaos, after Fighter ruins their previous attempt by selling the legendary weapons Thief stole. They'll send Fighter over to literally talk him to death. Fighter instead has a friendly conversation with Chaos (and convinces him to transform into his One-Winged Angel form). Red Mage sadly laments that it was a great plan up until Fighter was involved.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode "Viking For Hire", Hiccup overhears that Stoick has a lot on his plate, wishing that there were "two of [him]", and Hiccup gets the idea of having Gobber act as his surrogate in some village matters. Not only would this cut down on Stoick's workload, but it would give Gobber a job now that his smithing skills have been rendered useless in an era of peace with the dragons. Stoick thinks it over and admits that it is not a bad idea. This is quickly proven otherwise, as Gobber's limited understanding of the job causes Bucket and Mulch to escalate their feud, sinks a ship and a baby girl to be named Magnus.
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Familiar", Steven learns that his mother would host grand balls to mark the other Diamond's accomplishments, with all four Diamonds coming to attend. Realizing that this would mean that he would have a chance to talk to White Diamond, he pitches the idea to Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond in the next episode. Yellow and Blue then admit that it is a good idea.
  • Johnny Test: In an episode when Johnny comes up with an idea that would let him and his sisters into an ice-cream factory, his sisters initially hear him out only because they wanted to laugh at his plan. They laugh for about a second but then realize his plan was perfect and say the trope name almost word for word.
  • In The Simpsons episode "A Star is Burns" there is a meeting at the town hall where the people try to give suggestions to bring tourists to Springfield. When Marge steps up, the audience is grumbling because they didn't like any of her past ideas. This changes when she suggests that Springfield hold a film festival and that the public can enter their own homemade movies in it. The audience quickly approves of the idea.
  • One episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy sees the horrifically out-of-shape Billy struggling to find a way to pass a school physical. He gets the idea to have his cousin Nergal Jr., a half-demon child with the power of shapeshifting, to morph into a pair of enchanted pants that will give him super-speed. Mandy, as usual, begins berating Billy...until she recognizes that the plan isn't a bad one. It's promptly lampshaded by Billy, who remarks that he wants to do it precisely because it's the only good idea he's ever had.
  • An episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo sees the gang trying to make a movie. Freddy (who in this incarnation is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander to the extreme) suggests that they use their solving a mystery as the subject matter, and the kids praise him for his great idea. This is apparently so rare that a newscaster feels the need to interrupt the episode for a special bulletin: "FREDDY HAD A GOOD IDEA! IT'S A MIRACLE!"


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