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Wild Mass Guessing for Atop the Fourth Wall.

The ‘(Insert character name here) IS REALLY…’ files are for WMG's on characters true identity. They are NOT for what a character may become or for what they are trying to do e.g. the ‘LORD VYCE IS REALLY…’ file is for speculation about who he really is, anything else about him goes in the ‘LORD VYCE STORY ARC’ file.

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    General Guesses 
Linkara has feelings for MarzGurl.
  • Here's the evidence that I have so far gathered:
  1. In the Uncanny X-Men #424 Previously on… segment, Linkara is devastated that Marzgurl has broken up with him.
    Linkara: But Marzgurl,I thought you loved me!
    Marzgurl: Believe me, baby, I do... but I love Stalin more! (cue Evil Laugh)
  2. Then after that, in Daredevil #306, Linkara and Marzgurl must have gotten back together, for he was breaking up with her. (But he probably got back together again, or they want to get back together again... * Cough* )
  3. He gets pretty Papa Wolfish of her. He did the Cool World review with her when she was still trying to find her niche, and defended her against her haters.
  4. In that review, it seemed like Marzgurl got pretty jealous when Linkara was leering at Holly.
  5. In the 1st year Anniversary Brawl, they fought despite being on the same team.
  6. Kickassia probably has some of the Crowning Moments, with Linkara rushing over when she is knocked over and telling her to find comfort "in [his] masculine arms."
    • Jossed, regarding real-life Lewis, anyway: He already has a girlfriend.
      • I didn't mean Lewis and Kaylin; I meant Linkara and MarzGurl. ;^)
      • Also Jossed: In Linkara's 100th episode, Linkara and Iron Liz are clearly living together.
      • I have another theorem: They indeed did date(the characters) but broke up shortly after Kickassia over the whole Linking up with Linkara thing. Then he meets Liz in universe and the rest is history.
      • Which means its only a matter of time before someone decides to OT3 them.
      • Rule 34, dude. Someone probably already has.
      • ...Big Brother Instinct?

One day, Linkara is going to reference the quote on the top of Atop the Fourth Wall's page,
And the entire universe will implode.

Linkara will summon the Dragon Zord to fight Dr. Insano
He has the Dragon Dagger, Insano has Neutro, This could be the Super Mecha Death Christ VS. Robot Donkey Kong Jesus Riding A Cloud match all over again.
  • He was recently also looking for (and received via donation) a morpher, so he's got to be planning something Power Rangers related.
    • He also recently bought the entire Green Ranger costume so this could be more likely now.
  • Jossed. Linkara said his dragon dagger couldn't summon dragon zord.

Neutro will combine with a ship
  • Either with the Comicron 1 or Vigilant.
  • Said this was doubtful on the forums.

Linkara and Spoony are childhood friends.
At the end of Final Fantasy VIII Linkara plans to bring Spoony back to life. Which only someone who was friends with someone would do willingly. Along with that, the reason he doesn't think Insano is Spoony is because he refuses to believe such a thing and would rather think Insano is Bennett or Goggles.
  • That's not counting the Ho Yay angle.
  • But... their accents are completely different; Spoony's 'a's are shorter and twangier and Linkara's got that semi-British pronunciation of 'room' that slips out from time to time.
    • Spoony is Arizonan. Linkara is Minnesotan. Their accents are probably regional.
    • Fools, hast thou no prior knowlage of SKYPE!?!?!

Linkara created Dr. Insano.
That grey lump of protoplasm? That's not all that remains of Spoony, as Spoony survived. Unfortunately, he makes an imperfect clone that goes nuts and goes back in time.
  • I dunno, that final shot of the explosion didn't have Spoony in it. Course, that just means that Linkara tried twice...
    • According to Familiar Faces, he creates a clone Dr Insano.

90's kid will go evil
  • Think about it, Linkara is some kind of superhero, and 90's kid is the complete opposite of him. Not only that, but he likes "dark" and "edgy" antiheroes...
    • You mean 90s kid isn't already evil?
      • Not evil, just obnoxious. He's like a pop-up, really.
    • 90's Kid is now a manifestation of Silent Hill that is tormenting Linkara for reasons we can scarcely comprehend.
  • Considering the Silent Hill Review Alternate Endings video(2009), in which 90's Kid's answering machine says "If you're calling about our secret plans about global domination, press 2," I would say this theory is right on the money.
    • Further proof: In the stinger of X-Force #1, 90's Kid gives his standard line with a twist: "I'm 90's Kid, and what you see is what you get. Or is it?"
      • Semi-confirmed, He's evil because he was replaced by the Entity.

Pre-Linkara Retcon, Dr. Insano used to be a robot.
Explains why he has such a robot fetish.

Pre-Linkara Retcon, Dr. Insano really was That Chick With the Goggles.
Which explains his confusion in the Adamantium Rage video.

Linkara makes references to tropes so his quotes will be put at the top of that trope's page.
And everyone falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

Linkara does like the Silver Age...
...but he's tired of hearing people talking about it. That's because people tend to talk about the Silver Age's hat of being bizarre and strange. Because he gets so sick about hearing "(insert name here) got spanked! And (insert name here) is doing something really weird by getting a new costume and/or power!", he backlashes against the whole Age in general.
  • Confirmed. In a quite a few videos, Linkara does state that he doesn't hate the Silver Age and in fact loves some of its insanity. He just likes pointing out how insane the age really was.

90's Kid is Dr. Insano's agent
He just plays Too Dumb to Live so nobody could find out. Also, as a part of Insano's final plan, 90'sKid is going to take control over all Bums by telling them "Duuuudes! Who needs change? What we need is more GUNS!'', releasing their true power and turning into army of Bloodguns - robots built from guns, that don't even have a faces - there's just another gun.
  • Well, the alternative ending for his Silent Hill: Dying Inside review showed that 90's Kid is trying to take over the world, as well as start a fan club for Rob Liefeld.
    • My question is, which is the more evil act?

Linkara will be the next person to leave
Let's put aside popularity and stuff like that. So far, two people have left the site: That Dude In The Suede, because he needed to leave, and That Aussie Guy, because he had to. Now realize that previously, three different members of the site did guest videos for Ask That Guy: That Dude In The Suede, That Aussie Guy... And Linkara. IT'S A SIGN!
  • Suede only temporarily left. He will (hopefully) return.
  • Jossed. The third person to leave was Little Miss Gamer (The reason being the disbandment of PBC Productions).

Crazy Steve is working for Marik
Marik states that his staff works only for people that have Steve in their name. You see where I'm going with this.

Linkara is the name of his morphed "Ranger" form, not of the character
When not morphed, he's Lewis Lovhaug. By extension, he has to use the morpher to put on the suit and hat- it only looks like an ordinary outfit, but is actually a magical Henshin Hero suit. Thus, whenever we see someone wearing the jacket and hat (IE, Spoony in the Ultimate Warrior review, Pollo in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers review, that person is Linkara, they just aren't Lewis Lovhaug underneath it.
  • It naturally follows that the reason he was so nervous about letting Pollo review wasn't anything Pollo was saying, but discomfort with giving Pollo the Power of Linkara. It also follows that the reason he was so upset about the loss of his hat in the Bad Future seen in the Terminator comic is that without the hat, his powers are greatly reduced, since the hat composes half of the suit.
  • Also would explain why he has to have a successor, in the form of Iron Liz.

80's chick, 90's kid and 60's kid are a family
It would explain why they all speak in either totally radical dialogue or valley girl speak. 60's kid is obviously 80's chick and 90's kid father.

Linkara didn't retcon Insano into a guy
He retconned his own memory of Insano being a guy.

Linkara is a manga fan
  • He referenced Chobits in Superman At Earth's End, so...
    • In his That Guy With the Glasses introduction video, he also said that he would review a manga if he could find one bad enough, but then, this was also before Y Ruler of Time was picked up, so Linkara might leave any bad manga to him.
      • Or maybe they'll do a crossover review of a really bad manga chapter during the second Anniversary thing.
      • As of his "Top 15 comics I will never review", he stated clearly that he will be leaving all manga to Y.
    • He showed in his Q & A vlog that he owns some volumes of Steam Detectives. Wild Mass Guessing confirmed.

An evil Burton exists in the robot apocalypse alternate universe, and is Mechakara's superior.
  • Evil Burton's name is Lord Vyce, and he's responsible for Mechakara's return.

Linkara will one day take over TV Tropes
His quotes have been appearing on nearly every trope he tangentially talks about. He is using this in a slow bid to make all tropers give him their undying loyalty until he gains the power to crown himself Lord of the Tropes. With his troper army, he will soon gain control over all the internet, and then the world! (Of course!)

Linksano will recruit The Ultimate Warrior
  • Alternatively, he'll force him to review all the remaining issues of the Warrior comic. It could be a joint review with Spoony like the first one, since they are making crossovers during the Kickassia event.
    • The second is semi-confirmed as they did issues two and three, and ends up featuring not just Linksano, but Insanos and Linkaras of all kinds, like the last time a Warrior comic was reviewed..

The reason our Dr. Insano is The Minnesota Fats to Dr. Linksano is that Dr. Linksano shares Linkara's connection to continuity...for now.
  • There is no continuity, there is only Insano; but what of Linksano? In a personification of mad science, consistency and continuity only slow one down. While Dr. Insano's origins, motives, and threat level fluctuate wildly in ways that make him all the more unpredictable and dangerous, Linksano has been forced to remain consistent, and therefore was stuck at a relatively low threat level, perhaps due to Linkara's concern with continuity. If he can drive Linkara insane, he will be messing with his own continuity through the existence of multiple versions of himself, letting him start to catch up to Dr. Insano.

Linkara has been personally involved with Superman in the past
His initials are L.L., and he's a comic book guy. Stands to reason.

Dr.Linksano will create a science gun
It's like Linkara's magic gun, only it's SCIENCE!
  • So... a regular gun?
    • No, a science gun. It can cancel out magic, works with scientific principles and shoots disintegrator beams.

Iron Liz will become a God Mode Parody Sue

In one AU, Dr. Insano is a Science Hero and Linkara's an Evil Sorcerer
There's have to be at least one Evil Twin/Good twin universe
  • In this AU, Linkara forged the magic gun himself and Insano battles his snarky, depressive side (represented by Spoony).

90's Kid came from another universe
He's actually a Bizarro version of Linkara
  • Jossed. 90's kid is from some kind of 90's limbo. Although that revelation was only from a Cinema Snob video, so it may not be canon.

Linksano isn't from the Partymania universe
Every universe has one Insano, if Linksano came from the Partymania universe , there would have been TWO Insanos (one normal and one Linksano). Linksano came from a very similar universe to the PM one, with the only difference being which Schlumper brother became a Mad Scientist (the other one might be his Sidekick or something)
  • I think he is... There are two Schlumper brothers in the video, one became Insano, as shown at the end. The other became Linksano.
    • It seems more likely that in Linksano's universe, the Shlumper brother that became Insano was the other one, and the one that became Insano in the normal universe...did something else.
  • Not necessarily. The main universe has two Doctor Insanos(three, if you count the split personality Insano): the clone Insano living with Spoony(who seems to be a kinder version of the original), and the paradox Insano who killed Spoony(and by the looks of it, is the Insano fighting Linkara).

Iron Liz is Linkara's sucessor
I concur.
  • Confirmed by latest title card.
  • Jossed by Liz's blog.

One More Day and Cry for Justice really are connected.

MarzGurl and Iron Liz will have a catfight in the review of Action Comics #593
MarzGurl obviously has feelings for Linkara, Iron Liz is curently dating Linkara, Linkara is going to review Action Comics #592 and #593, every two-part review has a Previously on… segment that has various TGWTG members doing something, MarzGurl is usually one of those members to contribute, it all adds up. Too bad we'll only get a taste, most likely due to Linkara being a feminist and the two girls living in completely diffrent states.
  • Jossed

Linkara will die in a future episode...
...only to be brought back by Pollo, as foreshadowed by the beginning of Chain Gang War #1.

In the Warrior #4 review, Bennet will say "I believe in Santa Christ!"
Once again getting the year wrong.
  • Jossed

There will be a Mechaliz
And she'll turn out to be alternate universe sexbot!
  • Moreover, she'll be made of iron.
  • There's no Mechaliz yet, but Liz does have an Evil Counterpart: Judas Liz.

Linkara will one day team up with Lightbringer
He loves crossovers, he put Lightbringer and Angel Armor in the same universe to do crossovers, and the plot of AT4W is based on multi-dimentional crossovers. Anyone think that'd be kickass?
  • Hoo-boy! One can only consider the possiblities...
  • Darkbringer and Douchey McNitpick join forces and take Linkara hostage, forcing Lightbringer and the Nostalgia Critc to distract them with a 'Top 11 Lightbringer f*ck ups while Liz and Osprey stage a rescue.
  • Doctor Insano unleashes Neutro on Pharos City.
  • The Cinema Snob reduces Darkbringer to a sobbing wreck after a harsh scolding.
  • An epic science vs science showdown between Doctor Insano and Mindmistress!
  • Dasien and Parker take on Ultimate Spoony, culminating in him exposing Parker's lesbianism.
  • That Guy with the Glasses is the Smiling Man, having escaped captivity and regrown his hair.
  • Lightbringer will either be someone from The TGWTG glasses crew, or be added in Roger Rabbit style like Casper.

Iron Liz and Judas Liz are twins, and Immortals
Judas Liz said that there could only be one. Furthermore, both of them use swords as their main weapons.

Linkara is posting multiple Red Herrings in order to throw us off on what the facts about his villains are.
  • Linkara isn't a Troper, and neither is Lewis for that matter. He does frequent the site, but doesn't contribute anything.
    • For all we know he's lying

Pollo and Mechakara are Cylons.
Seriously, just look at Pollo and tell me I'm wrong.

In-universe, Iron Liz isn't Linkara's girlfriend - she's his apprentice.
She was in secret training to become the next comic reviewer/champion of earth until the Linkara Lost disappearance forced her to be revealed. Since she performed well there, she's now moved to stage two of her apprenticeship - reviewing her own passion and fighting alongside him, all while inadvertently cultivating her own rogue's gallery.

Doug Walker is secretly the biggest Marzgurl/Linkara shipper on the site.
He's the one who wrote that infamous scene in Kickassia, after all.
  • And had them against each other on the brawl, which also ship-tease-ish.

90's Kid is a highly educated feminist.
Rob Walker wasn't just kidding when he showed 90's Kid Todd's thesis. The 90's Kid that we know and love is just him goofing during his time off. In his day job he's a highly respected academic economist and feminist who studies the economic effects of varying social policies on men and women such as paid maternal leave, different health care needs and sex specific abortion. In fact, this is one of the reasons why he's not cool with punching pregnant chicks - it reminds him of some of the horror stories he uncovered studying sex specific abortion in China and India. He just doesn't think that being a feminist means he can't do what he thinks is fun.
  • Basically confirmed in Todd's review of Rhianna's song "S&M". Rob Walker says that Todd isn't experience enough in the field of feminism to tackle such a subject, so who does he hand it to? 90's Kid. Though...

Linkara will be driven insane.
Didn't Future!Linkara once think to warn his past self of the magic gun, then going "it's only my sanity"? Given what the Magic Gun is, this may not simply be a non-sequiter. Plus, with the Entity on the loose, this could happen. And when it's done, it won't be for laughs.

Linkara and Spoony are long lost brothers.
Okay, let me explain. Dr Insano is traditionally a split personality, clone or what have you of Spoony. Earth-982 has Insano and Linksano as the Schlumper brothers. Linksano is an AU Linkara. Thus Linkara and Spoony would be brothers. But wait, you say! Schlumper!Insano was intrested in Female!Spoony. This is because that Spoony was an Opposite-Sex Clone, sent back in time. Schlumper!Insano is oblivious. And yes, I've just destroyed the Linkara/Spoony pairing. But like it matters.]]

The "World Without A Critic" is part of the Linkara Multiverse
In the Nostalgia Critic's "You're A Dirty Rotten Bastard" special, the angel Roger shows the Critic a would-be Earth where he never existed. While this itself may just seem like a viewing of "what might have been", wouldn't it be a kicker if Roger (perhaps unwittingly) took him to an actual parallel world?
  • Wouldn't have to be. The many-worlds interpretation means that it would exist as an alternate timeline and alternate universe.

Linkara is making his plots scarier because he wants every type of page on this site.
He is currently trying to get a Nightmare Fuel page.
  • He has good potential of becoming a horror writer.

Linkara will use the f-word in Atop the Fourth Wall when Iron Liz is threatened
In a Precision F-Strike "Get away from her, you bitch" moment. Linkara has been through killer robots, universal conquerors, supernatural mindrape and Bimbos in Time without dropping the F-Bomb, and having Liz being in trouble be what makes him say it will add to the drama of the situation, add depth to their onscreen relationship, and launch a thousand fanfics.

Linkara and Puns.
Okay, everyone knows about Iron Liz and her love of puns. Well, looking over all the Power Rangers episode titles from ALL the seasons, I'm seeing a ton of puns, shout-outs, and references in them. Linkara probably can at least tolerate puns or even likes them as much as his girlfriend due to prolonged exposure as a Power Rangers fan.

The magic gun loves Linkara.
Ok, she is 13, dead, and according to the majority of the world that would be considered wrong. However she wouldn't be the first child character to have a crush on the main hero. (See Twilight Princess.) Now these two have been partners since AT4W had their own story line and she let him use the gun against others when she could have just killed him like she did her parents and was even able to keep him from using the gun on himself despite clearly pulling the trigger. Though he still never explained how he purchased it or how he was able to use it without any damage to himself. If she didn't like him let alone love him then he wouldn't have been able to use the weapon.
  • Semi-Jossed. There's no relationship, the girl just thinks of Linkara as a friend.

Phelous is a grey lantern.

Comicron-1 has a holodeck.
That's where the Linkara hologram came from.
  • Confirmed

90's Kid is from Portland, Oregon.
We learned in a cinema snob video that 90's kid is from a place that is still in the 90's. And as we all know, The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.

Linkara actually uses a masterball.
He just paints it red and white so people don't realize.

The diversion between Linkara's and Mechakara's worlds is Linkara battling Neutro
In Mechakara's world, Linkara's fight with Dr Insano and Neutro happened earlier, before Linkara got the Magic Coin, and Linkara therefore failed to defeat the giant robot, being forced to escape. Insano went full out, using Neutro to conquer the world while equipping it with more and more evil science created by himself. Unfortunately, this included giving Neutro both artificial intelligence and the ability to take over other technology, which of course led to Neutro betraying and killing Insano and taking over the world for itself. During this chaos, Linkara got hold of the Magic Coin and moved to confront Neutro a second time, not realising that Neutro had infected and corrupted Pollo, who killed Linkara in a suprise attack. Pollo didn't recognise the power of the Magic Gun at the time, and the surviving humans managed to grab it and eventually use it to learn how to tap into magic as a way to fight the robots. Pollo used Linkara's remains to make himself into the Mechakara, hoping to get the Magic Gun to counter the humans' magical attacks, but was never able to obtain the Gun from the humans. Then when the Insano of our Linkara's universe created a rift in Hypertime, Neutro sent Mechakara through to the other universe, figuring that it would be easier to take from people who didn't know the robots existed. And, in a truly ironic turn of events, Mechakara would ultimately find himself facing down against and defeated by an alternate version of its own master.

The little girl of the Magic Gun is the female player sprite that wasn't used in Red/Blue Version.
A little girl, whose name was lost, part of the sacrificed data used for the 'creation' of MissingNo. A little girl who killed her parents and all members of the MissingNo. cult (why the cult doesn't appear in the game) but is a good hearted person who cares about those who help her defeat evil (like the standard pokemon player character).

Mechakara's home dimension is the Ratchet & Clank universe.
It would explain quite a few things about him:
  • His hatred for all organic lifeforms? Most likely incited or even implanted by Dr. Nefarious
  • His unfamiliarity with magic? The R&C universe is almost entirely technological with little no mention of magic, EVER.
  • Still having the same network port as the original Pollo model? Nefarious is known for being an inept villain, that's an EASY mistake for him to make.
  • His aversion to damage from everything excluding BFGs? It's Ratchet & Clank, that part explains itself.
Once he was taken and upgraded by Lord Vyse, however, most of the connections to his home world were rectified.

Boffo May Turn Evil.
Maybe not by his own choice, but come on. The fact that Linkara made a point about how not all clowns are evil, though valid, would still rouse some suspicion. Just what kind of evil:
  • Will he go crazy like The Joker?
  • Or will he be a monster like IT.
  • Or maybe a possessed clown like in Poltergiest.
    • All jossed. He's just a greedy dick, as shown in the Captain Tax Time review.

Linkara will deliver a lengthy, scathing review of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
This is not due to any personal preference, but a major philosophical theme of the series. He's already made multiple references in his HOPR videos to "a later installment" whenever a Ranger team chooses to continue fighting even without their powers, such as in Season 3 of MMPR before Ninjor grants their new powers, or in Lightspeed Rescue when the team temporarily loses their morphers before fighting their cyborg replacements. Part of what makes the Power Rangers superheroes is that even without powers, it's their strength of character that make them worthy of wielding the power. Overdrive marks the first major instance of a Ranger team losing their powers and choosing NOT to continue the fight against evil (despite STILL possessing civilian powers!). We're likely going to see a montage of previous teams who are willing to fight on without ANY powers, leading to a major condemnation of the only team in the show's legacy to Give Up The Fight.
  • Confirmed with his HOPR video on Overdrive.

Linkara will create a Superboy Prime Character.
  • and he will fight Snowflame, because that would be awesome.

Linksano has really reformed and isn’t just pretending
I mean think about it, with Lord Vyce floating in space somewhere Linkara’s threat against him is almost completely gone. While it wouldn't be nice to by stuck on a snow planet Linksano’s clever enough to block Linkara’s teleported if he wanted. He hasn’t done anything that could be considered treachery since Vyce was defected and he’s still working for Linkara.

Linkara will review a lamp
As an April Fools joke.
  • Sort of. Linkara starts the video reviewing a lamp, but it quickly turns into a Cinema Snob parody.

Mechakara will replace Insnao as TGWTG main reccuring viilain
With Spoony leaving chances are we won't see much of Insano even if they do reach a reconcilliation. However, Mechakara is already a popular villain and thanks to his role in TBF he's gotten a lot of exposure outside of AT4W's fanbase so he's in a good postion to fill the void. While he supposedly died at the climax Joker Immunity will probably keep him safe like it did all the times he's died before.
  • Not likely. Noah has said that even though he is not part of the site, he can still do cameos in other contributors' videos.

Moarte(the Longbox of the Damned's host) grew up in the 1890s.
Being an undead, he wouldn't age, and the late 19th century was well known for its gothic horror. Why the 1890s? Because, in a sense, it would make him his century's 90s kid. Also his appearance is reminiscent of the Victorian era.

90s Kid is the son of Bill Esquire.
Linkara commented that Bill's clothes, hat and general appearance look a lot like 90s Kid. The reason why he looks so similar is that Bill is the dad of 90s Kid. The movie was set in 1989, so it would allow 90s Kid to be born circa 1990/1991 and thus be a kid during the 90s. The fact his parents are time travellers can solve a number of ageing inconsistencies.

Future comic reviews

Linkara will eventually fight a villain who uses the evil powers of Ancient Egypt.
  • And if that isn't the case, they will be an expy of either the Tomb Kings or the 5E Necrons.
    • Alternatively, they'll be an expy of a Yu-Gi-Oh! villain.
      • Paradox?
      • Given Linkara's magic turns toys into weapons like how Yu-Gi-Oh! has mere trading cards become monsters, this has a lot of credence. Bonus points if Little Kuriboh is the actor.

Lewis(not Linkara, Lewis) will give up on being a Spiderman fan.
Linkara showed a rather "glass half-empty" view of Spiderman in his One More Day review; considering him irresponsible and unwilling to make sacrifices. He also considered this evident of a deeper and major flaw in his writers-they refuse to let Spiderman develop and invoke Status Quo Is God instead, because they want Spidey to be the young, hip version that he started as. From the serious and honest tone in his voice, these thoughts are very likely what Lewis Lovaugh genuinely believes. I find it unlikely that he'll continue being a Spiderman fan with this view.
  • Pretty much confirmed. He refuses to read anything post-OMD until it's actually solved, and with the upcoming reboot, it never will be.

Mechakara turned rouge because his Linkara never used Pollo.
In both his and the main universe, Linkara decided to create Pollo. The reason why Mechakara turned into such a psychopath is because, while our Linkara decided to use Pollo in his videos, Mechakara's Linkara decided not to use the Pollo prop for whatever reason(maybe he didn't want to copy Mystery Science Theater 3000, or thought the design was too cheesy), resulting in Mechakara being in the storage room while Linkara was making videos. Infuriated with this, Mechakara used the robot uprising to get back at his Linkara. Ironically, Mechakara has ensured that his Pollo remains friends with Linkara, since his appearance led to Pollo becoming a main character.
  • Jossed almost immediately. One of Mechakara's complaints is being used in Linkara's jokes and skits.

Linkara will have a 'Combine Harvester' freakout when he finally finishes Marville
Given his increasingly frustrated reviews of the series, this seems inevitable.
  • Confirmed, somewhat. There is a 'Combine Harvester' freakout, but it's made up of clips from previous ones.

When he finishes Marville, Linkara will have a crazy, tacked on time travel explanation to mock how stupid the comic is.
After finishing Marville, Linkara will be so enraged at the stupidity that he'll be desperate to know how Bill Jemas could be so stupid when he wrote this. Bill Jemas will then appear and reveal that he is a PS1-composed Marvel editor from the year 5002, who went back in time to the present in order to become editor of Marvel-since he was considered stupid by the standards of 5002, he figured he'd seem intelligent by 2005 standards. He, of course, isn't. And then he and Linkara will fight with hadrosaurs. And unlike Marville, it will be completely hilarious.
  • Jossed.

Linkara's magic comes from Ancient Egypt.

One of the DC comic heads hates Linkara.
Think about it: Linkara is a major fan of Lian Harper, and his favourite team is Teen Titans. With the latter, DC uses them as common cannon fodder, and with the former managed to make Justice League: Cry for Justice Linkara's most hated comic ever. Linkara explicitly hoped that Lian Harper's death would be retconned, and DC decided to do this by having no Lian Harper to die in the first place. In Roy Harper's new series, they decided to wreck Starfire's character by turning her into an detached hedonist, which would enrage Linkara's feminist values. It's almost as if DC is purposely trying to screw up what Linkara likes about them. Why they hate Linkara is unclear though. Hopefully it's not because they're angry about Linkara criticizing them, because that would be more mean-spirited/stupid than Superboy-Prime.
  • Perhaps the hate started with him bashing Identity Crisis.

His 300th episode will be Holy Terror.

The 300th episode will be... 300
The comic, not the film. Is it written by Frank Miller? Check. Does it have name recognition? Check. Is it a timely release to coincide with the sequel? Check. Is it filled with historical inaccuracies and questionable creative choices? Check. Has Linkara showed distaste for this story before? Check. Does the title fit perfectly with this particular milestone? Maybe.
  • Jossed.

The 300th episode will be Lightbringer's old issues.
Every 100 episodes, Linkara reviews something he said he'd never review. Number 1 comic he'll never review? A Sonic comic, which he proceeded to review right afterwards. Number 2 comic he'll never review? One More Day, which he did for his bicentennial. Number 3 comic he'll never review? Webcomics. While Sonichu is an obvious pick and definitely something we'd enjoy, the thing's been flogged so hard its refunded the glue factory. Linkara already did an episode dealing with a comic's first, and Linkara's arc was a critique on him. Plus as a major comic fan it would fit for Lewis to analyze his own flaws. Of course, he could review Sonichu for the 400th anniversary, given that Number 4 in "Top 15 Comics I Won't Review" aren't technically comics.
  • Jossed.

NIMUE's Insane Rantings Was Foreshadowing
  • So she wasn't under the control of the King of Worms in the Ghost of the Machine arc. It still seemed specific enough to provide clues for future events and this wouldn't be the first time the show had some apparently inconsequential details be important, such as 90s Kid's statement of What You See Is What You Get... Or Is It?.

At some point, Linkara will be separated into multiple personalities
  • Had this idea while rewatching the 300th episode. Picture, if you will, Linkara being shot in the middle of using a morpher. All the different Super Modes will become separate characters with distinct personalities, and conflict will inevitably ensue. At least one of them will devolve into straight-up Knight Templar and try to pull a Holokara.
Linkara killed JFK.
  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated with a magic bullet. Linkara has a magic gun. Do the math.
  • Dr Insano messing with Hypertime could've caused the bullet to go back in time, like what was implied to happen in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!. Or it has something to do with the cult worshiping the Entity.

If Linkara reviews Civil War, it'll be "Top 15 Things Wrong with Civil War".
Much like Identity Crisis, it's a highly divisive work so a standard review is out of the question.

The spell that makes his toys alive is Jewish in origin.
Specifically, it’s an extension of the spell to create golems. The golem used a specific spell to give clay statues of men life. Sometime afterwards, they decided to try and give life to other things based off their image, eventually resulting in Linkara making his toys real. It also explains why Linkara keeps saying that Ancient Egypt is evil; it’s the old animosity of Egypt and the Jewish people.

Subjects of future Secret Origins Months

Who Linkara married?

When Linkara did a Review of; Brave & The Bold # 28, he realizes he's wearing a Wedding Ring, before trying to find who he married.While, out of Universe, we know he married Viga, who did he marry In Universe?

Considering, on the same day as him posting that Video, Cinema Snob posted up a Video, which also had him realize, by the ring on his finger, that he too just got married!

Considering the timing of both of these, as well as them noticing this on the same day, in the Channel Awesome Universe...Linkara married the Cinema Snob!?

Whatever it was that scared the King of Worms will be a villain in the future.

After Linkara's done all of Spider-Man The Clone Saga Stories he will do videos on The 2009 The Real Clone Saga Mini Series and The Ultimate Clone Saga on his Anniversary week during the proceeding years.

Comics Linkara may do for big Milestone Episodes

Moarte was somehow involved with the creation of the magic gun.

Moarte was the Linkara equivalent of the early 20th century.
There's a 2090s Kid and a Linkara 2099, so maybe there's an equivalent in the past as well as the future. While comic books weren't a thing in the 1900s-1910s, newspaper and comic strips were. The young Moarte critiqued them and the yellow journalism of Hearst, using an independent newspaper to publish his views. Sometimes 1890s Kid would voice his opinion. He didn't have the success Linkara had and quit the job, eventually getting into more popular gothic literature and eventually becoming the undead ghoul we see him as now.

Guesses as to what was originally his 500th episode before he changed it to Futures End
Self explanatory - he's only stated that it's from Marvel and it's something that has been requested of him by a lot of people. So, let's speculate!note 
  • Civil War II. Unlike the first one, which is divisive, opinions of this one are more on the negative side, and it is more recent.
  • The Crossing. It's widely considered one of the worst Marvel comics from the 90s, plus Marvel had to hire Rob Liefeld to undo the damage; Linkara would probably have a field day tearing this to shreds.
    • Confirmed as of this episode of his playthrough for Fallout: New Vegas.
    • Heroes Reborn: Alternatively, he could do a double-feature of both this and The Crossing, since while Reborn undid most of the damage did with The Crossingnote , the material itself is seen as just as bad, if not worse, than The Crossing, comparing the two (plus, seeing as he's targeted a Frank Miller comic for one of his milestones, it would make sense for fellow Acceptable Target Rob Liefeld to share this "honor" as well).
  • Secret Empire. With the absolute backlash against turning Captain America into a sleeper agent for HYDRA, combined with the many questionable creative choices made, it would be fine fodder for the show. The fact Lewis has torn apart copies fans have donated to him in his P.O. Unboxing videos shows that he really doesn't like the story.
    • Jossed - he mentioned he's doing that for his third Event Comics month in his 600th episode livestream.

(Please feel free to add more)

The Grim Reaper thing is the answer to the question given to the Entity.
That being "what happens to an Outer God when it dies?" One of the more enigmatic horrors is the Grim Reaper-looking entity Linkara briefly faces in a black void and once in a while visions of it appears, saying "now comes your doomsday". When it shows up for the first time, the Entity was mostly dead, and so is the King of Worms. The Grim Reaper entity is what happens when an "Outer God", or more accurately one of the Technumia dies; retribution for whatever caused its death, be it the (subconscious) intention or some natural consequence of something high on the food chain dying. Of course it can be fought off given Lord Vyce has a history of killing horrors like the King of Worms, but given Linkara has only taken out Technumia by confounding the Entity and the King of Worms freaking out when he found the Entity in him, and the fact that the only person he knows that's capable of defeating this Grim Reaper entity is dead, this cannot be good for him. Another interpretation is that it is the Entity or the King of Worms reborn and recreated in appropriate form, or more accurately the bulk of the Entity's existence until the piece inside of Linkara reuintes with it, and very angry about what has happened to it. Maybe it's some new spawn of madness born from a member of the Technumia's death, but either way it answers what happens when an "Outer God" dies.

    Mirror Universe 
Liz wasn't sent into an Mirror Universe...
...she was sent into a Mirror Multiverse! Think about it - why else would Mirrorkara's intro have clips of him fighting Mechakara and Vyce? Because he actually fought "MirrorMechakara" and "MirrorVyce," who in their multiverse, are not evil. I haven't watched the episode in a while, so I'm not sure if they say "universe" but even if they did, how would they know the difference?

Mirror Universe Linkara is BF Fs with Mirror Universe 90's Kid
Mirror Universe!Linkara has admitted to like Rob Liefeld (shudder), it would make sense that he and that universe's version of 90's kid would be the best of friends.

Mirror!90's Kid actually has taste
If main world 90's Kid is all the negative parts of the 90's (confirmed on Brows Held High) than Mirror!Kid has very good taste and despises the Liefeld era.

Mirror Mechakara is to Mirror Insano what Batman is to Superman
One could argue that it should be the other way around since Insano has the gadgets and Mechakara has the nigh invulnerability but their personalities would say otherwise. Mirror Insano's lines sound like something Superman would say, heroic but modest. So in theory if there were a Mirror Mechakara he would probably be a hero too like Mirror Insano. However his (Mechakara's) personality would much be in line with Batman's.

Mirror Universe WMG.
  • The Nostalgia Critic and Film Brain have reversed roles. NC calls himself The Millennium Overviewer, and Film Brain is still Film Brain. Ask That Guy is Affably Evil, and Chester A Bum is a rich film snob. Douchey Mc Nitpick is a white knight, to the point of intolerance. And adoring his idols.
  • Spoony is still with Channel Awesome, and played by Miles Antwiler.
    • Noah is a police officer, and his favorite running gag is "You're standing in my spot, sir."
  • Rob Liefeld is a great writer, yet a terrible artist. His writing more than makes up for this.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd still reviews bad games, but he's in constant sarcasm mode. The Irate Gamer is basically the Chester A Bum of game reviews. He's even better than the AVGN, but still regarded as a rip-off.
  • the same. He's so evil, there isn't a single good version of him. And if there was, an alternate Bennet would kill that good version.
  • The Cinema Snob reviews kids' shows, yet is a sleazy individual who equates adult situations with the show.
  • The Distressed Watcher is a beloved individual on Channel Awesome, and his Ask Skeletor show is a hit. However, he's a case of Nice Character, Mean Actor—his Youtube personality is The Fundamentalist on the level of callousness that Jerry Falwell had.
  • Nash's show is an exhibition of human goodness and kindness, where the constant Florida stories always involve stuff like saving drowning puppies or curing AIDS.
    • Assuming the mirror universe from WTFIWWY is the same as the one from AT4W, confirmed.
  • Nella is the Nostalgia Chick and constantly humiliates Lindsay.
  • The Chick/Todd/Lupa triangle is reversed, whith Lupa pining after Todd who pines after Chick, who isn't interested in either.
  • JesuOtaku is from a large city in New England and her reviews are emotional rather than analytical.
    • Professor Otaku reviews only good anime or likes the bad ones he reviews, Arkada is afraid of narwhals and emits peanutbutter in their pressence. Vixen enjoys the Fanservice corner but is not sexualized and does not review any of the anime that show up there. Malakye and Tsubake are heroes who want to save the world. Rabbit had her American accent stolen and was reviewing anime before Vixen, and Hitch beleives Sex Is Evil. Kagami is not in the brigade. She was killed by her boyfirend, who is terrible at making AMVs.
  • Oancitizen reviews late night infomercials.
  • Ed Glaser's Deja View shows him talking about the worst movies of Greek Cinema.
  • Linksano is called Spoonsano and is a Hero with an F in Good.
  • Ninja Style Dancer is now a Pirate Style Dancer.
  • That Dude in the Suede lives in our dimension replacing "Suedezaie", (he has dimension travelling powers) and "Kiwy".
  • Mirror Mechakara is actually a cyborg version of Linkara. That, or he's from The Matrix.
  • One More Day turned out to be one of the greatest comics ever created.
    • But, due to the Spidey/Mary Jane relationship being the Creator's Pet in that universe, it's only one of the greatest comics in our reality.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd was first, and The Angry Video Game Nerd is second. The Irate Gamer is incredibly original.
  • MarzGurl HATES Don Bluth...but loves The Land Before Time sequels because he was not involved with them.
  • That SciFi Guy is the same, except he gets his background information from Professor Uncyclopedia.

There is no Mirror Linksano or Mechakara
Because they're already alternate versions of Linkara and Pollo respectively.

Mirror Universe and Mirror Universe seen in The Cartoon Hero show are one and the same
.Diamanda Hagan is a part of TGWTG crew and she has good counterpart in Hero's mirror universe.

In Mirror Universe 90's were very successful period for comics and are well-regarded by most of people

90's Kid however, who is calm and sophisticated gentleman, sees comics as what they are and appears on Mirror Linkara's show to complain about their flaws, making well though, reasonable arguments based on deep analysis.

  • Wait...there's a version of Youngblood that's decent?! OMGWTFBBQ quaaa...
    • But this is also the same world where Jim Lee has not revived the X-Men with his spectacular run with the Cyclops-led team, rather he traded talent with Pat Lee and originated Dull Surprise instead.

Mirror Universe 90s Kid...
... is a huge fan of the greater mainstream appeal indie comics enjoyed in the 90s with books like Ghostworld, and is a total hipster who smokes pipes and wears tweed blazers with logo tees of bands you;ve never heard of. His theme song is an accoustic cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Multi-Multiverse - Multiple, Interconnected Multiverses
Linkara's foes often stem from alternate universes, so there is at least one multiverse (henceforth dubbed the Normalverse). The intro for Mirror Linkara showed him fighting Mechakara and Lord Vyce, both of whom are among said multiverse. It seems unlikely that they are the same individuals that regular Linkara fought, so this implies that there are alternate universe copies of them for Mirror Linkara to battle... and if we operate by Mirror Universe rules, they might be more heroic versions of their Normalverse selves. This suggests a Mirror Multiverse. In addition to these two, the Warrior specials have had hypertime distortions that brought together multiple Doctor Insanos. Given the existence of at least one Insano in each multiverse, a potential Insanoverse intersects through the other multiverses. Unless similar patterns arise, it is fairly safe to assume there are at least three interconnected multiverses: Normalverse, Mirrorverse, and the intersecting Insanoverse.
  • Alternatively, it's the same Vyce. We didn't see his body, and this could be the universe that convinced him to "force the issue."
  • "There is no continuity. There is only Insano." Rather than being part of some intersecting multiverse, Insano instead stems from some kind of "insanity wound" in hypertime, resulting in all manner of Insanos across multiple realities. Perhaps not even "multiple", but just one Insano entity (albeit not THE Entity) fractured into multiple personas and forms.

Mirror Insano is really Mirror Linksano
Alright, I'm reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy late with this, but it makes sense. Dr. Linksano is referred to as an alternate universe version of Dr. Insano, and Mirror Insano is played by Lewis, so maybe because its a mirror world Dr. Linksano has Insano's name and vice-versa. Also this would mirror how Linksano was a Harmless Villain.

Mirror Harvey Finevoice is a rock-n-roll singer.
  • Keeping with the pattern of "similar but different" as established in Star Trek as well as in Atop the Fourth Wall.

The reason why Mirror Linkara worships Rob Liefeld is...
  • He wanted to absorb 90's Kid's time warping nature to be eternally young, so he ate him. While he failed to gain his unique time-stasis nature, he absorbed his OCD-like adulation of the 90's style comics and artistic style of Rob Liefeld instead.