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Drinking Game / Atop the Fourth Wall

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Take a shot...

  • Every time 90s kid appears.
  • "I AM A MAN! *Punch*note 
    • Down your drink if he pulls something back, or he replaces "MAN" with something else.
  • "Because poor literacy is KEWL." (or some variation on this)
  • "Bees. My God."
  • Every time a clip from Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rifftrax is used.
  • The Continuity Alarm sounds.
  • Any of the other TGWTG reviewers appear.
  • If he finishes with something other than "This comic sucks!" (e.g. "This comic is awful!", "This comic blows!" etc.)
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  • When he starts singing.
  • When Combine Harvester starts playing.
  • When Weird Al plays over the credits.
  • When Linkara drinks, or says that he needs a drink.
  • When the epic Large Ham SNOWFLAAAAAAAME is mentioned.
  • When he mentions his "every bad comic being somehow linked to Countdown" theory.
  • Anytime Batman's hatred of Rock & Roll is brought up.
  • "Too much pink energy is dangerous!"
  • "THIS. ISN'T. FUNNY!!"
  • Every time One More Day is referenced. Two chugs anytime Spidey making a Deal with the Devil with Mephisto is directly invoked.
  • "Pants to darken."
  • Dr. Cox, Insano, and/or Linksano clips.
  • Technical Difficulties (due to psychotic rage).
  • "There is logic in what he says." (Doctor Who clip)
  • "It just raises too many questions." (Batman Forever clip)
  • Twin clones of Hitler clip: "Of course! Don't you know anything about science?"
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  • Any mention of a Mr. T trading card or a comic's lack therof
  • Any time Linkara is reminded of the threat of "Ancient Egypt!"
  • Any time "Space is warped and time is bendable!" or "Let's do the Time Warp again!"
  • Phelous "Great continuity!" clip
  • "You make the call!"
  • The credits attribute a comic or property to the wrong company.
  • Patton "You magnificent bastard, I read your book!" clip.
  • Hitting the top of his head in place of a comic book character to denote how stupid they're being.
  • In newer episodes, any time one of his and Viga's pet cats appear in the background.


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