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Funny moments in Atop the Fourth Wall.


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    Atop the Fourth Wall DVD: Volume 1: Secret Origins 

    Volume 2: Editorial Mandate 
  • The Avenger #1:
    • Early on, Linkara calls out the comic's narrator for his seeming inability to tell the difference between red and black. This later leads him to question whether the liquid falling into the ocean from a crashing plane is actually oil as described.
  • All Romances #6
    • Linkara's review opens with, "Romance comics suck. (beat) That's it, that's the review. Thanks for buying the DVD." Cue the end credits, which Linkara quickly pushes away to continue with the real review.

    Volume 2.5: Special Holiday Issue 
  • Four Color #435
    • When one Frosty story involves a group of talking forest animals wanting to have a Christmas party of their own, Linkara starts panicking and worries it's going to lead up to another "Woodland Critter Christmas."
    • Jack Frost uses his wand to make the animals' Christmas tree start glowing. Cue edit of the tree spontaneously combusting.

    Volume 3: Character Reboot 
  • Linkara Riffs: A Ride for Cinderella

    Commercial Bumpers 

  • The pre-commercial eyecatch that features him dressed as Chazz
    Linkara: We'll be right back, you Slifer slackers. (Later) And now we're back. ...I love this outfit.
  • The Eye Catch featuring Linkara dressed as The Sniper.
    TF2 Sniper!Linkara: That Pyro is a Spy! (beat, then fiery whoosh) Oh god, no he isn't!
  • One eyecatch interrupts Linkara changing from his Freddy Krueger costume from the previous week into his Obelisk Blue costume and awkwardly cuts to commercial. When we return, he's in a Klingon battle armor costume and awkwardly welcomes us back.
  • Linkara's attempts to get a Bulbasaur plushie into a Pokeball, and his subsequent attempt to keep it in there.
    Linkara: (holding the Pokeball in front of Bulbasaur) Get in the ball.
    Bulbasaur: Bulba!
  • This one featuring Pollo:
    Pollo: We'll be right back. Or will we? *dramatic zoom in*
    Pollo: And we're back. Or are we? *dramatic zoom in - partially* Yes.
  • One episode's bumpers have Linkara and The Nostalgia Critic switching their wardrobes and mocking each other. Needless to say, both are not amused.

    Longbox of the Damned 
  • Anytime Moarte drops his Large Ham voice and says anything in a close-to-normal tone is hilarious. For example, in the Uzumaki vol. 1 review, he states the name of the town in the story. On the possibility that he may have mispronounced the name, Moarte's response?
    Moarte: My children, I don't speak Japanese. Give me a break here.
  • When talking about the Friday the 13th franchise, he mentions Jason X in a rather unimpressed manner.
    Moarte: ...Including that one where he went into space and became a killer cyborg. That happened too.
  • The joke from the Uzumaki review returns in the review of Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom.
    Moarte: What's that? I did not pronounce the city name correctly? 1.) It's how it's spelled in the book. 2.) If I don't speak Japanese, what the hell makes you think I speak Old One?
  • In Poe, Moarte notes that he thinks being undead is great and that he's doing pretty well for himself. He has a table and everything!
  • Moarte's utter bafflement at the Killdozer comic, opening with his usual "Hello, my children" in an unsure and confused manner. He introduces the comic saying, "I've got to admit, we've got a weird one today... It's the Killdozer comic." He later goes to say, "Admittedly, the idea of a killer bulldozer may seem silly... and it is..."
  • In the Wrath of the Spectre, the Spectre's costume just a pair of green underpants and a cape.
    Moarte: What? When you're God's angel of death and wrath and punishment and stuff, I think you're allowed to wear whatever the hell you want.
  • In the Reiko the Zombie Shop review, after explaining that most necromancers can only summon one specific zombie, Moarte gives us this gem: "It's like Pokemon! But with corpses."
  • The third episode for 2013 ends with him hefting a sword and declaring he is going to fight something truly scary: a tax collector. Funny on its own, but then he charges off-screen yelling "FOR THE LONGBOX!"
  • In his latest review of Teen Titans Annual #1, after a woman stuffs a cat in a blender, he says this.
    Moarte: Horrific yes, but damn impressive. You ever try to get a cat to do something it doesn't want to do? The thing turns into like, an out of control slinky or something.
  • At the end of the Hellsing review for 2013, Moarte notices that there's something familiar about Alucard's name and proceeds to spell it backwards. And what does he discover?
    Moarte: The ladies love big guns, particularly cannons.
  • In the review of Dracula Everlasting, Moarte notes the similarity between this interpretation of Dracula and Time Lords.
  • The deadpan "praise" of the Deathtube joke from Zombo.
  • From Star Trek Issues 4 and 5, when Moarte mentions Chekov and Sulu fencing, he adds "Get your minds out of the gutters, children!"
  • He opens the video on Captain America #326 by singing the propaganda tune from Captain America: The First Avenger
  • From the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash sequel, a small excerpt from one sentence becomes hilarious if you are aware of the popular Yaoi ships in the Power Rangers fandom: "Jason wants Tommy..."
  • In the new intro, the grave the Longbox is buried in has a tombstone that says One More Day. There's also one that says "Here Lies Countdown"
  • He opens his review of 8-Bit Zombie with "doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doot, my children."
  • In the review of "Night of the Living Dead: Just a Girl" he comments that he wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Cooper's logic says that Karen caused the zombie apocalypse.
  • From "Tales of Supernatural Laws" we have this:
    Moarte: Order! Order! Court is now in session, my children. Beware the creatures of the night, they have lawyers!
  • The Take That! to Internet comments in The Witching Hour.
  • "I am told that Man-Thing is quite giant sized. I sure hope I am the first person ever to make that joke.
  • Moarte's summer attire? A bright orange Hawaiian shirt.
  • For the 2016 Midsummer's Nightmare, Moarte has been replaced with a Rod Serling-esque host-complete with a calm, collected tone of voice that makes any wisecracks all the more hilarious. At least, until the end of the final episode, which sees the Host painfully transforming into Moarte himself.
  • Moarte's sheer disbelief at the story of the comic Satan Six, which had cameos by Lloyd Kaufman, Quasimodo, Jason Voorhees, and Wolf and Bird, Counselor of the Macabre.
  • Moarte reluctantly reviews a Barbie comic.
  • Linkara bursts in on him during his review of the Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy's War comics (looking for a projection of Freddy Krueger created by his preliminary opponent in the Contest of Champions).
    Linkara: Ah-HA!
    (Long beat)
    Moarte: You can go now.
    Linkara: Sorry.
    Moarte: Idiot.
  • Moarte is utterly flabbergastered when he finds a Barbie comic in his box.
    Moarte: ...I feel like the trick is on me today.
    • According to Moarte, sleepwalking can be caused by a lack of sleep, or by being possessed by an immortal outer god overcome by the pointlessness of its own existence... But he wouldn't know anything about that.
  • In Camp Midnight, human girl Skye bluffs to her monster campmates that she wouldn't want to show her (non-existent) real monster form, because it's "the worst kind of creature you can imagine".
    Moarte: Ahhhh... A Youtube commenter.
  • In Jungi Ito's Fragments of Horror when he sees that the first story is titles Futon, he points off-screen and wonders if they're talking about "that idiot over there". Note that this episode is taking place in Linkara's new house, and the futon's new position is right near Moarte's set in the same room.
    Linkara: (Off-screen) Eat a dick, Moarte!
    Moarte: Eat mine! It's seven feet long and made of spiders!
  • Moarte gives a pretty nasty burn to the House of Mouse when he brings out an adaptation of one of the most famous vampire stories ever staring said Mouse:
    Moarte: Oh, great. So Disney's so obsessed with obtaining every single franchise on the planet, now they've got Dracula?! Beat Actually, Mickey Mouse starring as Dracula would be pretty apt.
  • When the Nazi scientist in Giant Monster turns against the military he's working for, Moarte has some commentary.
    Moarte: Well, if you can't trust the nazis... You can never trust them, they're nazis.


     The Atop the Fourth Wall Movie 
  • Linkara and Allen's first meeting: the second Allen says he's from the FBI, Linkara immediately slams the door in his face.
  • When Linkara teleports himself and Alan back to the bar, Alan questions their abandoned tab. Linkara shrugs it off, explaining that he drains half their supply every time he reviews Marville.
  • Linkara and Dominic:
    Linkara: Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like the Nostalgia Critic?
    Dominic: About thirty times a day. Anyone ever told you you look like Harvey Finevoice?
    Linkara: ...He's like, fifty.
    Dominic: Sure he is.
  • Where are the other reviewers during the movie? They're trying to comfort the Nostalgia Critic:
    Calluna: For the love of god, Critic! Why did you watch Garbage Pail Kids again? What were you thinking?!
    Critic: I don't know! I thought it would get better with age!
    Sage: Critic, open the door before you are permanently traumatized!
    Critic: I don't know what happiness is anymore! Joy is a lie! A LIIIEEE!!!
  • Nash's increasing bafflement with the powers and lives of the other reviewers.
  • When Cinema Snob mentions that he keeps several bottles of Crystal Pepsi on hand at all times in his pants. Cue Joe giving a confused look at his pants.
  • During the final battle Allen comes across a box labeled "Nappa". His response? "God damn it!"
    • There was also a box labeled "Diamanda Hagan's Minions."
    • Another box was labeled "Spoony clones."
  • The Cinema Snob's method to distract the roboticized astronauts.
  • The Stinger. The Cinema Snob finally gets to show everybody Salo, like he's been wanting to the whole movie. Nobody is happy about this. Except the Snob, of course.
    • The various reactions are even funnier. The slow pan first shows Lupa and MarzGurl mostly looking befuddled...then to the guys plus the two male astronauts and even Pollo, all in various degrees of freaked, disturbed, bewildered, horrified, mortified, and traumatized. Once more, except the Snob, of course, who even nudges Nash, who is in fetal position.
    • Blink and you miss it (and hard to see, given it happens at the edge of the screen), but Allen glares at the Snob when the latter nudges Nash.
  • When Allen begins showing classified files to Linkara, the Snob asks if the rest of them should be seeing this. Linkara tells him not to worry: it's not like they're gonna Tweet it or something. Lupa then sheepishly hides her iPad behind her back, the camera cutting to show she was about to do just that.

Bimbos BC (with The Cinema Snob)
  • Snob swipes his key card and walks into his hotel room, at which point Linkara punches him and grabs him by the arm.
    Linkara: (angrily) We're gonna review Bimbos BC, you hear me?
    Snob: The fuck are you talking about? We planned on doing this
    Linkara: Oh well, yeah, but the thing is that we're not supposed to like doing crossovers. We're supposed to be like "oh, I don't wanna review that with you, I didn't know we were at the same hotel", that kind of thing. You know, play along.
    Snob: Oh, oh, okay. (flatly) Oh, oh, I hate this! I don't wanna do this…
    Linkara: Great! Well, let's go review it!
  • Linkara: It was shot on shhhhhhhurely what was at the time high-quality video tape.
  • After a hilarious fight scene:
    Snob: That's right, just flail your arms weakly a bit more. That's obviously holding it off.
    Linkara: It apparently bites into her shoulder and… oh look, who knew that the human body was made of Bubble Tape. (monster starts chewing, Linkara makes "om nom nom" noises)
  • On the opening credits:
    Snob: …and they even change the font halfway through, and then change back, and then change again!
    Linkara: Wait, should I use Helvetica? No, no, wait, Times New Roman! Oh, Courier, will you be my savior?
    Snob: Who cares what the fucking font is?
  • Larry the Male Bimbo: And while the scientists were living in luxury, they were breeding day and night!
    Dr. Insano: Yes, we scientists claim we want to stop nuclear war, but secretly we want it to continue so we can all live in our gilded palaces! (maniacal laughter)
    (Linkara throws something at Insanao, knocking him over)
    Snob: What'd you throw at him?
    Linkara: Comic book.
    Snob: And that works?
    Linkara: Surprisingly, yes. Go ahead, try it.
    Insano: (standing back up) Why do people always want to hate me? (another comic book hits him, he falls again)
    Snob: I feel power like I've never felt before.
  • After some extracted blood makes a "squirt" noise onto a microscope slide:
    Snob: The fuck was that noise?
    (Linkara leans in and beeps the Snob's nose; Snob slowly turns and glares at him)
  • Doc: What Thatch plans to do is buy all the land and build more cities so he can make more income for himself.
    Snob: Again, it's the fucking Apocalypse. No one owns any land. And if they did, what good is money when there's no fucking economy? Where is the money coming from?!
    90's Kid: Duuuuuuude! Obviously they kept their copy of Bloodgun #¾ in pristine shape!
    80's Dan: Hey hey hey, I know I kept my copy of Marvel Contest Champions in pristine shape!
    90's Kid: Dude! 80's Dan! You have all that New Coke stashed up!
    80's Dan: And you have all that Coke II, my backwards hat-wearing friend!
    90's Kid: I will totally trade you!
    80's Dan: That is fair, good sir. That is fair. (they walk off together)
    Snob: The fuck just happened?
    Linkara: It's best not to question it.
    • In the commentary video, Lewis notes that moment was "the crossover that everyone demanded".
  • Snob: I don't wanna die, my voice is too sexy!
  • Thatch: Watch a good comedy like I Spit on Your Grave. That cheers me up.
    Snob: "A comedy like I Spit on Your Grave?" Oh yeah, nothing spells "goofy slapstick fun" like a 40-minute rape scene!
  • After some Dutch Angle shots of the building:
    Linkara: Yes, focus on the bricks! The bricks know everything!
  • Man: The weather's getting worse, Mr. Thatch. I fear it's acid rain.
    Linkara: Oh my God, Snob! There's a battle out there of Godzilla fighting a giant robot!
    Snob: Really?
    Linkara: Yes, but we don't have the budget to show it to you!
  • Linkara: I AM A MAN!
    (punches Snob in the Chest; Snob grunts and starts coughing)
    Linkara: You okay?
    Snob: Just… ducky. (coughs)
  • Kung Tai Ted starts instructing on the horrible fight choreography, but stops when Ninja Style Dancer appears behind him, and they agree to a fight.
  • Linkara: The bimbos enter the Nightmare Zone.
    Linkara and Snob: We're already there!
  • Splicing in the Batman (1966) theme to make a scene more amusing.
  • The Rule of Three to Running Gag of Linkara's and The Snob's characters bumping into one another: Harvey Finevoice asks Linkara if he's needed at the end of the review, only to be told no by Linkara. Then, Vic Dealio announces his presence, (momentarily confusing Harvey), before the two go off to sing a duet.
    Linkara: Do you think our characters are weird?
    Snob: (Utterly annoyed) Yeeeesssss.

Black River Monster (The Cinema Snob)

Zsazsa Zaturrnah (Diamanda Hagan)

  • At one point, Hagan tries to compare the plot to Gayniggers From Outer Space, but Linkara wont let her say the title since she's not black. So she gets someone who can.
    Hagan: Just think of it as a reversed version of...
    Fard Muhammad: *exasperated sigh* Gayniggers From Outer Space
  • Multiple times throughout the review, Linkara states that Zsazsa is a better Superman movie than Man of Steel; the first two times are somewhat in jest, but the third time is more serious when he points out that at least Zsazsa takes the super-battle away from the civilians.

killer7 Comic Series Review (Lotus Prince)

  • Linkara making a reference to Superman IV.
  • After noticing a truck with the Umbrella logo in the comic, Linkara assumes that Umbrella is allied with the Big Bad.

    Game Livestreams 

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