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Comic Book / Batman Odyssey

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This is as sane an image as you're gonna get in this story.

Interviewer: Can you give us an overview of the plot?
Neal Adams: I cannot give you an overview of the plot.

Describe Batman Odyssey here.

Well, we can certainly try.

Batman: Odyssey is a Batman miniseries drawn by legendary illustrator Neal Adams, one of the defining artists of Batman. On the downside, it is also written by Neal Adams, which leads to some... issues. It is very, very strange.

Over drinks, Naked Bruce Wayne tells a story to a friend sitting Behind the Black. The story he tells is meandering and bizarre even by comic-book standards, but eventually coalesces into the tale of Batman traveling Beneath the Earth to battle a deadly enemy, rescue Talia Al-Ghul, and solve an ancient mystery.




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