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Recap / Atop the Fourth Wall

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One thing that sets Atop the Fourth Wall apart from other review shows on the Internet is its ongoing storyline. Creator Lewis Lovhaug originally added one to try something different, and since the show's start the storyline has had various sagas over the past seven years, with certain episodes containing storyline segments inserted in the beginning, middle or end of the review proper. As of 2018, there have been 14 story arcs.


A full list of episodes that contribute to the storyline can be found at the Atop the Fourth Wall Plot Guide, though this Recap page will be an attempt to provide more summary and list the various tropes used in them.

  1. His Heart Is Steel
  2. The Other Insano
    * Kickassia takes place here.
  3. Linkara Lost
  4. A Story of Magic
  5. All That He Sees He Conquers
    * Suburban Knights takes place here.
  6. A Piece of the World Is Missing
  7. His Blue Soul
    * To Boldly Flee takes place here.
  8. Gun and Sorcery
  9. Ghost of the Machine
  10. The Machinations of Worms
  11. Here and Back Again
    * Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie takes place here.
  12. The Sleepwalker
  13. The Contest of Champions note 
  14. The Clone Saga note 
    * A Voice from the Dark takes place here.
  15. Ashock The Fourth Wall

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