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Awesome moments in Atop the Fourth Wall. For examples from History of Power Rangers, see here.
“I am a Man!”

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    Review Segments 
  • Linkara's outraged reaction upon realising that Sinnamon, the protagonist of a blatantly fanservice-heavy comic that had been running for eleven issues over three years by that point, is a minor.
  • Setting Superman: At Earth's End on fire. Subverted as that was merely a fake copy of the book. Double Subverted a while later, when he actually burnt it.
    • Even better is the speech he gives on why Superman is great and timeless, and how the comic fails to live up to his name.
  • When reviewing the "Holy War" story arc in X-Men #423-424, while he admits that the warning against religious extremism is fine, he loses all respect for the story with how ludicrously Anvilicious it is, and how the Critical Research Failure of writer Chuck Austen shows an absolute lack of understanding Catholicism and Christianity (and religion in general), and how the Evil Plan is so unspeakably stupid that the story cannot possibly be taken seriously.
    "So let me run down the entire plan of the Church of Humanity for those who didn't quite catch it: Nightcrawler decides to become a priest, so the Church of Humanity is there waiting for him and creates a false illusion for months of him becoming a priest so they can install him as Pope, despite having no actual influence on the papal election, so they can use Communion wafers that disintegrate people to initiate a false Rapture, despite Catholics not believing in it, so they can reveal the Pope is really a mutant that will be mistaken for the Antichrist, but people will still know it's a mutant, so Western civilization will not only kill all the mutants but also the civilization itself will collapse in on itself before everyone swoops in to join the Church of Humanity, which will apparently be the only spiritual option despite the dozens, if not hundreds, of other religions that are available for people to join! This is quite possibly the dumbest plan I've ever heard in my life—and I've seen someone deciding to make twin clones of Hitler! Chuck Austen, you could not fail any more if your name was Faily McFailing Fail!"
  • The completely-justified speech at the end of the second part of his Countdown to Final Crisis review.
    Linkara: So after all this, after fifty-one issues of Countdown to Final Crisis, what is there left to say? Only this: Countdown to Final Crisis blows. It reeks. It fails. It is heinous. It is mean-spirited, wretched, nonsensical, idiotic, irritating, slow, crappy, and altogether stupid. It is everything wrong with the comic book industry, and an embarrassment on the records of everyone who worked on it. Bottom line, as we say around these parts: THIS COMIC SUCKS.
  • The ending of the Batman: Fortunate Son review.
  • When he finally runs across a comic that pisses him off as much as Superman At Earth's End did (The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Part 3), he sets it on fire by "I AM A MAN"-punching it with a battlizer from Power Rangers in Space. With "Finale" from Batman (1989) playing in the background. And then it goes to credits...with "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics over them. If not the most awesome ending to an AT4W episode ever, it's definitely in the top 10.
    • Also from that review, his reaction to some lines with rather Unfortunate Implications
      Wonder Woman: (to Superman) Where is the man who stole my Amazon heart? Where is the hero who threw me to the ground and took me as his rightful prize?
      Linkara: (Death Glare at the comic)
      SNL: I'm gonna go ahead and assume you know why that's stupid and move on...
  • Brute Force, all on its own.
  • His What the Hell, Hero? to Superman for insulting Big Barda's makeup, after she was held captive for two days.
  • In response to the insulting portrayal of people who don't go to college in Future 5, he assembled a list of people who did very well for themselves after never going to college or dropping out. Number one on the list: Bill Gates.
  • His opening to Athena, as he once again bashes blatant sexism and ludicrous fanservice in comics, as well as giving a Take That! to all those watchers that think he hates women, he's gay or he's a religious fanatic because of his anti-gratuitous-nude rants. The fact that during all of it he seems much more serious and angry than usual is just the icing on the cake.
  • Linkara quoting The Divine Comedy during his TMNT Meet Archie review, ending with "READ A BOOK, PEOPLE!"
    • He specifically recites a portion of the third canto ("All hope abandon, ye who enter in"). And quite well, too.
  • Avoiding an Author Filibuster about the distastefulness of using rape as a plot device, instead directing viewers to someone he thinks is much better than him at discussing the issue.
  • Linkara furiously giving his six cents on why One More Day is terrible, giving one of his most scathing (though entirely justified) rants to date, ending it with these choice words:
    • Then, in 2012, he did an hour-long review of the 4 books, just to show how much it fails as a Spider-Man story, as a story in general and how it killed the character in his eyes.
  • From the first part of his October 2010 Halloween review, "Ash Williams vs. Silent Hill: Dead/Alive." Winner: Ash.
    • Earlier, him managing to make a single line more creepy than the comic itself.
    • This burn is pure gold.
      Lenora: There is such delicious pain in the questions. Such agony in the answers. In the waiting for those answers.
      Linkara: Yes. I am in immense pain. I have never cared less about what is going on in a comic. If I stood on a tall building, stared at the ground, and didn't care about this comic, that not-caring would form an ocean of apathy across the world that I could swim in.
  • The last third of the New Kids on the Block #4 review, done entirely in rhyme even when it stops being applicable.
  • His What the Hell, Hero? to Uatu over the Esoteric Happy Ending of his teamup with Spider-Man.
  • During his "Top 15 Screw Ups" video, in response to criticism that during his Batman: Fortunate Son review that he was bashing Europe when pointing out the flaws in Issac Krow's comment about "In Europe, the relics of saints are available to all worshipers, FREE," he points out that while he's a capitalist and opposing higher taxes, he was bashing the idiocy of the comic character, and goes further by pointing out Europe is not a country, and cites a comment that goes into it further and points out that if Krow is talking about the US government subsidizing sites of cultural importance due to music, that it already does that, and the practice displaying "relics of saints," something that is stupid to compare to the preserved body of a rock star, is not government run, it's run by the Catholic Church, who does charge money for seeing them.
  • Though it's easy to forget in the wake of the Vyce fight in "Cry for Justice", Linkara's dead serious rant about the death of Lian Harper and how it represents a horrible failure of the writer rather than being properly shocking.
    • What really makes it so awesome is just the whole tonal change when he said it. There wasn't any music due to how joking the atmosphere was. We've seen 'Linkara' rant, rave, and generally get riled up by all sorts of bad comics to no end, but this seems to be Lewis, not Linkara, royally pissed.
    • When Linkara gets pissed, there's usually a bit of a whine to his voice in order to say, "Hey, I may be pissed, but I'm just in-character and this is just for fun." In Lewis's rant toward the death of Arsenal's daughter, there's no whine or cracking in his voice, just pure, emotional, unmitigated rage. And that's something considering that Lewis has never been as angry as he was in that scene.
    • Speaking of Justice League: Cry for Justice, Linkara also brutally calls out the cruelty and hypocrisy of the DC heroes seeking "justice", with it summarized with his reaction to the ending of Green Arrow shooting Prometheus in the head, and simply saying "Justice."
  • The introduction of Ultimatum #5. He talks about continuity for nearly five minutes, and before he starts, tells the Continuity Alarm that it can't interrupt him, because it's during the introduction and not the review. And sure enough, it doesn't (apart from when it tries to before he starts).
    • And while talking about continuity, he calls out DC and Marvel for the fact that, in attempting to reboot everything to make continuity make sense to new readers, they have only succeeded in making the continuity even more confusing.
    • Why does he not burn Ultimatum? Fire is too good for it. He then throws it in the trash.
    • An inadvertent one: this introduction uncannily predicted DC's "new 52" reboot mere days before it happened.
  • The SCI-Spy reviews: Linkara's Sean Connery accent has to be heard to be believed.
  • Reiterating his feminist position in the Barbi Twins #1 review, saying there's no one philosophy to feminism, and specifically stating that he's not against any sexuality in comics as he knows full well some people will try to put those words in his mouth.
  • Turning off the continuity alarm during Rise of Arsenal so he can properly explain just how horrible and hurtful some of Arsenal's lines are. And actually managing to make jokes about the comic while being perfectly clear that he's not mocking the pain of losing a child.
    • His delivery of Roy's lines straight, even when he's, as he put it "An insane jackass we have no sympathy for" especially the line: "You left her! You left my baby alone in the house while the entire city was coming down on top of her!"
    • In the second video on the series, he does another dead serious rant on how offensive the premise is.
  • In the interests of honesty, Linkara admits that he didn't have an actual copy of Superman At Earth's End at the time of filming the original episode, though he did destroy the copy once he got it. And then he gets another copy and burns it on screen, just so it's official that the comic has been burned on the show.
  • Linkara's killer impression of Rod Serling.
  • Gushing over the first issue of Captain America, especially the iconic cover of Cap punching Hitler (in fact, his only real issue with the comic is that this never actually happens in any of the stories). And finishing it off with the USO montage from Captain America: The First Avenger, which he calls one of the greatest sequences in movie history (unfortunately, however, this was later cut due to copyrights).
  • In his review of the comic adaptation of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Linkara's delivery of Khan's big speech, followed immediately by his quite frightening rage at how badly the comic screws up the movie's most famous scene, that of Kirk screaming Khan's name in anguish.
    "The most MEMORABLE scene in the movie! The thing that EVERYBODY thinks of when it comes to this movie! The EPIC yell of rage and frustration, so powerful and so forceful and so loud that we see and hear it ECHO across Regula I! AND IT'S ONE! TINY! PANEL?!?!?! FAIL! YOU... FAIL!! HOW DO YOU SCREW THIS UP?!?!?!"
  • He starts the list of his own favorite jokes on the show by saying he's not including any Running Gags, then makes up for it by using them all in a few sentences.
  • The way he handles his "15 Things Wrong with Identity Crisis" video, he admits that there are people who like the story and, to some, it was their introduction to comics, which is why he does this differently from a review or a countdown. He goes about this whole thing mild-mannered, save for yelling about moments that are really stupid, and simply giving his opinion on what this story did wrong.
  • Playing an especially dramatic rendition of The A-Team theme during Mr. T's He's Back moment in "Mr. T #1."
    • The opening of "Mr. T #2," where we actually get to see several of the TGWTG cover artists, plus the guy who wrote the show's theme song.
  • This quote from "Top 15 Worst Comics I've Ever Reviewed":
    I don't burn out. I set more things on fire.
  • Immediately bringing up the clip he knew everyone would point to after he said it isn't right for Autobots to kill a surrendering enemy, and explaining how the two situations aren't compatiblenote .
  • His exceptionally well-researched argument for why the absurdly simplistic solution to high taxes put forth in Captain Tax Time wouldn't work.
  • "Superman #701" sees him give a What the Hell, Hero? to the Man of Steel even more furious than the last one, when he decides he's done enough by pushing a street gang into another neighborhood, and even sends a little kid to tell the extremely pissed off gang to go away.
  • His response to a quite mean-spirited anti-cop joke in "Marville #2," a Tranquil Fury reminder of how many cops are killed in the line of duty, then telling the writer to go to hell.
    • Considering that a good friend of his has a brother who's a cop, this was likely personal.
      • Not to mention that his former girlfriend, whom he's still on very good terms with, is training to be a cop. Yeah, it's probably best not to make anti-cop jokes in front of Lewis.
  • The afterword to the crossover review of Southland Tales:
    The future is going to be far more futuristic than we ever anticipated. Hopefully it'll be more practical.
    In the introduction to the graphic novel, Richard Kelly explains the reversal of the T.S. Eliot quote as "satirical." Satirizing WHAT, exactly? Better writers?
    Pimps suck.''
  • His tirade against the ludicrous anti-government Writer on Board in "Battle for Bludhaven."
    • And then his statement to DC on the off chance that an exec is watching, cattily telling them that no one has ever cared about Monarch, and they should just let the storyline die.
    Linkara: Nobody cares about Monarch! Nobody. You had a good story idea in 1991... but ya blew it! Nobody cares about Armageddon 2001! Nobody cares about fixing Armageddon 2001. Nobody. Cares. About. Monarch. Let it die!
  • As for the personal awesome moments in the 200th episode, One More Day (like mentionned above):
    • His speech on how Marvel refuses to make Peter Parker behave like an adult, and how, despite being the Trope Namer for Comes Great Responsibility, Peter is constantly dodging responsibility and making excuses.
    • His speech on how he doesn't want the creative parties to take the easy way out and just erase One More Day, but actually address the problems with the story and try to move forward, rather than just pretend that it never happened.
    • His promise to buy every issue of The Amazing Spider-Man since One More Day if the Deal with the Devil is reversed or undone in any way. Keep in mind, this is over a hundred comics we are talking about.
    • His epic chew-out of the writer for suggesting through Peter's alternate video-game designer self that people who design and play video games and enjoy escapist fiction are losers, when superhero comics are escapist fiction. note  The speech speaks for a good majority of people who live with this stigma. It also marks another rare time that he sounds genuinely angry and disgusted at how hypocritical and mean-spirited the whole scene is, and not at all in-character as Linkara. Good grief, he made his 200th episode count.
      • Even better: when Lewis screened the 200th episode at ConBravo, this bit got a round of applause from the audience.
    • The description of how much better the story would have worked if it was Mary Jane who was shot, especially since that kind of story worked very well in the Angel episode "I Will Remember You." That way, the Deal with the Devil could be portrayed as something Peter hated to do but had to, not for himself and his own selfish wants, but to save Mary Jane's life, even if it means he can't be together with her anymore and, above all, be tortured by actually remembering that they used to be together.
      • A good part of the awesome is that he himself can fix most of the stupidity of "One More Day" (and still leave in the bargain with Mephisto) in a single sentence: "Have the sniper hit Mary Jane instead." Granted, it takes more for him to explain why such a simple change would remove a lot of complaints leveled against the comic, but it also drives home his above point about not "taking the easy way out"; it took him a little under five minutes to lay out how to make the Mephisto story plausible, if not a bit redeemable, whereas the writers had months to work out how to do the same, yet gave up and derailed any idea about "With great power comes great responsibility" completely in the process.
      • Plus, he included another sentence that gets rid of the other plot contrivance of having literally every super-intelligent scientist/healer be unable to help him: have Dr. Strange not be available in time. And given that Strange was supposed to be in hiding during this point in time anyway, it wouldn't be hard to have him be unavailable to Peter at all.
      • And another one when Spider-Man brieftly asks Dr. Doom for help, yet gets rejected. He points out how it makes no sense for Doom to refuse such an opportunity to use Peter for his own gain.
  • In his Transformer # 4-5 review, Linkara appropriately playing "The Touch" when Optimus attacks Devestator.
    Linkara (as Optimus): I am Optimus Prime. I'm a soldier. I fight. That's what I do. I shoot down giant robots, single-handed straight through the face, because I am Optimus Prime. (Beat) Bitch.
  • In his Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2 review: his Take That! at DC Editorial's refusal to let Stephanie Brown appear but will allow blatant Male Gaze shots from the comic to go out.
  • In the review of Brave and the Bold #54, Linkara gives a Take That! against Aquaman's perceived lameness:
    Linkara: What's that? You want me to start making jokes about how useless Aquaman is? Hahahahaha... Aquaman is the king of Atlantis, whose domain pretty much encompasses the entirety of the ocean. He owns 70% of the planet! He's super strong, super fast, and he can summon Cthulhu to eat your soul if he felt like it. The perception of Aquaman as 'useless' is based on the Superfriends cartoon series, where Aquaman's superpower is that he owns a jet ski. ...I don't make fun of Aquaman.
  • Linkara calling himself out for using ableist language in his earlier videos (most notably "Spastic Boy Prime" and "Heroic spaz attack,") as such language is actually a derogatory term in the U.K. used toward people with cerebral palsy. Linkara also explains that he doesn't use those words anymore (along with the word "retarded") because he wants to be inclusive to everyone who watches his videos, and prefers to let loose only on people who truly deserve it, like Frank Miller, Joe Quesada, etc. It's a good sign of maturity to avoid such language willingly.
    • And to close out his Next Top 15 AT4W Screw-ups, he burns One More Day, to the tune of One Day More.
    • His completely sincere, thorough, and well-thought-out apology for being too callous on the subject of depression, admitting that he is entirely at fault. He points out the many things still wrong with the scene, but again says his words were still inappropriate and apologizes anyway for much of what he said.
    • Also from his Next Top 15 AT4W Screw-ups: his well-thought out rationale on how the X-Men don't make any sense in the grand scheme of the Marvel Universe.
      • And even when people were calling him out for possibly having a Author Filibuster moment with the part mentioned above, a few videos later, he explained himself in a mature manner and actually excused himself for having been too harsh on X-Men.
    • Also, his telling Douchey (and to an extent, all internet trolls) to back off when he complains about Nostalgia Critic being not quite retired.
  • Linkara explains in just a few sentences exactly what the movies always get wrong about Dr. Doom's character. For all his bravado and arrogance, he's right. He is that strong, he is that smart. He doesn't come with empty boasts, he backs them up.
  • On Raver #1, he really went above and beyond in his research. Rather than take the easy way out by just playing the comic's sheer incomprehensibility for laughs, he actually looked up more information on the series to get at least some idea of what the story is supposed to be about.
  • During his review of Marville #4, his complete trashing of Bill Jemas for, among other things:
  • His overview of the Teen Titans, covering decades of history with tons of characters in a clear, concise manner while still getting quite a few jokes in.
  • Rocking a snazzy suit in the Dragnet #4 review.
  • The opening of the SCI-Spy #3 review, making a passionate case about how technological leaps and bounds have brought the quality of life to the greatest heights anyone has ever seen.
  • From the first DVD:
    • Doing the "I am a man" bit and pulling back a Portal gun.
    • Playing the "I read your book" clip, followed by saying it while actually holding Rommel's book on infantry tactics.
  • Educating Frank Miller in how to properly exploit a meme in All Star Batman and Robin #6.
  • Marville #5 naturally gives him plenty more opportunities to point out the Critical Research Failure, including how the writer apparently Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality given the prominent role given to Wolverine in what is meant to be a completely serious depiction of how he thinks evolution and God work.
  • During his Man of Steel vlog, he takes time to debunk many of the common misconceptions of Superman. He really understands the character.
  • Linkara making clear how he feels about DC's statement that "comics are only published for 45-year-olds" with a well-placed Death Glare.
  • The massive Take That! on why the New 52 sucks at the end of the Culling series of reviews.
    • However, he also admits that there are good stories after the reboot, and admits that there will be good ones in the future. However, he feels that they didn't need a continuity reboot to be told.
  • The Plan 9 from Outer Space comic actually getting praise from him for the exploitative posing of its female characters (since it actually serves a purpose in emulating cheesy B-movies).
  • His outrage over Sci-Spy taking a Marville-esque hard turn into a ludicrous science filibuster, this time about how nature wins out over nurture in every conceivable way.
    • After refusing to look over the previous issues to remind himself of the story so far, he comes up with his own where Timothy Dalton, Captain Kirk, and Red from Pokemon defeat a bunch of Daleks.
  • The title card for Climate of Fear #3-4, a reference to Attack on Titan with the first theme song ("Guren no Yumiya") playing.
  • His Star Trek: The Next Generation #2 review, performed entirely in rhyme.
  • Riffing on a 79 minute movie with the actor for Jaeris and Nimue's voice actress, in a brilliant homage to Mystery Science Theater 3000. The link can be found here. To make matters better, this is his special Christmas treat for us!
  • For the final Marville video, he went to the trouble of looking up Bill Jemas' credentials, giving him more to gripe about as it turns out that Jemas actually has college degrees in the subjects he makes such an unbelievable mess of in the comic, and also gives him a biting "The Reason You Suck" Speech when the comic ends with Jemas Breaking the Fourth Wall and insulting the comic readers of the world for preferring superhero fights to his grand and lofty work...about how Wolverine is the source of all intelligent life on Earth.
    • What's also great is that the whole saga finally ends not with a furious climactic rant about why the comic sucks, but with a calm and sober conclusion that explains precisely what's wrong with the comic and gets straight to the point about its writing, art, characters and message.
  • His Tranquil Fury reaction to a nonsensical gay joke in All Star Batman and Robin #7.
    • Also his counter-argument to people who claim All Star Batman and Robin is actually good because it's secretly a deconstruction stating that the All Star series wasn't supposed to be about deconstructions, it was supposed to be about the true essences of the characters (see all the good comments he has made in the past about All-Star Superman for example) and that there's a reason superhero deconstructions don't usually use the character they are deconstructing but instead use an expy. He finally rounds it off by pointing out that it's okay for comics to be escapist fiction where good triumphs over evil in an admittedly non-realistic way.
  • Praising the Zombie Pandemic comic for its characters being (mostly) intelligent and not making mistakes commonly seen in zombie media.
    • His Zombie Plan: get to the nearest Wal-Mart not already ransacked, get some survivors together and start hunting zombies. Guy's got balls.
  • During the Star Trek: Generations comic, he declares that the true answer to "Kirk vs. Picard" is Sisko.
    • To expand on this for non-trekkies, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is generally a controversial series in the fandom, so admitting a liking or even preference for it takes guts.
    • Also, he continues a joke from a noted inspiration for him, SF Debris, who is known for his "Sisko is a Badass" jokes.
  • On March 31, 2014, Linkara tackled one of the most controversial issues of The Avengers ever: Issue 200, which involves the rape of Mrs. Marvel:
  • He reveals that the current writer of Teen Titans sexually harassing a co-panelist is what finally got him to quit the series he once loved so much (at least, the New 52 version of it).
  • He rips into Red Hood and the Outlaws for its abysmal treatment of Starfire, turning her into a sex addict with no personality.
    • More importantly, he manages to focus on her as a character instead of just rehashing any of his countless "angry feminist rants", and being able to get his point across without any open condemnation of people who like fan service.
    • He also takes a moment to address a counter-argument that has popped up for this version of Starfire; that rather than behaving Out of Character, she previously always had been very sexually promiscuous. He reminds viewers that beforehand the previous year, he had read over 250 comics, which covered virtually the entirety of Starfire's character history, and so could firmly state that: "No... She really wasn't".
    • Looking at the review structure proper, one can notice that he doesn't pull any punches regarding how bad this comic is in relation to DC's mindset at the time, and their awful business practices on top of the character assassination. Every comment from Linkara in-between page segments is a potshot, both at the comic and DC proper, to better emphasize how idiotic the approach was for this story, and how their attitude regarding the "New 52" was one of indifference, better explained later in his "Post-Mortem" video for April Fools.
  • His horrified disgust with Ballser from Superman for the Animals, an all-too-realistic psychopath villain who tortures and kills animals. Keep in mind that he did this comic in response to accusations that he hates animals himself.
  • Atop The Fourth Wall's #300 episode is about Frank Miller's Holy Terror. It's three videos long, and every second is a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the author:
    • From Part 2, when the Fixer begins torturing a terrorist, Linkara puts the book aside, takes off his glasses, and talks about his personal philosophy and why Camelot is his favorite film of all, because it encouraged his philosophy of goodness, decency, compassion and not always resorting to violence. And then he explains why he brings this up, because he hates Holy Terror more than any other comic book he's reviewed on the show, because it encourages the exact opposite philosophy. It teaches that you should be paranoid, violent, brutal and intolerant of those who are different. This is perhaps the greatest "The Reason You Suck" Speech he has ever given, and it is truly awesome to watch. Bonus points for pointing out that Miller's little "aesop" in the book, to give into your own fear and paranoia when confronted by terrorism, is pretty much the exact definition of what terrorism is. More bonus points for transitioning seamlessly from giving a serious speech to his usual tone with the "This scene is really friggin' stupid" part.
    • At the end of the review, he gives his copy of Holy Terror what it deserves and burns it, and prior to that, he breaks the absurdly large book in half over his knee, possibly in reference to Bane breaking Batman's back. Not to mention that as an advocate of free speech, Linkara explains that he does not deny Miller the right to publish Holy Terror and for people to buy the book if they so choose. However, as the book in Linkara's possession is his property, he points out that he can do whatever with it he wants and it gives him every right to burn it if he so chooses as well.
    • A minor example, but the theme song opening shows every single thumbnail picture used up to that point (with new ones for older episodes, just for that occasion, which could also counts as a CMoA for Dr. Craftynote , his thumbnail artist), with his kick-ass theme song playing as they're all shown.
    • The end of "Holy Terror" has Continuity Porn by having Linkara use his new Megaforce morpher to change between all his outfits and props to battle Mirror Linkara from a Star Trek review years prior, complete with the Magic Gun giving Mirrorkara's Magic Gun a noogie.
      • To be specific, we have his Yu-Gi-Oh Obelisk Blue set from GX, his Patton gear from Kickassia, his cosplay of Calem from Pokemon X/Y (and using Pyramid Head,) his Zeokara outfit, his travel gear from when he travelled the US around the time of the 200th episode, his Ensign Monroe suit (complete with "Combine Harvester", though it should be made clear that he's using just the suits, not the 'characters'), his old outfit and finally his new outfit.
    • Even without the blatant racism in the comic, he still finds that it's horrible. Most of it consists of splash pages, or pages that have FAR too many panels on them, leading to the comic taking over half of its length just to get past the initial terrorist attacks because it wastes so much time with an unneeded scene of its lead characters chasing each other, and it doesn't even have any real plot until the last few pages. On top of the bad artwork, bland characters, and a protagonist with no personality beyond what a violent sociopath who delights inflicting pain on others he is. Even without the overt racism and terrible message, the comic still has nothing redeemable about it.
  • In his review of Sinnamon #1, he certainly gets an awesome moment on a meta-sense, where he discusses how his review of Sinnamon #11 was so far back that the show was undergoing Early Installment Weirdness, and how, in spite of also reviewing absolute horrors of comic books (Marville, Justice League: Cry for Justice, One More Day, Frank Miller's Holy Terror, etc.), he still stands by how Sinnamon #11 was as bad as when he first reviewed it.
    Linkara: So I'm assuming the name "Infama" comes from the word "Infamous". (beat) Yeah, I'd believe it, since I'm sure you're a registered sex offender, lady.
    Infama: (after cushioning her blow with a giant pillow she Green Lanterned up) Some people are just waaaay too uptight!
    Linkara: And some people should be smothered by that giant pillow you created. Guess which category YOU fall into, Infama!
  • In All-Star Batman and Robin #8, after Crazy Steve says that he'd use the Green Lantern ring to force everyone to obey him simply because he had the power to do so, Linkara delivers a nice jab at Frank Miller's ideas about fascism.
    Linkara: Frank's characters are ones who believe that "might makes right", they're proverbially "stronger" than others in some way, and thus they are right, they are correct, they are the paragon of everything we should look up to. Whereas I firmly believe in "might for right", those who have power should use that power to do good things because they're good things. Because using your power to force others to do what you say is not heroic. It's being a bully.
  • For the Star Trek: First Contact comic, he suggests using a flamethrower against the Borg, and gives a quite thorough explanation of how effective it would be. And says that if he was the Borg Queen, he'd have a giant spider body with multiple weapons attached.
    • His defense of the movie itself. Responding to people who criticize the film for an Adaptational Angst Upgrade regarding Picard, he points to a TNG episode where he had the option of wiping out the Borg Collective but couldn't bring himself to commit genocide, meaning he has all the destruction the Borg caused on his head. Responding to criticism of the film focusing on action and being less "cerebral", he points out that nobody seems to throw those criticisms at Star Trek IV despite its focus on comedy.
  • In his review of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier he calls out the common critique that Uhura dancing naked to distract some guards is disgusting as ageist, since he doesn't see anything inherently wrong with an elderly woman acting sexy and seductive. He does, however, have a better complaint: Plan A was apparently to have their communications officer dress naked.
  • The absolute reaming he gives to The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows for how badly it mangles continuity with the film and even both of the previous comics, which he admits in retrospect had a lot of things to like about them, unlike Eternal Vows. It even gets to the point where he says The Thing (2011), a film he's been massively critical in the past, is an absolute masterpiece by comparison. All told, it's one of the angriest, most vitriolic reviews he's ever given to any comic which isn't One More Day, Marville, or written by Frank Miller.
    • His Freak Out when he realizes an important point the comic missed.
      Linkara: Well, I can stop now, story's over! The Thing is in a modern city! END OF THE WORLD, MA!
    • The fact that Linkara evidently knows more about New Zealand law and geography than the comic's writer, David DeVries... an actual New Zealander.
  • In his look at Hell Girl, Moarte saying with disgust that there is a special place in Hell for child molesters. Plus providing Lewis a great opportunity to expound on his philosophy that revenge is utterly pointless: after learning beyond a doubt that there is a Hell that evil people go to, couldn't you just take solace in knowing they'll inevitably end up there rather than taking revenge yourself?
  • Praising The Thing From Another World: Questionable Research for the writer clearly having seen the movie and thought hard about how to make a sequel work. Even when it goes in directions that contradict Lewis's own views on how the Thing works, he acknowledges it's still a valid reading that doesn't go against anything stated in the film.
  • Taking "The Trial of Peter Parker" to task for its nonsensical misunderstanding of how trials work, to the point where even watching a few Law & Order episodes lets you see how bad it is.
  • His defense of splitting up the Hobbit adaption into three movies. He points that a lot happens in the book, including things that a movie would sometimes leave out, but the films tried to keep in everything. Also a big criticism he had of the book; aside from Thorin, none of the dwarfs had any purpose in the story. They didn't even have any personality, so even if the movie adds in things that weren't in the book, it's making the dwarfs into actual characters.
    • The rant against the legions of people who say "Why didn't the Eagles just take them straight to Mount Doom?", bringing up how this supposed plot hole is explained perfectly well in the books, and even in the movies, it would be stupid for the Eagles to try given the Eye of Sauron watching the skies over Mordor and the Ringwraiths' access to flying mounts.
    • His defense of expanding Bard's character in the movie. In the book, he only shows up during Smaug's rampage with anything establishing his character happening before, and everything about him is told to the reader through narrations.
  • Defending his position on feminism using the art and writing of several comics as poor examples of sex.
  • His rant during the ROM: Space Knight reviews about the killing off of supporting characters as utterly pointless, since the stakes were already established as high. What's even better is that this argument works for virtually all instances of this trope in modern Marvel and DC storylines.
  • Doing a pretty excellent Freddy Krueger impression. Bonus points for the truth that doing it can NOT be easy on the throat.
  • He rightfully calls out the Deadpool Bi-Annual comic when it makes a joke about autism in incredibly poor taste.
  • His final speech on why All-Star Batman and Robin failed, especially when he said that it made no sense that Batman would have been so cruel to a 12 year-old boy who lost his parents. Additionally, Batman's core trait is human intellect and determination, but he is neither as perfect nor ruthless as depicted here.
  • Chewing out the New 52 version of Blue Beetle for having Jaime slap Brenda, even if it was done as a ruse.
  • Celebrating the resurrection of Lian Harper in Convergence.
  • Calling out Graduation Day and Judd Winick for not only pointlessly killing off Omen, but for allowing her death to be overshadowed by the Disney Death of Donna Troy one issue later, which didn't even last until the story's epilogue.
  • His utter slam of the Civil War miniseries without going into immense political depth and even stating his reasoning as to why he will never review the series. Keep in mind, Lewis knows how politically charged Civil War is and going into immense depth as to why he thinks it's badly done without even touching upon the political aspects is impressive to say the least, similar to his own criticisms to Identity Crisis without attacking those who enjoyed the story.
  • From the review of Batman & Robin's comic adaptation, The Nostalgia Critic appears to do the obligatory "Bat credit card" joke. What follows is Linkara defying his demand and deconstructing the meme by explaining that Batman is filthy rich, uses secret methods to spend that money on crimefighting in ways that cannot be traced back to Bruce Wayne, is known to purchase items while fighting crime if he needs them, and is obsessed with putting his bat brand on everything he uses. With all those traits to him, a Bat credit card is actually rather logical and practical for him to have, so what's so anger-inducing about it? The Critic is left speechless. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • As a bonus: Doug had come to despise the “Bat Credit Card” meme for becoming an Overused Running Gag that he never heard the end of. With this episode, they’ve finally managed to kill it!
  • Him managing to justify Ghostbusters II's whole "everyone stopped believing ghosts exist between movies" plot point by pointing out that similar people exist in real life.
    Linkara: To that, I say: chem trails, 9/11 truthers, the grassy knoll, "We never landed on the moon," "The Beatles put backwards talking satanic messages in their music," and flat Earthers. People are morons and will believe anything is fake, even when confronted with evidence to the contrary.
    • He even goes two steps farther by pointing out that the Ghostbusters might have lost access to a large portion of their resources as a result of the lawsuit from the city (mentioned in the movie, not in the comic), and that the large amount of ghost activity in the first movie was probably the result of Gozer's presence (hence why the ghost activity resumed when Vigo appeared).
  • When reviewing the first two issues of Ultimate Iron Man, Linkara brings up that the writer, Orson Scott Card, is both incredibly homophobic and considers Star Trek bad science fiction. He doesn't go into any lengthy diatribes or rants about either, but instead lets his criticism of the book speak for itself. Namely that Tony Stark, instead of a rich genius who outwits his enemies, is a mutant baby born with brain nerves throughout his entire body and the ability to regrow limbs who needs to wear bioarmor that turns his skin blue, is caught up in a war between two feuding corporations, and isn't even a central character until the second half of Issue 2. He also brings up the fact that the entire miniseries was considered so goofy that it was actually retconned into an in-universe TV show's interpretation of his origins as an Author's Saving Throw.
  • In his review of Youngblood #10, Linkara slams Rob Liefeld for depicting Chapel's suicide in full gory detail and treating that subject, along with HIV, with no respect or thought whatsoever, all while Linkara is absolutely seeping with Tranquil Fury more than any other episode.
  • During his Infinite Crisis review, he gives an alternate take on what it could have been, with the first three issues and buildup feeding into the idea of the true Big Bad of the whole event being the Anti-Monitor. It draws together all these disparate events and makes them seem like it's the Anti-Monitor preparing for a new war with a weaker field against him.
  • During his World War Hulk review, he points out that Hulk is right in his views against The Illuminati — they have done nothing but harm during the era of Civil War.
    • He also rephrases Strange's explanation a bit. It's not that the Hulk is too angry to be reasoned with. Rather, Banner is just as pissed as the Hulk. There is no appealing to his human nature this time.
  • Linkara ripping into Brother EYE's Big Bad role in The New 52: Future's End, furiously calling out DC for not letting the fucking thing just die already and constantly coming back to the point of Creator's Pet, pointing out how one-dimensional and bland it is as an antagonist and how it's useless in the grand scheme of things, since Brother EYE worked better in Infinite Crisis. He even goes so far as to call it a bad version of HAL 9000.
    "Brother EYE works in exactly one story: Infinite Crisis. It works as a failure of Batman, a shame that he has to confront and defeat. [...] And even in Infinite Crisis, Brother EYE wasn’t the main villain. The simple fact is that Brother EYE is boring! It’s a super duper nigh-unstoppable AI who replaces the letter ‘I’ with the word ‘eye’ and it’s just dull. It was dull in Countdown and it’s dull here."
    • Furthermore, Linkara pointing out how the designs for the roboticized supers in the comic are needlessly horrific-looking and filled with Body Horror just to draw the viewer's shock and horror, and wouldn't be at all functional towards Brother EYE's goals to begin with, drawing particular attention towards Black Canary's face being sewn into Frankenstein's torso and yet somehow still able to use her scream powers (which would require a whole lot more body parts to be implemented inside of him which makes little sense, just as one example) and Batgirl's upper body being merged with the EYE-recolored Bat-Signal (which serves no applicable function combat-wise, since it's just a spotlight). He correctly calls it "edgelord nonsense".
    • On top of that, his reminder that DC thought it would be a good idea to promote this comic, of all things, towards children during "free comic book day" and rightfully calling them out on it.
  • Linkara pre-emptively addressing hatred for The Last Jedi at the start of his review of The Force Awakens (or rather, its comic adaptation), pointing out that a) he's only covering The Force Awakens, and b) he's eventually going to cover The Last Jedi, so people might as well save their comments for when he gets around to reviewing that movie.
    • On a related note, him discrediting the complaint of "The Force Awakens is just a retread of A New Hope" by pointing out how there are enough thematic differences between the two to make them their own stories.
    "Cinematic Language & Narrative mean more to the originality of the Film. Sure, there are things here and there you can compare, but it does not follow the story beat for beat, the character dynamics and motivations are radically different, what the movie is telling us is important and what we should care about is what makes it distinct".
  • An image so insanely awesome, it's been used by Linkara as a standard by which all other awesome images are compared: Neutro, the giant robot, riding a whale.
  • At the start of his review of Ultimate Power, Linkara admits he has been too harsh with his criticism Joe Quesada in the past, calling him "hack." While he stands by his harsh words for people like Frank Miller, he admits that insulting a creator on the personal level a decision he doesn't agree with is wrong. He doesn't hide his contempt for Greg Land's lazy artwork, but emphasizes that insulting him on a personal level would be going too far when he knows next to nothing about him.
  • Linkara calling out the core message of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in his review of the comic, putting aside the issue of nuclear weaponry and the dilemma surrounding them and focusing on the matter of Superman essentially taking over the world by violating the principle of sovereignty of all the countries that have nuclear weapons. He points out that in declaring his actions to the world without leaving a way for the other countries to negotiate, explain or coordinate with him, Superman is basically embracing the idea that he's a god that can tower over humanity, tossing aside the "man" part of his identity and becoming only a "super" being able to dictate the world what is right and what is wrong.
  • During Linkara's retrospective on Cassandra Cain, when he gets to her infamous turn as leader of the League of Assassins, he rips into that. However, Linkara also criticizes the toxic levels of fan backlash the storyline got. He goes into a massive amount of time criticizing fandom entitlement towards an industry that does not provide its employees a lot of money to do what they do and refuses to excuse when that entitlement turns into death threats (even noting how those grudges can go on for years after the issues were resolved). He's even big enough to admit that he leaned into that entitlement when he was younger (though not to that extreme) and is personally ashamed by having ever done so. Thus, while he eviscerates the story, he does temper that, keeping it from spilling over to attacks on real people who don't deserve the bile they've gotten.
    • He also gives the writer of that storyline, Adam Beechen, an extremely fair shake, pointing out that he got next to no direction from editorial on how to write Cassandra properly and was thus doomed to fail. He even gives Beechen massive kudos for coming back to try and make amends for his earlier mistakes, something not a lot of writers would do, and doing a decent job of it.
  • At the start his Little Victory: Chimera review, he adresses the controversy surrounding the comic's creator, namely that he has drawn porn before. Linkara then proceeds to calmly and rationally inform his audience why he doesn't consider that a controversial subject at all, considering that even Linkara's thumbnailartist has done porn in the past.
  • While it's Played for Laughs, it's still awesome that he calls out the Wasp in Secret War for calling Magneto "worse than Hitler." As Linkara points out, Magneto is a holocaust survivor.
  • His review of The Last Jedi, going over and acknowledging the criticisms while making his own defenses. He also tears into how haters seem to want to turn discussions of anything even related to the crew or Star Wars into discussions of how they hate the movie. He even tears into a comment on his review of Avengers #200 claiming the comic was still better than this movie; he states that comic would always be worse even if he did hate the movie.
    • His defense of Luke going into hiding. Linkara points out that in the original trilogy, past the first movie, Luke's solution has in fact been to not fight. When outclassed by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke ran to avoid capture. After defeating Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, Luke again found the correct solution was not to fight.
  • Linkara calling out Wakanda for refusing to share a cure for cancer in his review of issues #1-6 of the 2005 run of Black Panther.
    You have the cure for fricking cancer..... and you're refusing to share it with the world..... and you have the AUDACITY to claim "moral superiority"?!?! "Sorry about your leukemia, little Suzie, but Wakanda doesn't like that our crappy government has tobacco lobbyists in it!" I know, I know, the more important point is the whole "they don't want to say how complicit they were in an assassination," but I've lost family and friends to cancer, everyone, and the idea that Wakanda would be withholding information like that over such a thing is not only arrogance, but morally repugnant! And makes it very, very difficult for me to see them as the good guys! I kinda get why Hudlin needed to make all the villains racist; it's the only way to make the guys who are withholding cures for diseases from the dying look GOOD!
  • In his review of "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?", Linkara makes a nice addition to Superman's speech when he seemingly subscribes to the Elite's ideologies and effortlessly takes them down:
    Superman: How does it feel, knowing that everything you thought you had has been taken away from you? How does it feel to have your flaws exploited? To be deconstructed?
    Linkara: [as Superman] There are like seventy billion "What If? Superman was a Bad Guy" stories, so let's act them out, shall we!?
    • When Manchester Black starts getting condescending to Superman, Linkara has this to say:
      Black: Now, be a good little dream and say, "I understand, Mr. Black."
      Linkara: Of course, of course. Ahem. Up yours, Dick Nose! Oh no, I'm sorry, I said that wrong. Ahem. Cram it, Puss Lips! Yeah, I think I got it that time.
    • When going over how The Authority inspired the storyline, he noted that after their Flanderization under Mark Millar the book included jabs at mainstream comic books, mocking the comic book superhero genre. Linkara points out that The Authority was still a comic book, so its jabs at other superhero comics were a childish pretention to maturity.
  • Granted, it's more so Played for Laughs, but at the start of the 600th episode, Linkara decides to review Caligula comic, just like another online critic suggested... but one phone call later, upon being informed about the types of stuff the critic had said as of late, Linkara swiftly decides to review something else instead: Sins Past.
    • At the end of the review, Linkara decides to ask himself if the story could be salvagable in any sense, even though the story is just flat out not good, and actually comes up with three avenues that could potentially work:
      • The kids aren't aged up to adults, and aren't biologically related to Normon Osborn, but rather assisted by him (or some other villain). By the end, they could be put up for adoption and shuffled away. In fact, it's also proposed that Peter adopts them, only to come to realize he isn't the kind of father they deserve, and has someone else adopt them.
      • The kids are clones the Jackal made, either recently or back during the Clone Saga, artifically aged up due to the Jackal wanting his own family (and, as such, are more stable than his other clones).
      • Gwen did cheat on Peter and get pregnant... but the father is Harry. Due to Harry originally having a crush on Gwen, and being closer in age, it removes a lot of the Squick factor, and could potentially have taken place during Gwen's trip to Europe due to her father's death, when Harry was suffering from his drug problems. The two were emotionally vulnerable, and promptly agreed to never speak of the affair again... only for Gwen to become pregnant, and Norman to take the kids (taking advantage of the premature birth to make Gwen think they died) and age them up via the Goblin Formula.
  • In his review of the comic adaptation of The Phantom Menace, he points out how the reviews of the Star Wars prequels on RedLetterMedia haven't aged well despite their legimate points, noting some pointless remarks like, "Black people don't like Star Wars," saying in response, "Eat a dick."
    • Instead of simply ranting about the movie, he notes areas where it could actually be improved:
      • He points out a way to improve the Opening Scroll by having it open with mentioning the Trade Federation blockading Naboo, something that would have gotten fans more interested.
      • When going over how to show Anakin as being strong with the Force, Linkara states instead of the midi-chlorians, the movie could have had Qui-Gon notice Anakin use the Force to push away a pile of junk that was about to hit him before he could have possibly seen it. This would also fix the plot hole of why Qui-Gon didn't just sell the ship for a smaller oner - he would have wanted to make sure to take Anakin with him.
      • With Anakin being stuck in the battle against the droid control ship, Linkara states what the movie could have done, instead of giving cheesy lines that he notes no kid would ever say, would be to focus on the sheer panic that is going through Anakin's mind at the moment since he is a kid in a war zone. After he does destroy the ship, he states someone could have told Anakin he truly was the Chosen One, which would feed into Anakin's ego and lead him to think he could do no wrong.
    • On the introduction to Jar Jar, Linkara notes in advance that while he doesn't like the character or the movie, it was still absolutely wrong for fans to attack Ahmed Best and Jake Lloyd; he sounds genuinely angry about their treatment.
    • He actually comes up with a defense for the infamous senate scene. He points that its reputation has been blown out of proportion, with critics of the movies and the prequels acting like it took up most of the movie and most scenes of the prequels were just characters talking. Linkara states the scene isn't good, but it only lasts two a half minutes.
    • During the fight with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon and against Darth Maul, while Linkara doesn't care for the fight the way other fans do, he does feel there is a good moment when the Deflector Shields seperate the combatants that the comic sadly doesn't include. Each of them waits in a way the reflects their differing personalities. Qui-Gon is calmly meditating with his lightsaber decactivated, showing the way of an experienced Jedi. Obi-Wan, the apprentice, is anxioustly waiting to rush to the aid of his master. Darth Maul is likewise impatient and puts on a show of force to intimidate his enemies, reflecting the violent ways of the Sith. It is a surprisingly good scene that shows striking personality differences with no dialogue.
    • Qui-Gon Jinn's Badass Boast:
  • While reviewing Attack of the Clones Linkara goes on a massive rant about the twisted reliance of the Star Wars films on All There in the Manual and the EU, particularly when it comes to the Jedi Code discouraging emotional attachment; he furiously points out that he shouldn't have to read numerous supplementary bits of content in order to understand the film's story.
    This is why, when I'm reviewing these movies, I'm going 99% by only what's in the movie, because that's what I'm reviewing! Telling me that some discrepancy or goof is explained away in a comic or a book or a video game or something doesn't help! Because how the hell am I supposed to know that?! It's not in the movie! It's! Not! In! The! Movie! I'm willing to try to rationalize stuff like the assassination method, or Palpatine's plans, but the movie has to meet me halfway here!
  • When got to Anakin's turn to the dark side in his review of Revenge of the Sith he summed why it felt forced; Anakin was horrified by what he had done after he cut off Mace Windu's arm and Palpatine tossed him out the window. This was a problem Anakin had been suffering from, every time he committed some morally questionable act, he immediately regretted doing it. He points out that Anakin is believably sliding towards the dark side, but he never felt like he was all the way there because he kept expressing horror at what he was doing rather than starting to rationalize it. He notes that ironically the prequels' attempts to maintain audience sympathy for Anakin actually made his turn feel forced because he instantly regretted betraying the Jedi Order and saving Palpatine.
    • Looking back on the prequels, Linkara points out the issue with the intent of framing the Jedi Order as flawed. Any time we see the Jedi doing some morally questionable thing, Qui-Gon cheating at gambling, Anakin killing the Tuskan Raiders, it either isn't played up as a terrible thing or in the specific case of Anakin's slaughter of the Tuskin Raiders, it is played as a moment where the audience is meant to sympathize with Anakin as he's horrified with what he's done. He even notes that the point where the Jedi talk about a staging a coup, he points out that it's against the man who orchestrated the Clone War, and Yoda isn't supportive of the idea. The intent for depicting the Jedi as being flawed is there, but the movies following through with it was lacking.
    • He actually praises the fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan, feeling it does have the kind of emotional investment he felt was missing from the lightsaber duels in the previous two movies.
  • In the review of Zero Hour!, he expresses his annoyance at The Worf Effect given to the Justice Society of America. While he completely understands that their existence at this point stretches the Suspension of Disbelief to where Comic-Book Time doesn't make sense anymore, he feels that Extant's massacre of a bunch of badass normals, Jay Garrick and Alan Scott's forced retirement and the ageism leading up to their massacre is just one big middle finger to the team just so they could embrace The Dark Age of Comic Books.
    • He also expresses sympathy with Hal Jordan's plan after spotting Batgirl's comment about how, despite everyone telling her she shouldn't exist, she feels real. He feels that Hal's plan, despite being bonkers, makes sense as he's trying to make sure everyone can live and continue life as they should, not as some temporal anomaly that shouldn't exist in the first place. It's a plan that, as he honestly feels, should make other heroes ask themselves if they were the real villains and not him.
  • Linkara ripping apart the There Are No Therapists — or hell, any kind of specialist — trope in his review of House of M. He comes off of his discussion of the Thou Shalt Not Kill trope into this, discussing that it was a massive mistake to only have Professor X and Magneto caring for the Scarlet Witch, that it doesn't make sense that there are apparently no one who can deal with various such as psychiatric needs before quickly cutting viewers off by mentioning Hulk supporting character Doc Samson before he quickly asks why he wasn't used in the story at all.
  • In his review for Secret Empire, Linkara discusses the controversy over the infamous event where Steve Rogers was supposedly retconned as a HYDRA sleeper agent, and points out that Nick Spencer's attempt to avoid spoiling the aforementioned Secret Empire (where it was eventually revealed that this was not the real Captain America) made him come across as a Lying Creator at best, and that neither Spencer nor Marvel understood the implications of the event, nor did they indicate that this was all part of an evil scheme, and that the promotion of HYDRA paraphernalia while marketing the comic was in bad taste, especially considering the real-life rise of nationalism and white supremacy groups at the time.
    • The Unfortunate Implications of the HYDRA version of Steve Rogers being worthy to lift Mjolnir are also addressed, that the explanation as to how a Nazi was worthy of the power of Thor came five months after the event, by which time that audiences were stewing in the Shocking Swerve, and that it's further not helped by the fact that Norse mythology was and is frequently co-opted by Nazis and neo-Nazis.
    • He also calls out anyone who dare say that HYDRA are not Nazis, pointing out that HYDRA was nevertheless founded by a Nazi and that they continue to employ and associate with Nazis, to the point where all HYDRA needed to really do was do a find-replace on a Nazi pamphlet replacing "Nazi" with "HYDRA".
      "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and Sieg Heils like a frickin' Nazi, it's a frickin' Nazi! Don't try to split hairs when it comes to the freakin' Nazis!"
    • Also, Linkara calling out the heroes for constantly blaming themselves for the way things are going when they should be going after the bad guys who are causing the trouble at the moment!
    • His brilliant deconstruction of both fascism, calling it a "loser ideology", as well as how the story showing how efficient Hydra's rule and well-meaning Stevil's intentions were completely misrepresents it, inadvertently glorifying the evil it's attempting to preach against. He also goes into how fascism is not strong in the slightest but is in actuality cowardly, selfish, self-serving, corrupt, and greedy; the methods that fascists use are actually inefficient and ultimately self-defeating; fascism is not kind, it is not decent, it does not care about the common good and is ultimately incompatible with who Steve Rogers is.
  • Linkara calling out how mental health problems get portrayed in comics, in his Heroes in Crisis review.
    • Linkara once again calls out a comic for a case of it seeming like There Are No Therapists. Sanctuary is supposed to be a mental health facility for heroes... only, rather than having actual counselors, psychiatrists or therapists, it is entirely automated by an artificial intelligence that just has the personality traits of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman programmed into it, none of whom are actual doctors.
    • Linkara also calling out Lois Lane for publishing the private testimonies from Sanctuary, since any actual journalist would tell you that publishing personal medical information without any consent would lead to massive lawsuits, condemnation from journalistic ethic groups and potential criminal charges. Linkara also states how such an act is greatly out of character for Lois, who is supposed to be a paragon for journalistic ethics in the DC Universe, and one of the main reasons why Superman is in love with her!
    • invokedLinkara calls out the story for the fact that it was written without any idea of which characters would be used in it! Tom King did not pick the characters. He just had a story and asked his editor who he could use. This explains why there is so much character derailment in the story; it was not a case of a writer wanting to advance the story of certain characters, but of a writer who had a plot and shoved characters, who had no business being involved in it, into the plot! Of course, everybody feels they're not acting like themselves, because they're not! To Heroes In Crisis, they're just placeholders that got shoved in there!
      "Here's a thought; Maybe, your big crossover event comic, dealing with very serious, real themes, should not be written via Mad Libs!"
    • While he goes into great length how the story angers him, he also reminds his audience that is never okay to send the creators actual death threats over a bad story!
  • His sum up for Event Comics Month III, which covered stories about heroes who are either killed or turned into antagonists. He explains how people ask him why he gets so upset when some thing like this happens in comics, since they'll likely become heroic again or be brought back to life after a short period of time. Linkara then lists off a bunch of heroes who have yet to be revived, such as Danny Chase (his favorite superhero) who, even after 28 years, has yet to be fully revived after his death in Titans Hunt. He also brings up how Cassandra Cain was turned evil and then turned back because of the MASSIVE backlash. The main reason a lot of these heroes come back is because people demand they come back, but lesser known B or C-list heroes may not even have the safety net of a fanbase. So, when a comic uses these B or C-list heroes as Cannon Fodder, it may be years, even decades, before they are revived, if at all! Ultimately, as Linkara explains, that is why he cares when DC or Marvel kill their characters, because otherwise, who will?
  • In his introduction to Emergency! #1, he points out and calls out how horribly dated shows like Dragnet and the aforementioned Emergency! is and how, especially in the post-George Floyd's death timeframe, it is okay to rethink how you look at shows like this. In particular, he calls out episodes of Dragnet for its stereotypical attacks on other groups, including an episode on the "evils" of homosexuality, and calls out a particular episode of Emergency! where the firefighters have to deal with (gasp) a WOMAN on their team.
  • In the introduction to Pinhead vs. Marshal Law, Linkara reaffirms his hatred of the kind of deconstruction works like Marshal Law, where heroes are either naively stupid or, as he so eloquently puts it, "pedophiles who bathe in the blood of puppies that they had sex with earlier that day and are ready to graphically torture people for page after page before sleeping on a bed made of dead kittens and laughing maniacally at how they can get away with anything because who would be stupid enough to actually think that someone is interested in helping people". He makes it clear that there are perfectly good deconstructions like Watchmen, Squadron Supreme, The Mighty and Kingdom Come, but he detests those like Marshal Law and The Boys, who are written by those who hate superheroes.
  • Linkara claiming that he would tear apart a government organization if they kidnapped his kid after seeing Mamorou's treatment in GaoGaiGar.

    Story Segments and Sketches 
  • Before we begin, let's get it out of the's really impressive that 1 geek with some volunteers, ingenuity, dedication and learning can create an ongoing series with engaging characters, cool designs and even some epic storylines along the way....all without any major studio funding.
  • Almost anytime that Linkara uses his Patented "I AM A MAN!" punch, especially in a serious situation, it can be pretty damn awesome.
    • And doubly awesome when he refuses to use the joke after Superboy (er, Superman) Prime says it, not wanting to even justify it with him.
  • When fighting the evil, sentient Star Trek #1 comic (don't ask), he reveals that his gun is magic and shoots lasers.
    Comic: But how?! You have to explain it!
    Linkara: It's magic. I don't have to explain it.
  • Cartoon Linkara teams up with Wonder Woman to destroy Amazons Attack!.
    Wonder Woman: Let us vanquish our foe to the depths of Hades!
    (The comic arises from the depths, and Linkara pulls out his gun.)
    Linkara: What she said!
  • CHEAT CODES ARE STILL ACTIVATED *punches out Dr. Insano*
  • The end of the "Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown", when he manages to make the incredibly Narmy line "I'll kill you to death!" sound awesome.
  • "Hey, Pyramid Head? I liked The Butcher better."
  • Linkara morphing for the first time onscreen.
    • The entire fight with Mechakara. Complete with assistance from 90's Kid, Harvey Finevoice, Ninja Style Dancer, and Pollo, a brief struggle with Black Lantern Spoony, and Linkara using a morpher from Power Rangers, then fighting Mechakara with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' music in the background.
      • Pollo paralyzing Mechakara long enough to let Linkara vaporize him.
      • "I'm back, baby!"
  • Pollo pwning Dr. Linksano towards the end of JLA: Act of God.
  • Yes, it was pretty damn hilarious, but the 'Insano-War' was nothing but win. Like a condensed Team Brawl, except with Dr. Insano, which automatically makes it even more awesome!
  • Pollo revealing he'll have Linkara back in "about two weeks" at the end of "Anita Blake #1".
  • The entire battle with the Shades from the Ewoks #9 review. Iron Liz shows her proficiency with a sword, Pollo takes out one with a single lazer beam, and Linkara even takes one out before he powers up again. Once powered up, he uses a sonic screwdriver.
  • Even the man's dreams are awesome; while reviewing Hardcore Station, he mentions one where he was fighting alongside the Seventh Doctor on the Enterprise.
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force sees Linkara team up with Ensign Munro to fight the Vorsoth from the game.
    • We see even more of Lord Vyce, but we now have him plotting Linkara's downfall alongside none other than Mechakara himself!
  • How about the entire Mechakara saga? The way he's been able to thread an ongoing story through his reviews without distracting from the reviews themselves at all, and building up genuine momentum and suspense along the way, has really changed the possibilities of what Internet review series can do.
    • Just seeing Harvey Finevoice firing away with a Tommy Gun while grinning and smoking like a badass in the 2010 trailer totally justifies that sentiment.
      • The scene where we see him actually doing that is even more awesome.
    • The (aborted) rant that Mechakara gave to the viewers at the end of his Ultimates 3 three-part review: he tears apart the concept of Reviews Are the Gospel, blaming it and the fans' adherence to it for the staying power of all the horrible comics out there. Very chilling, almost horrific, and true, especially in the wake of the recent backlash he's come under.
    • The entire second half of the 2010 trailer. As if the promise of the Mechakara storyline reaching its climax and Harvey Finevoice, Ensign Munro, Black Lantern Spoony, and a mysterious scientist joining the action wasn't enough, the trailer's tone-setting music is E.S. Posthumus' Pompeii.
  • "You're in my way, sir!"
  • Punching Film Brain in retaliation for making him watch The Spirit, scored with the Eleventh Doctor's action theme.
    "Yes, well, just a little message to whoever is behind this little flim flam operation of yours. If you value your continued existence, if you have any hope of seeing tomorrow, let me tell you. There's one thing you never, EVER put in a trap. ME!"
  • The end of the 100th episode: All Linkara's characters, plus almost everyone else from Channel Awesome (at the time), singing his theme song!
    • Plus the opening credits, with a hard rock remix of the theme song playing over the covers of every comic he's reviewed.
      • Also, not indulging in the recent storyline, despite how obvious it would've been, being such an important episode.
  • Lord Vyce. He's highly regarded as being intensely awesome and terrifying by the fans, but when you think about it, he's barely done anything! Yes, he kidnapped Linkara, attacked him with Shades, and sent the Vohrsoth after him, but the man himself has had two appearances and did very little in both. Lewis has managed to turn him into a fan favorite through hype and storylines.
    • Moreover, the only time Linksano has ever come off as legitimately creepy or threatening is when he described Lord Vyce before being Put on a Bus back to his home dimension.
      There are forces in The Multiverse far beyond anything you've ever dealt with. Ancient, mindless evils that fill in the cracks and eat dimensions just for a snack. Monstrous deities and empires spanning Universe after Universe have risen and fallen in the span of forever! But there is still one individual, one being that they are all horrified of! When I saw him coming near my universe, I fled. Muhahahhahahha. Weep for your Universe, Linkara! Weep for all Universes! For Lord Vyce is coming! Hihihi. And all that he sees, he conquers! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • The very ending of the Dead/Alive videos: Linkara's Badass Boast scored with The Ecstasy of Gold, taking down the ghosts with his Pyramid Head, the full reveal of Lord Vyce's appearance, and Dr. Linksano returning to give Mechakara some upgrades for the final battle. Holy crap.
  • Lewis wearing a fully equipped Green Ranger costume. Enough said.
    • Followed by him ambushing Doug at a convention while wearing it, after Doug had been doing a mocking impression of him. The pop when he takes off the helmet is incredible.
  • His whaling on Douchey McNitpick for his commentary during his Top 15 Screw Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall.
    • The beginning counts as well: Rather than get pissed at Douchey, Linkara turns his Insane Troll Logic back at him and actually manages to confuse Douchey enough to shut him up.
  • At the end of his first "Cry For Justice" review, he starts a count down: V-MINUS 42, counting down to the final battle with Lord Vyce. For each new review it goes down by seven- therefore, the final battle will be on February 14, 2011. The awesome comes at the end of his Care Bears #13 review: Each time the graphic is shown before, it is usually accompanied by creepy, ominous music. However, at the end of this review Linkara figures out Vyce's weakness and proudly proclaims that he knows how to beat Vyce, and triumphant music plays through the credits, and over the V-MINUS 14 graphic, canceling out the creepy music.
  • The Power Rangers Zeo #1 video has almost too many to count for both Linkara and Mechakara.
    • The fact that despite owning a complete Green Ranger costume at the time, he avoided what most people would have expected him to do & morph into that, and instead morphed into the White Zeo Ranger.
    • Four Words: Giant Mechakara vs. Neutro. And even better: Neutro isn't an animation like last time, but an actual costume worn by Liz so that the two can fight for real.
    • Linkara finally getting to use the "I am a man!" punch effectively against Mechakara, after failing the last two times.
  • Lord Vyce's Implacable Man rampage at the end of Justice League: Cry for Justice; he even [kills Pyramid Head without breaking a sweat.
  • The defeat of Lord Vyce - Lieutenant Munro, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, Iron Liz, and Linkara teaming up to strike the final blow.
    • Linkara verbally attacking Vyce for insulting Liz in his house.
    • Angry Joe and the Joe Army defeating the Shades and seizing control of Vyce's ship. Complete with Joe using his force lightning powers.
      Joe: (via communicator) Is that Lord Vyce? (fires gun) Tell him he's an ASSHOLE for me!
      Vyce: Who is that?
      Joe: The name's Angry Joe, Lord of LAME. (psychotic grin) Remember it!
    • Linkara's got his own spaceship!
  • Shutting up Spoony mocking his musical tastes with his spaceship, then promising to name it next week.
  • The opening of his Comic Book Ads episode: Douchey Mc Nitpick shows up and accuses him of ripping the idea off from the Nostalgia Critic's Commercials episodes... only for Linkara, who had been expecting Douchey, to blindside him by flat out stating he stole the idea and actually causing Douchey to shut up for a minute. Then when Douchey tries to rebound by saying Linkara is doing this without the Critic's permission, Linkara asks for it and Douchey does not accept it, Linkara calmly asked if Douchey has watched the show recently, which he hasn't, then gets Douchey with Comicron 1.
    Linkara: I love having a spaceship.
  • The opening credits of the "Star Trek #2" review, with clips from the Mirror Universe, including Mechakara and Lord Vyce being taken down much more violently.
    • The entire scene with Mirror Insano.
    • How about all the clever references to the Star Trek episode that inspired this episode (which continue through the end credits)?
  • Two from "Mightily Murdered Power Ringers"...
    • 1. The writer of the comic appearing at the end, answering some of Linkara's questions and condoning the thrashing of the comic.
    • 2. Defeating the now sentient (and rude) comic by morphing into the Green Ranger.
      • "Go, Go, Power Rangers!"
  • What's Linkara's response to a direct message from the Entity, the most terrifying villain he's faced so far? "Oh, it is on now!"
  • At the end of "Paint It Black," the Silent Hill fog rolls in just like before...except this time Linkara makes a call to say "It's begun," showing that, this time, he's not going to be caught off guard.
  • Linkara deducing The Entity has taken control of 90's Kid, just by 90's Kid saying "Heavy".
  • After the epic battle climaxes of the three previous storylines, Linkara actually manages to make Talking the Monster to Death seem just as awesome for the Entity finale.
    • Linkara doesn't just talk the monster to death either; he first asks it what it plans to do after it achieves its goal, and continues to point out the pointlessness of its own existence, its quest, and the rather unimpressive ending to its goal which just keeps reiterating the question. This gets so bad, it sends The Entity into an existential crisis where it begins babbling to itself incoherently, unable to comprehend its own worthlessness despite being a god. This eventually gives Linkara the chance to ask The Entity what happens when a god like itself dies. Truly intrigued by the question, MissingNo explodes itself, releasing everything and everyone it had absorbed.
  • Linkara seems to have started a habit of destroying his villains' motivations, getting Linksano to do a Heel–Face Turn by pointing out how much work ruling the world would be. And then he still threatens to send him to Lord Vyce if he goes back to his old ways, and is darn intimidating while doing it.
  • After Mechakara starts taking over Comicron 1:
    "Comicron 1 has enough destructive capability to level the Earth. Its sensors were designed to track every variety of lifeforms it could find. If Mechakara gains control of it, he will kill every living thing he can find. I will not allow that to happen. This is my ship, and I will destroy it before I let anything like Mechakara possess it!"
  • Pollo's speech on how he'll never end up like Mechakara and how he'll always be Linkara's friend.
  • Pollo replicating Spock's Heroic Sacrifice after downloading himself into a new body.
    • Which doubles as a Heartwarming Tear Jerker: the reason why Pollo did what he did was to fully prove to Linkara that he isn't like Mechakara.
      • It veers back into awesome territory when we learn that Pollo downloaded his mind onto a device, meaning that there's a strong chance that Linkara's Robot Buddy will return for sure.
      • [He does.
  • The Cybermat attacking Mechakara was pretty badass.
  • Snowflame. That is all. Doubles as hilarious.
  • Using Comicron 1 to hijack the Nostalgia Critic's TV so they can do a crossover review of Star Trek: Insurrection.
  • "That is not my name." And the Oh, Crap! goes through the roof.
  • The following Big Damn Heroes Moment:
    Pollo (in Tom Servo's body): Excuse me?
    Lord Vyce: (turns around) What?
    Pollo: Surprise. (blasts Vyce)
  • Ninja Style Dancer catching a shuriken right in front of his face, and driving off the Plaid Ninja with Cybermats.
  • The Magic Gun responding to Linkara starting to go a bit Time Lord Victorious by turning herself off.
    • Just prior, Linkara fighting back against the Gunslinger while declaring that after everything he's been through, he really can't be arsed to care about this random new villain.
  • Episode #200: One More Day.
    • Giving Ask That Guy (who looked for a second like he might have come back from his Villain Decay) a Humiliation Conga by first manipulating him into thinking he'd signed the contract to make the comic disappear, and then That Guy With The Hat shooting ATG in the back.
  • The epic What the Hell, Hero? that the wizard Aplos lays down on Linkara in "Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #2". When Linkara initially refuses to listen and challenges Aplos's credibility, the previously laidback and collected Aplos responds with a brief yet terrifying display of power that makes the guy who backtalks Lord Vyce flinch and recoil in fright:
    Aplos: This isn't the first time I've seen this. You're arrogant, power-hungry, and so deluded you can't even see it. You don't value the opinions of others, and your selfishness and egomania are getting to a point where you won't see anyone but yourself.
    Linkara: This is nonsense; you're probably not even the real wizard! I bet this is all an elaborate trap to—
    • Really, the fact that the arc plays out as it does is in itself is a CMoA. Initially, Margaret did not work for Linkara because she was upset at his liberal use of other weaponry...which came off as a jealous girlfriend plot, which is why it was scrapped. Instead, Lewis considered Linkara's unusually unpleasant behavior in Suburban Knights, a by-product of Doug Walker writing the character as a generic copy of the Nostalgia Critic...but instead of ignoring or handwaving it, he used it in the story and turned it into an entire character development arc. Not a whole lot of people whose main characters are Author Avatars would shed much light on their flaws at all, much less in the brutal way that the Gun and Sorcery story does.
    • It's also a perfect example of something else Linkara brings up in his reviews—that comics should not ignore or handwave or retcon bad stories, but actively work with them and make the characters face their flaws and work through them. The man practices what he preaches.
  • The stinger to the Tandy Computer Whiz Kids: The Answer to a Riddle review. Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, Linksano, and Pollo all join to attack Holokara, which is awesome in and of itself. However, Holokara manages to shrug off their attacks without much trouble. Then this happens:
    Holokara: Honest to God, look at you dumbasses. Did you really think you had a shot here? There is not a single person here who can stop me. Hell, there is not a single person on Earth who can stop what I've begun!
    (from offscreen, a shot is fired at Holokara, making him stop and turn around)
    Linkara: (holding the magic gun) Oh, I don't know. (cocks gun) I think I might know a guy.
  • The exchange of speeches between Holokara and Linkara is simply epic, culminating Linkara's character arc as he confronts what he would've eventually become if Margaret hadn't turned herself off.
  • After being dismissed by Maven of the Eventide to do a crossover for "30 Days of Night", Linkara got back at her by turning her bragging against her and have her do a review on Twilight. And make it a positive review.
  • In the climax of the Thing storyline, '90s Kid spots the thing causing the trouble, and ultimately kills it. Bonus points for his initial reaction: he can't get his gun to fire, so he walks right up to the thing and stabs it.
  • For a while, the Gunslinger seemed like kind of a lame villain after the likes of Mechakara, Vyce, the Entity, and even the simultaneous villain Holokara. Then he finally shows his stuff when he simply walks in the room and shoots Linkara in the back before stealing Margaret.
  • Dr. Insano gets several in "Star Wars 3D" — reclaiming Neutro, rejecting Linkara's offer of a nice holodeck on which to enact his world-conquering fantasies on the basis that the pain of fake people is worth nothing, and upgrading JesuOtaku's super-strength gloves from To Boldly Flee so that it can also create force fields and disable automatic targeting. And with those gloves, he manages to hold his own against Linkara and the Gunslinger for far longer than he's ever put up a fight before.
    • He's Linkara's true arch enemy for a reason!
    • Margaret gets him in the end which makes it more awesome.
  • From The Star Trek The Next Generation/X Men crossover.
    Linkara: I'm an Admiral now. I promoted myself.
  • Pollo's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jaeris, and all the other villains except Dr. Insano by proxy. The latter is the one he respects the most, for not bothering to dress up his evil actions with any attempt at justification.
  • In Nostalgia Critic's "It's a Wonderful Life" parody, Linkara if Nostalgia Critic was never born, owns both DC and Marvel, and was in the process of making an Iron Man/Batman Team-up movie. That alone is just awesome. Not to mention at the end when Nostalgia Critic returns to his world and is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, his "friends" are royally pissed off, and Linkara says nothing except giving him the extended middle finger. Probably the only time Linkara ever used explicit swearing, and is awesome just because you never saw it coming, and will probably never see him do it again.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey #1: NIMUE vs Vyce.
  • Dr. Linksano creating life from a toy lizard.
  • Linkara's moment of savvy in Athena #2; The King of Worms has started causing trouble again and tried to possess Pollo...except Linkara patched his technology in advance so the only mental effect is Pollo becoming overly cautious and aware there's an influence on his psyche. Smart thinking, dude.
  • The Stinger of Marvel Super Special #17: Xanadu, in which [Allen manages to break one of Lord Vyce's encryptions in minutes when Pollo had been working on it for years.
  • The Reveal of just how well-crafted the King of Worms' plan was, completely bamboozling Linkara into its agenda and knowing exactly how to rid itself of him once he did his part.
  • Pollo splitting his consciousness across all his bodies to attack the King of Worms.
  • Linkara being able to immediately turn things in his favor when Dr. Linksano tells him he's hallucinating Freddy.
  • His 400th review of a comic adaptation of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, complete with musical numbers.
  • At one point during the Halloween 2016 shenanigans, Linkara gets pulled into a dark in-between space. Ghastly arms reach out of the mist, grab him, and pull him down under with them. All we hear is the very faint sound of the Magic Gun firing, accompanied by brief flashes of its red light from below, before he crawls back out, battered but victorious, while triumphant music plays. Linkara may have just shot his way out of Hell!
  • Linkara and Viga taking down the poltergeist Dark Nella followers. Also, Pollo pulling Linkara out of the enforced misery by reminding him of all the things he's been celebrating all year.
  • The Reveal of what the coded message from the future was saying: A PIECE OF THE WORLD IS STILL MISSING
  • While it's also a Tear Jerker, the crash of Comicron 1 in the Star Trek/Green Lantern review.
  • The Reveal at the end of the Ultimate Power #4 review, going into the beginning of the Delicious in Dungeon #1 review: The Entity is indeed still alive, but it's possessing Linkara and has been misleading him and everyone else! What's more, 90's Kid has known the truth all along and has teamed up with Lord Vyce out of sheer desperation/pragmatism, not because he's made a Face–Heel Turn!
  • A more villainous example: Vyce is completely calm when confronted with the Entity face-to-face, reminding it that he has hurt it before, and declaring that he will do so again.
  • The return of Comicron 1, which also counts as heartwarming after the heartbreak of it crashing on the Moon.
    Lord Vyce: I have fallen before, but I have always risen again, reforged and renewed. The Entity mocked me, likened me to a would-be slayer of dragons. Well, then — I am Lord Vyce, and this is my sword!
  • Linkara seeing Comicron 1 helped some, but Erin decides to do things a bit more directly, even taking things full circle in the story arc. She uses the magic coin that started this arc to agitate the Entity and give Linkara room to push it out of his body.
  • The battle between Comicron 1 and Comicron 2. Both Vyce and the Entity really get to show off the power of their respective ships (and in the case of the Entity, its ability to enhance the ship with its own powers), with pretty good combat effects.
  • Linkara's final defeat of the Entity compounds upon the last time they fought: After trying to hurt or at least distract it with various weapons, he realizes that it wants him to keep fighting it as part of its sick game, and he refuses to do so any longer. When it threatens to consume him and his world, he calls its bluff, delivers a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how pointless this whole thing is, and drives it into a Villainous Breakdown. Furthermore, it becomes clear that this isn't the original Entity, just a piece of itself left behind in Linkara — and when it realizes that its original self has not returned from death, which blows apart all its talk of being fathomless and eternal, it winds up fading from existence, too broken to fight any longer.
    • Following up on that, after Vyce flies into his own Villainous Breakdown and tries to destroy the Earth and even the entire universe because he can't accept that the Entity is truly dead, Linkara figures out how to stop him — by using Holokara to impersonate the Entity and trick Vyce into coming aboard Comicron 2, flying it toward the singularity, and even overloading the engines so they explode and prevent him from escaping, while Linkara teleports safely back to Comicron 1. Vyce can do nothing but plead impotently, then let out a Big "NO!" as he meets his demise, shutting down the singularity in the process.
  • When Linkara accepts an invitation to participate in the 1049th Interdimensional Contest of Champions, the preliminary round has him facing off against Empira. She proceeds to use the "mental crap" on him so that he has to fight his own doubts and fears — in the form of Freddy Krueger (or possibly the Entity wearing a Freddy mask). After a pep talk from 90's Kid/Dude (implied to actually be Margaret making the best of a scrambled signal), he dons his Badass Longcoat and proceeds to defeat the Freddy manifestation with his wits and imagination — and the help of Jason Voorhees.
  • Linkara's first of five rounds in the Contest has him facing a fallen tyrant named Lavidian Scarn. In the initial face off, Linkara's clearly outclassed as Scarn's sword can block the Magic Gun, letting him score two hits right away in a best of three fight. So Linkara switches tactics, using mockery and logic while hiding behind his couch to force Scarn into a Villainous Breakdown and bring him down cleanly. What's more, when Scarn tries to threaten Linkara's life and force the Temlin overseeing the match to declare him the winner instead, he easily freezes Scarn in place and sends him back to his own universe, permanently barring him from ever entering the Contest again. Next round!
  • The 2018 Clone Saga storyline has two: First, Mechakara's back, and the manner he came back from his demise in the movie is chillingly awesome. Second, we get Moarte's first and (so far) only appearance on Atop the Fourth Wall proper, when Mirrorkara makes the mistake of going into the supply room to buy enough time to escape. Needless to say...
  • Linkara defeats the ghost of Terence Baxter with the help of other ghosts and evildoers that are working to redeem themselves. And Pyramid Head.
  • In the 2020 end of year recap, Linkara calls his government liaison, Allen to check up on him… only to find him on the phone with Trump, telling him that no, the Secret Service can't just arrest Biden and declare Trump president again with an executive order. Figuring the guy's only going to be POTUS for about a month longer, Allen really tears one into him after one too many ridiculous and egotistic requests. Many commenters mentioned how it was beautifully cathartic and pure Wish Fulfillment at its best.
    Allen: You know what? Yeah. Yes, I called you "sniveling prick", because, you know what? You're going be out of the job soon. And I have put up with you for FOUR GODDAMN YEARS! So, when I tell you that you're a spineless, disgusting, slovenly, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, drooling, pus-expelling abscess on the face of humanity, I say it because I've spent time with you for more than five minutes. Oh, your reading skills are less than developed than a first-grader. And I am fairly certain the noises I've heard when you go to the bathroom are actually you masturbating to your own picture. (mirthless chuckle) Yeah… Yeah. I am sick of looking at your kid's FUCKING FOREHEADS! There are hundreds of thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands of more starving in the streets which they were thrown out to DURING A PANDEMIC BECAUSE OF YOU AND THIS GOVERNMENT FAILING THEM WITH YOU AT ITS HEAD!! Oh yes, I know. I know I'm fired, but you know what, I think I'll be back at this job in, I don't know, a month. Because I'm good at what I do. And, by the way...I'VE SEEN THE PEE TAPES!

    The Atop the Fourth Wall Movie 
  • Linkara manages to make the infamous "Bees. My god." line sound badass after fending off Mechakara with a prototype "deadly bee weapon".
  • The Cinema Snob managing to gross-out a robot long enough for Comicron 1 and the scout ship to flank them. It's just so insane it actually becomes rather hilariously awesome.
  • From the finale: Right before Linkara and the others blast the crap out of Mechakara, who threatens to "paint [the] walls with [their] blood"... Four words:
    Linkara: Yeah? Fuck you too.
  • Angry Joe going toe-to-toe with Mechakara. True, it backfired when Mechakara rendered him unconscious for most of the fight, but the fact that he was willing to get up close and personal is worthy of respect. The sight of him dodging Mechakara’s lasers whilst responding with his own lightning as he manoeuvred closer doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Linkara pulls off a successful "I AM A MAN!" punch against Mechakara. More specifically, he punches Mechakara's head right off his body!
  • The movie's ending is also one. Where Linkara, after finding out that he indeed has a purpose to his life and a reason as to why he wants to live, sits down in his chair and proudly says the opening line to his show, followed by the Ballad of Linkara. Quite honestly the best (and only proper) way to end this movie.

    Meta and Production 
  • The Mechakara fight at the end of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1" could be a real-world crowner for Lewis, utilizing Double Triple Vision as well as some other, truly epic special effects, and managing to make convincing scenes where he technically beats up himself. Quite an achievement by Web Original standards.
  • Harvey Finevoice singing at the end of the Anita Blake review, reminding everyone why his voice is classified as 'million-dollar pipes.'
    • Also a crowning moment for Lewis Lovhaug, for having the talent not only to sing that well, but to sing that well while maintaining a semblance of an affected accent.
    • And this is after Linkara does an entire review in the Harvey Finevoice persona. The next week, he does an entire review as '90s Kid.
  • Let's not overlook how Lewis was able to talk his girlfriend into wrapping her face in gauze and stumbling around in a nurse's outfit for thousands of people to see in the "Dead/Alive" finale.
  • He's been nominated for Most Inspiring Geek on the Shorty Awards on Twitter!
    • For "Power Rangers Zeo #1", Linkara actually got Ron Wasserman himself to make the music for the main fight!
  • The blog post near the end of the Vyce arc, compiling all the videos that have contributed to his story arcs. Even if not all of them were planned at the time, it's still an incredible display of the intricacy of Linkara's writing, and his determination to make his show more than just a regular review series.
  • At MAGFest 2011, Linkara attends The Angry Video Game Nerd panel. He introduces himself as "the comic book reviewer [he] punched two years ago", then proceeds to ask if the Megazord could defeat Mechagodzilla. James then tells him "That's bullshit!"
    • Gets even funnier with the Deadliest Character video on The Spoony Experiment, where Linkara supports Megazord and James Rolfe (uncredited) supports Mechagodzilla. Turns out, Megazord does win (by cheating).
      • Not to mention Linkara making the Megazord sound badass by mentioning that it defeated almost every monster Rita and Zedd throw at it, while Mechagodzilla couldn't even beat one.
  • The spot-on April Fools Day parody of The Irate Gamer, particularly going above and beyond the usual pranks by announcing on Twitter the day before that he was thinking of taking on a new style.
  • His Godyssey #1 review, which features a bizarre take on Christianity, a Mortal Kombat joke, and the character of Avengelyne, was released on Easter Monday, one week after Mortal Kombat 9 was released, and on the same day a new Avengelyne comic was announced. None of those were intentionally planned!
  • In the Gameboy #1 review, the theme song is done in 8-bit style.
  • Just that fact that Lewis essentially made the Entity out to be a certain glitch Pokemon is just awesome in a scary way.
    • The Chekhov's Gun from last week's review the plan to make the giant symbiote monster self-destruct from a mental breakdown was good, but could've been better executed. Which he then demonstrates.
    • The episode really deserves kudos for its editing alone, with all the split second distortions of the Entity being such a complex job that Lewis missed his usual update time for the first time in three years.
  • Cosplaying as the Seventh Doctor (the one he first saw as a kid) for his second live show.
  • The revised version of the Electric Tale of Pikachu review has Linkara and Missingno., who is currently in 90's Kid's form not just in the same shot, but Linkara actually walks around him seamlessly as he taunts him. It stands out as probably the most complex and striking visual effect in the entire history of the show.
    • Bonus awesome moment for Phelous for completing the effect in one day when Linkara had been working on it for some time.
  • At the 2012 MAGfest, he topped just cosplaying as the Seventh Doctor by doing it while driving a Delorean.
  • Reading Linkara's account of how the Southland Tales review was made, it's nothing short of a miracle that it turned out as good as it did: everyone had just a few notes to work off, there wasn't time to get the people he wanted to talk about certain things, and the whole filming was a rush to get as much as he could with everyone in what little spare time they had.
  • At a con, Linkara drunkenly rants about Booster Gold's Character Derailment in JLA: Act of God, before realizing the person he's talking to may not have any idea what he's talking about. The camera pulls back to reveal Dan Jurgens, the creator of Booster Gold.
  • For the Star Trek IV review, he actually managed to get a replica of Kirk's unusual outfit from the movie.
  • Episode #200: One More Day.
  • Linkara managing to release an episode of Longbox of the Damned every day of October, each episode averaging about 5 minutes long, and still putting out his usual Atop the Fourth Wall schedule at the same time.
    • During the 300th episode livestream, we learn that just what making Longbox of the Damned entails: lots of make-up for Moarte, filming multiple episodes at once and the fact that the Moarte voice makes Linkara lose his voice for a while afterwards.
  • In his Treehouse of Horror #2 review, his Dr. Nick voice is surprisingly close to the real deal. His range of voices is getting better.
  • The massive dose of nostalgia the viewer experiences when seeing the very first intro in the Archie Giant Series Magazine #452 review, likely for the first time in years.
    • As well as the other Retraux imitations of his early reviews.
  • In general for the Youngblood #5 and Star Wars 3D #1 episodes, the return of Noah and his characters in an Atop the Fourth Wall work for the first time since leaving TGWTG. Inevitable, but still awesome.
    • Linkara's rant at all the people who have told him Rob Liefeld is actually a really nice guy who loves comics just as much as him, saying he still can't write or draw, and deserves to be criticized for that.
  • Finishing the final "March of the Titans" video a day early, despite it being longer than usual, when he's made it clear before how hard it can be to keep to his weekly schedule. He was just that passionate about this one.
  • The fact that he was able to condense 50 issues of a comic into two summaries and keep each one under an hour.
    • How about the fact he did this twice? He did once with Countdown and again with The Titans. Those videos must have taken a lot of work and Linkara definitely deserves kudos for that.
    • And for ROM Spaceknight. Part One: 46:09. Part 2: 55:51. Good job dude.
  • Doing an amazing Cinema Snob impersonation for his 2013 April Fools video.
    • He even goes beyond that to do some surprisingly good impressions of Brad Jones' other characters.
  • The very subtle way he changed his voice from Donald Blake to Thor during his Journey into Mystery #83 review. Yet even more evidence of his growing voice acting skills.
  • Lewis has completed the pokedex!
  • Lewis is making an Atop The Fourth Wall film.
  • Inspiring a pair of fans at ConBravo to cosplay as Tomboy and the original Daredevil, as noted at the beginning of Ressurection of AT4W Live.
  • Got to hand it to Lewis as a filmmaker, it's not everyone who can make a bunch of cheap cardboard Cybermats into such a terrifying sight. It's also a great showcase of the various designs he's collected.
  • His Gollum impression while reviewing the comic adaptation of The Hobbit. At times you'd swear he actually got Andy Serkis to do it.
    • His Smaug voice. Probably knowing that any attempt to directly imitate Benedict Cumberbatch would be doomed to failure, he instead creates his own harsh, snarling voice that works very well in its own right.
  • The new version of the theme song for Christmas 2015, premiering in the second half of the Zombies Christmas Carol review.
  • The Sleepwalker storyline shows the massive improvement with special effects, and not just the CG sequences for the spaceships. Case in point: The Entity's static eyes. Originally static blobs superimposed over Lewis's eyeballs, the effect has since improved to being a more clean fit on his eyes, and this time, having glowing auras to accompany it. Not to mention, the effect would disappear while the original Entity was glitching while in the throes of confusion, including its death scene. Here, it remains more consistently placed. Finally, he's able to make the static effect appear cleanly as soon as both he and S.S. Lee remove their glasses to show their possession.
  • His Power Rangers (2017) "Review" Why? Because in addition to actually being a postmortem on DC's New 52 and why it failed, it's a spot on tribute to the Jimquisition. Not only is there a recreation of Jim's set, Linkara is seen wearing a pitch perfect Jim Sterling style outfit, and it even has its own variation of the Jimquistion's intro/outro!
    Not fat enough 7/10.
  • Linkara got an interview on the famed top 10 site Watch Mojo to look to the future.
  • Lewis's response to Channel Awesome's refuting of the #ChangeTheChannel doc. He even swears during the response.
    • What makes Linkara's involvement in the #ChangeTheChannel movement more awesome is that throughout all the stories involving Channel Awesome and its mismanagement, where a lot of producers along with the management are put under blast, Linkara is one of the few to have no bad stories involving him whatsoever; indeed, many of the younger producers go out of their way to say that while management may have mistreated them or kept them out of the loop, Linkara was always ready, willing, and eager to give them help and keep them informed whenever asked. To quote ERod, The Blockbuster Buster:
    ERod: "And anytime I would go on Skype and ask, any trouble that I had, any issues that I was having with Channel Awesome, the first and for the most part, the only person who would answer would always be Linkara. Now, Linkara is not part of the administration of Channel Awesome. It's very important that you understand that. So a guy that doesn't know me, who gains nothing from taking time out of his busy schedule to help me out continuously was the guy who worked as the ambassador to Channel Awesome to me. Constantly helping me out, answering my questions, steering me in the right direction, that sort of thing. And that was a constant throughout my time in Channel Awesome. The only reason I was a part of the That Guy With The Glasses or Channel Awesome holiday video was because Linkara was in charge of it, and he made sure that I was informed and if I wanted to participate. It is no accident that Linkara was the first person that I crossed over with. Like I said, he was very dependable, always answering my emails, my messages immediately. He was the first person I gained the phone number of, so that was a constant."
  • Due to illness, Lewis's voice was rough when the five hundredth episode was to be filmed, and he refused to allow anything less than his best for such a pivotal moment, so he delayed the episode's release. However, because he knew this would disappoint his fans, the night before it was supposed to be posted, he performed a 9 and a half hour live stream celebration, with audience Q&A, showing old episodes, trivia provided by the Game Show reviewer, Jackbox games, and commentary on The Movie with some of his co-stars. He finished it with FINALLY beating the elite four in his Pokemon Omicron let's play. THAT is dedication, both to his fans, and to his show.
  • According to the comments, Mechakara's reveal at the end of "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors" shows that Lewis managed to greatly improve as an actor over the past decade.
  • Linkara's making an audio drama! With thirty actors! Including Erod, Diamanda Hagan, Dominic Noble, Rocked, and lots of other people! It's a horror-comedy story in a haunted house, and it's being heralded as the new huge crossover event in lieu of the tenth anniversary movie.


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